Lindsay Daviau

Today Restoration Games gave what is arguably their biggest announcement yet. Unmatched is the restoration of Star Wars: Epic Duels, whose design became the basis of Heroscape. That’s not the only thing that makes this announcement so big, however, as Unmatched isn’t just one game – it will be a line of products featuring a variety of themes and intellectual properties. It’s such an undertaking, in fact, that Restoration Games isn’t doing this alone; They are collaborating with Mondo Games, the publishers behind The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, who will be bringing their extended partnerships to bear.

“Unmatched pits two or four players against each other, with each player taking the role of their own hero. Each hero is represented by a unique ability and a custom deck of action cards, and each set comes with a double-sided board with different battlefields. The first two sets in the line are Battle of Legends, Vol. 1 and the eponymous Robin Hood vs. Big Foot. The Battle of Legends set includes King Arthur, Alice, Medusa, and Sinbad. Heroes from any set can be played against each other, making for surprising and exciting matchups and tons of replayability.”

These first sets will debut at Gen Con this year, but that’s far from all of it. There will be a Bruce Lee limited edition pack and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer set expected to release later this year as well. This is exactly the kind of thing fans have been clamoring for since Restoration Games started taking requests, and it’s fun to see it come alive at last and with so many cool characters to kick it all off. Unfortunately this one article alone won’t do it all justice, so to learn more about Unmatched be sure to visit Restoration Games’ website for further reading and updates.

Restoration Games, hot off their successful Kickstarter Campaign for the amazing new version of Stop Thief!, has announced three exciting high-profile additions to the company.

Lindsay Daviau has joined the team as Production Superhero, bringing her extensive experience with Hasbro as graphic designer and art director. Lindsay has been involved with games such as Guess Who? and  Heroscape, and I hear she knows the CRO of Restoration Games, Rob Daviau, quite well.

JR Honeycutt is a co-designer on Seafall, and designer of the recent release Fantasy Fantasy Baseball. JR will be joining Restoration Games as Tinker-in-Chief, where he will set the strategy for getting games ready for production.

Last but not least, Suzanne Sheldon will be joining Restoration as Master of Fireworks, keeping the world looking at Restoration Games, and making sure the view is spectacular. Anyone in gaming knows Suzanne, a regular contributor to the Dice Tower Network, part of Boardgame Breakfast, and a recent co-host of the Dice Tower Audio Podcast.

You can read the entire press release from Restoration games here.