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For those of you who are playing the Game of Thrones LCG, you have been well aware that there is not a draft option when playing the game, but not anymore.  Fantasy Flight Games is releasing a Valyrian Draft Starter and a Draft Pack for the game, now allowing for you to play the game draft style.  How it works is that the draft starter will have the basic cards you would need in any deck and some generally useful cards to round it out.  In the draft pack are an algorithm determined set of cards from all the different factions which you and your friends will draft from in sets of 10 cards.  From the starter and the cards you draft you will create a deck of only 40 cards with five plots to be your deck for the game.  Also of interest is that the draft pack will contain cards from the upcoming War of  Five Kings cycle of the game so you get a bit of a sneak peak.  You can pick up the packs now at your FLGS and check out the preview on FFG’s website.

arkham comp

It’s official,  Fantasy Flight Games is releasing a Living Card Game version of Arkham Horror.  The Arkham Horror LCG will be a cooperative game for 1 to 2 people (or up to 4 if you have a second set of the game) where you are trying to stop the great evil from taking over the world.  Each player will be their own investigator and will have a deck that they build as well as special cards reserved for specific investigators.  This means that each player will have different strengths and weaknesses depending on both the character and their deck construction.  Then you will take to the streets of Arkham and try to deal with all the strange events that have been happening, before whatever is coming arrives.

Another interesting aspect to the game is that instead of being focused on games being contained into that one play, the Arkham Horror LCG will focus on campaign play.  They do this by adding in RPG elements like an experience point system to be able to upgrade cards in your deck.  Different cards cost varying points of experience so you have to save up for the bigger cards.  Also if you won or lost will affect later scenarios so a crippling defeat now may have consequences that last a lot longer than just that one game.  Out of the box there is enough content to finish the first campaign which has three scenarios with lots more planned.

Look for this game to release in the 4th quarter of 2016, and you can check out the FFG website for more information and card previews.

sands of harad cards

Set to be release in the 4th quarter of 2016, Fantasy Flight Games has announced The Sands of Harad, the sixth deluxe expansion to the popular The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game. As with each of the previous deluxe expansions, The Sands of Harad transports the player to a new and dangerous land within Middle-Earth: the Harad desert. Located in the southern region of Middle-Earth, the “endless, shifting dunes” of the Harad desert will force players to make unlikely alliances as you battle Haradrim and ferocious desert creatures.

“Set immediately after the events of The Grey Havens and the Dream-chaser cycle,” The Sands of Harad gives player 3 challenges to complete: first, you must escape Umbar. Upon escaping, players enter the desert and must survive all its perils. Not only the large, dangerous creatures that roam, but the desert itself must be defeated, as a new temperature mechanic is introduced which will force players to balance the perils of nature and beast. As a reward for that daunting task, players must face down a band of fierce Haradrim warriors, leading to a “climactic confrontation with the Dark Lord’s minions.”

There is also a special, extremely powerful side quest that could change the complexion of any game by allowing players “to play your first ally each turn without requiring a resource match.”

To read more please visit The Sands of Harad official announcement page and be sure to keep an eye out in Q4 of 2016 for its release.

flame of the west

Fantasy Flight Games is set to release a fifth Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. The Flame of the West adds three new adventures that will allow you to experience exciting events from The Return of the King.  There are new hero and player cards, new tactics, and new scenario cards that will tie in wonderfully with previous expansions in Campaign Mode.

flame of the west cards

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields scenario will take you from the siege of Minas Tirith through to the titular battle, perhaps the high point of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Developer Caleb Grace explains that, “we wanted to make this quest the most epic scenario in the game.  And we also wanted it to serve as the culmination of several other scenarios in Campaign Mode.”  The scenario plays out as closely as possible to the story in The Return of the King, even requiring you to set Aragorn out of play because the siege of Minas Tirith begins while he is on his way to Pelargir!

Whether you have all of the Saga Expansions or just the Core Set of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, The Flame of the West sounds like a must-have addition to your collection.  For more information about The Flame of the West, click here.


doomtown reloaded

The Doomtown Reloaded ECG (expandable card game since LCG is copyrighted) is coming to an end from AEG and the rights of the game will be going back to the original owners, Pinnacle Entertainment Group.  While there are still a few more expansions to be released for the game, once the current arc within the game is finished, there won’t be any more.  Support for the game in stores and through organized play will wind down until it stops at the end of the year.  Will this game continue on past this arc?  That is unknown as AEG is leaving the end open for possible new expansions, but as of right now there aren’t any plans to continue the game once it goes back to Pinnacle.  You can read the full article on AEG’s website.


Two new ready-to-play Ashes decks for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn are available for pre-order from Plaid Hat Games. Each deck is available separately and is a mono deck using a single color of dice. These decks may be mixed with the base set and previous expansions for custom deck construction. Both expansions will be available at Gen Con on a limited basis, and are expected to have their regular release soon after. If you’re planning on picking this up at Gen Con, I’d make the Plaid Hat Games booth an early stop because this could sell out very quickly.


The Roaring Rose deck, with new Pheonixborn Leo Sunshadow contains 42 cards and requires 10 Charms (pink) dice to play. Leo’s special ability allows him to summon a Glow Finch as a side action. This gives the player a huge amount of strategic options for how to use his other units. His Unique card make your opponent choose between lose of life or lose of cards in hand and dice in action pool.

  • 1 Leo Sunshadow – Phoenixborn
  • 1 Glow Finch – Conjuration
  • 5 Nightshade Swallow – Conjuration
  • 5 Orchid Dove – Conjuration
  • 3 Anguish – Action Spell
  • 3 Change Psyche – Action Spell
  • 3 Dispel – Action Spell
  • 3 Mind Probe – Action Spell
  • 3 Beast Tamer – Ally
  • 3 Amplify – Alteration Spell
  • 3 Remorse – Reaction Spell
  • 3 Memory Theft – Ready Spell
  • 3 Summon Nightshade Swallow – Ready Spell
  • 3 Summon Orchid Dove – Ready Spell

victoria glassfire

The Duchess of Deception deck, with new Phoenixborn Victoria Glassfire contains 38 cards and requires 10 Illusion (purple) dice to play. Victoria’s special ability and unique card allows you to refresh already used dice, and choose the side of each dice when you do. This ability gives versatility to the player and lets them keep all their options open.

  • 1 Victoria Glassfire – Phoenixborn
  • 3 Shadow Hound – Conjuration
  • 4 Shadow Spirit – Conjuration
  • 3 Illusionary Cycle – Action Spell
  • 3 Body Inversion – Ally
  • 3 Flash Archer – Ally
  • 3 Figures in the Fog – Reaction Spell
  • 3 Particle Shield – Reaction Spell
  • 3 Vanish – Reaction Spell
  • 3 Secret Door – Ready Spell
  • 3 Summon Shadow Hound – Ready Spell
  • 3 Summon Shadow Spirit – Ready Spell
  • 3 To Shadows – Ready Spell

For more information on Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, you can go to Plaid Hat Games site by clicking here.


From CoolNerdGames comes a new self-contained, spell-drafting combat game, Duel of the MagiIt would be very easy for me to call it a merging of Dominion and Magic: The Gathering, but I cannot call something a duck that doesn’t walk and talk like one despite what appearances and article tags would lead you to believe. CoolNerdGames have detailed what makes their product different, and their confidence oozes from each piece of finished art and guarantee to potential Kickstarter backers. Before I get to the nitty-gritty of what’s on offer, here’s the description straight from their campaign:

[…] Players take turns choosing spells to include or exclude from the game…Staged face-up, the cards are drafted one at a time from the board as each player builds their own customized deck of spells. Once deck building is complete, the game board is flipped over to the dueling ground side and players engage in a spell casting fight to determine the winner.

From that description, it can be easy to see how it’s different from it’s parts. Duel of the Magi is more of a living card game where the players get unique character powers and are allowed to choose their market or card pool, creating a different drafting atmosphere each game if so desired. This allows the game to have the drafting longevity of a Trading Card Game without the need of buying booster packs and at the same time avoiding the quickly drying card economy of a Living Card Game. Combat is designed to be informed and fast, due in part to the open draft all players take place in and an encouragement towards negotiation and alliances.

I wrote above that CoolNerdGames has a lot of confidence in their product and I wasn’t joking. In an absolutely impressive show of trust, they are offering a full money back guarantee to anyone who isn’t pleased with the game during the first month of owning it. That is not something a lot of funding campaigns are willing to promise! To entice potential backers even further, the community is allowed to choose the art for the final 30 to be added to the game. So if you’re at all curious about a game that’s been carefully brought to the table with artwork and business model that screams integrity, be sure to check out their Kickstarter page to find out more!

grand entrance

Coming in July from AEG is the next expansion for the Doontown Reloaded LCG called A Grand Entrance, so they have decided to do a couple previews to give you a thematic feel to the expansion.  Right now they have two previews up which tell a short story based on two of the 21 new cards in the set, Lighting the Fuse, and Bacillus Pasteuria.  The stories are a short read and offer some thematic flair to the card game, and of course you can just look at the card itself if you aren’t into all that.  You can see the Lighting the Fuse story here, and the Bacillus Pasteuria story here, and you can pre-order the expansion directly from the AEG site.

Last year Fantasy Flight Games rebooted the Game of Thrones LCG with a 2nd edition, and today they have announced the second deluxe expansion for the game, Lions of Casterly Rock.  This expansion will mainly focus on the Lannister family and will expand their forces, from the announcement;

Within this expansion, the Lannisters explore new themes, launching an ambush with their Clansman allies, redoubling their focus on the intrigue challenge, and sending out marauders to pillage the lands of Westeros. You’ll also find new versions of the most iconic Lannister characters, including Tywin Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Ser Jaime Lannister, and Tyrion Lannister.

You can check out the full preview on FFG’s site and look forward to the release of the expansion in quarter 3 of 2016.

curtain rises

AEG has announced two new expansions and one new game coming out in the month of May.  First is the next expansion pack for the LCG Doomtown ReloadedTHE CURTAIN RISES, this expansion will add 84 new cards to the game, 4 copies of the 21 new types, and will arrive on store shelves May 23rd.  You can check out the game website for more info and some preview images of the cards.

epic pvp2

Next is the second expansion for the shufflebuilding game Epic PVP, appropriately named Epic PVP Expansion 2.  This expansion will add Halflings, Cat Folk, Clerics and Dark Knights to the mix and give you even more options for race and class combinations.  Look for this expansion to hit store shelves on May 16th.

dice heist

Last is a new game coming from AEG called Dice Heist.  Dice Heist is a thieving dice game where each player will play as a thief trying to rob one of four different museums, with each museum having a different level of difficulty.  On your turn you will reveal an exhibit card that gets added to a specific museum, then you choose to either attempt a heist or recruit a sidekick to help you.  If you attempt a heist you roll your thief die and as many of your collected sidekick dice as you want, if any of your dice show a value higher than the security for that museum, you succeed and take everything there.  If all your dice show lower than the security value then you fail and take all your dice back.  This will keep going around until you run out of items to steal, at which point you count up points, not monetary value, and whoever has the most points wins.  You can check out the rulebook on the AEG site and look for the game on store shelves May 23rd.