international gamers awards

The International Gamers Awards have announced their slate of finalist nominees for 2014 in the two categories they give awards in for general strategy.  The multiplayer strategy category features some of the big name games of the last year running from July 2013 to June 2014.  Titles like Caverna, Russian Railroads, Concordia, and Freedom the Underground Railroad among others have been named.  In the two player strategy category titles like Battlelore (second edition) and Pagoda have been named.

The IGA’s do give awards for historical simulations as well but those are awarded for a different time period running from January to December of each year.

To see the full list of nominees and how the voting process are conducted visit the International Games Awards website.


Limes, designed by Martyn F, will be presented by Abacus Spiele in Nürnberg.  Limes is a re-implementation of Martyn’s 2008 Cities, a tile placement game where players work to build the most attractive cities in the world.


Differences between the two games include scoring and tile layouts.  Limes is a game for one or two players and comes with two sets of 24 cards and 14 wooden figures.  To start the game, a player shuffles their deck and randomly places the top card face up on the table, creating their own play area.  Future cards, or territories, must be placed so that they touch (by side or corner) another card in the play area.  A figure can either be placed on the newly added territory or an already placed figure can move to an adjacent territory.  The game ends when a player has created a 16 card square and players score their figures.  The player with the highest score wins.