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Legendary Entertainment and The Frank Herbert Estate have announced they awarding Gale Force Nine a license to begin creating new tabletop games based in the popular DUNE universe. Gale Force Nine have announced that they are ready to release a role-playing game in late 2019 with original table time games to follow.

Jamie Kampel, Vice President of Licensing & Partnerships for Legendary, commented that:

Gale Force Nine has consistently demonstrated a skill and passion for building successful tabletop game series alongside category leading partners and we are thrilled to announce this exciting addition to the Dune licensing program. Legendary looks forward to a fun and meaningful contribution to this revered legacy property.

The agreement allows Gale Force Nine to produce new tabletop games drawing from the entire scope of the Dune franchise. This will include drawing on publications not just from Frank Herbert but also works by Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson. New games will also feature direct tie-ins with the films being produced by Denis Villeneuve for Legendary.

A full slate of games, including role playing games, board games, and miniatures games, are planned for a release just prior to Legendary’s theatrical release of DUNE in 2020. John- Paul Brisigotti, CEO of Gale Force Nine, described this as just being a start for the new material, “This is only the beginning of our big plans in tabletop for this captivating franchise. Dune is a rich and wonderful universe, and we expect to produce an equally expansive and inspired line of games for years to come.”

Gale Force Nine isn’t planning on stewarding this planet of material alone. The license allows Gale Force Nine to partner with other companies to produce new products. The first collaboration is planned to be a tabletop role-playing game from Modiphius, who has published other IP based games including Star Trek AdventuresFallout: Wasteland WarfareConan, Achtung! Cthulhu, and Tales from the Loop.

About Dune

Frank Herbert published in the original Dune science fiction novel in 1965 as two separate serials in Analog magazine. The book was the first installment of the Dune series, and in 2003 was cited as the world’s best-selling science fiction novel.

The book is set in the distant future populated by a feudal interstellar society where noble houses control individual planets. Dune follows the story of Paul Atreides and the noble family that accepts the stewardship of the planet Arrakis. Arrakis is the only source of the melange, a rare oracular spice, and the most valuable substance in the universe. The full story explores everything fro politics to religion and ecology to technology as factions seek control of Arrakis and melange.

Following the popularity of Dune, Herbert ended up writing five sequels. The first novel inspired a 1984 David Lynch film, computer games, board games, songs and more. In 1999 Kevin J Anderson and Frank Herbert’s son Brian Herbert began publishing a series os prequels and sequels to the original book.


Adding to a growing list of popular licensed games USAopoly will be releasing new versions of Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Jenga in July.

Monopoly: Attack on Titan:

Inspired by anime series Attack on Titan, this game features people, banners and events on the board, replacing the usual location themed spaces. This game also includes Command and Tactics instead of Community Chest and Chance cards, and custom Wall Sections and Gate Marias replace houses and hotels. Six collectible tokens include Sword, Key Necklace, Supply Wagon, Cannon, Flare Gun, and Omni-Direction Mobility Gear.

ghostbuster slimer

Yahtzee: Ghostbusters: Slimer

This version of Yahtzee will feature custom green dice displaying Ghostbuster items Ecto-1, Proton Pack, Trap, PKE Meter, Goggles, and Ghostbusters Logo. The set also will include a Slimer shaped dice shaker cup, custom score pad and pencil.

Yahtzee: Fallout: Vault Boy

This Fallout edition of Yahtzee will include dice with six factions from Fallout 4: Railroad, Vault-Tech, Minute Men, Atom Cats, Brotherhood, and Institute. Also included is a Dice cup shaped like the head of the Vault Boy, custom score pad and pencil.

Jenga: The Walking Dead

This edition contains 54 wood blocks. With a twist on classic Jenga, printed on the blocks are specific tasks the players must complete. There is also space for player created custom actions.

cryptozoic banner

Cryptozoic Entertainment–a California publisher noted for their games based on popular licenses– has announced their 2016 lineup.  Staying true to form, this year’s selections include new games and expansions of already popular products based on DC comics, Cartoon Network shows, and more.  The new products premiered at the American International Toy Fair over the weekend.  Check out all the details straight from Cryptozoic, in their release below.

Lake Forest, CA – February 14, 2016 – Cryptozoic Entertainment (, leading developer, designer and manufacturer of games, trading cards and collectible merchandise presents its new game product lineup premiering at The American International Toy Fair on February 13-16.

The award-winning company has released a large variety of card and board game products to critical acclaim. Some of this year’s product launches include:

dc crisis

DC Comics™ Deck Building Game: Crisis Pack 3
The DC Universe is in peril… again! In the DC Comics Deck-building Game Crisis Expansion Pack 3, players will face some of the most epic challenges, events, and destructive forces in the history of comic-dom. In this Crisis Expansion find 14 “Impossible Mode” Crime Syndicate Super-Villains to battle against and Crisis versions of eight oversized characters such as Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Bane and many more. Also included are six new playable oversized characters and new main deck cards for competitive players. This Crisis Pack features two unique modes of cooperative play. Play in a completely cooperative mode, where players all work together to overcome challenges and foes. Or play in “Hidden Objective” mode, never before seen in a deck-building game.The Suicide Squad makes its debut as playable oversized characters, and as ne’er-do-wells, working together isn’t exactly their strong suit. It seems someone always has their own agenda when this “team” gets together for a mission. In this mode, players are still working together, but everyone has their own definition of what a “win” really is. One player may even be secretly working against the rest of the team.

adventure time card wars

Adventure Time Card Wars: Fiona Vs Cake
Based on the Card Wars game found in the Adventure Time episodes of the same name. Includes a code card that unlock special surprises the Card Wars digital android and iOS game. Easy to learn rules and all-new, original artwork. Play as the Fionna or Cake characters.
Rick and Morty Total Rickall
The Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game is based on the Rick and Morty episode of the same name. Players can still play this wild and wacky game and have plenty of fun even if they have never watched the program. Easy to learn, cooperative and mimics the action and hilarity of the Rick and Morty Episode “Total Rickall”. This is a cooperative game for 2-5 players, with a playing time of 30 minutes.

internal affairs

Internal Affairs Game
In Hong Kong, the Police and ruthless Triad crime syndicate have both learned they have traitors embedded in their midst and are determined to ferret out these dangerous moles. It’s up to the player to crack the codes of their foes and learn who is ultimately loyal to whom. The game is won by the team that manages to first reveal all 3 identity cards of 2 infiltrators belonging to the opposing team. Fun, new take on hidden identity games with constantly evolving gameplay and create a secret code for opponents to try to crack.

cartoon network crossover

Cartoon Network™ Crossover Crisis Deck-building Game
Cartoon Network’s baddest adversaries are loose and it’s up to the players to stop them. Play as favorite heroes from Cartoon Network’s past and present hit shows: Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Clarence, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Regular Show, Samurai Jack and Steven Universe to take them down. Every main deck card is unique and brimming with Cartoon Network characters. In this wacky take on world-renown Cerberus Engine, find WEAKNESS cards which are all unique, dangerous, and PRATFALL cards (which replace Vulnerabilities). Never before seen EVENT cards change things up in crazy ways when they appear out of the main deck. They may literally cause a stomping of feet. Or outlandish zoo animal noises, and more. In the end, only one player will be left laughing in this competitive game.

Cryptozoic at Toy Fair
Cryptozoic continues its commitment to developing fan-focused, engaging, high quality products which are seamlessly aligned with the brand license and culture. The complete line of Cryptozoic Entertainment products will be on display at the American International Toy Fair in New York City February 13-16 at booth #4842.

About Cryptozoic
Founded in 2010, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Inc. is a premier developer and publisher of original and licensed board games, card games, comics and trading cards, including the DC Comics™ Deck-Building Game, The Walking Dead™ Board Game, The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game and Ghostbusters™:The Board Game, one of the most funded tabletop games in Kickstarter history. Following a philosophy and core principle of “Fans First,” the dedicated gamers and fans of the Cryptozoic Entertainment team are focused on producing fun and amazing products along with epic events that bring all gaming fans together as part of the Cryptozoic community. Visit for more information about product releases, events and news.

In what will surely be exciting news to anime fans Cryptozoic and Don’t Panic Games have collaborated to acquire the worldwide rights to publish and distribute games based on the Attack on Titan manga series.

Attack on Titan debuted in September 2009 and has 45 million copies in print as of November 2014. The story takes place in a world where giant humanoid creatures that are 10-50 feet tall called Titans have nearly wiped out humanity. They eat humans even though they do not appear to need food, have tough to penetrate skin, and regenerate from injuries quickly needless to say they are hard to kill. The remaining humans have retreated behind three enormous walls to protect themselves from these creatures. As the story develops it is discovered that some of the humans are able to transform into Titans which allow them to blend in as spies behind the walls of the city.

All of this will certainly make for an interesting board game with a lot of possibilities as to how it will play. With Cryptozoic bringing us games like the DC Comics Deck-Building Game and the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Board Game and Don’t Panic Games having a successful Kickstarter for Drakerys fans of Attack On Titan and board gamers alike are sure to be looking forward to how this license will be developed.

Steve Jackson Games has announced two titles will be released in April.  Munchkin: Adventure Time 2: It’s a Dungeon Crawl” and “Mars Attacks: Ten Minute Takedown” should be arriving on tax day.  The first of which is an expansion to the Adventure Time licensed version of Munchkin and the second being a fast paced game similar to many of SJ Games other dice games like Zombie Dice.

Publishers descriptions below.

Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown

Destroy the Earthling cities!

Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown is a fast-playing dexterity game of Martian aggression and global destruction. Flick the custom die from your flying saucer at the Earthling cities, and claim their points as you destroy them. It’s easy to learn, and the evocative art is sure to grab attention.

2-4 players
Ages 10+
10 minute play time


  • One Custom 14 mm d6
  • Five Chipboard targets
  • Four Chipboard flying saucers
  • One Rulesheet

Munchkin: Adventure Time 2: It’s a Dungeon Crawl!

Join the dangerous world of Munchkin where you kill the monsters, steal the treasure…and backstab your buddies!

A small expansion to the Adventure Time version of Munchkin.


  • 90 cards
  • 12 dungeons


Requires the Munchkin: Adventure Time main game to play.

If there’s one thing watching old reruns of Thunderbirds! has taught me, its every house needs an underground hanger. Or a submarine pen. Preferably both. If you’ve ever wanted to help the Tracy clan in their ongoing secret mission to save human life wherever they can, Matt Leacock has designed the co-op board game for you.

Racing to the rescue from a secret island base beneath the luxurious home of the Tracy family somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, International Rescue defies government spies and criminals who want the secrets of their incredible machines for their own. To combat this threat, Lady Penelope, International Rescue’s aristocratic English secret agent, and her chauffeur Parker lead a network of agents to uncover those behind the disasters caused by deliberate sabotage.

A criminal mastermind known as “the Hood”, operating from a temple deep in the Malaysian jungle and in possession of strange powers, often engineers events to allow him to spy on the Thunderbird machines with the goal of selling their secrets to the highest bidder.

Is there interest? With 31 days to go in the campaign, the Thunderbirds! Co-operative Board Game has raised £88,086 out of the original £20,000  goal. Part of it might be renewed interest in the classic show. Part of it might be people’s confidence in Matt Leacock’s ability to create an amazing co-op experience. Finally, just a little probably has to do with the glorious 3D plastic miniatures of each Thunderbirds vehicle.


Watching the show, it is evident the stories are more about the vehicles than the people they are saving…so its quite faithful to the original material that so much attention be spent making these models look good. With so many stretch goals unlocked, the game will have not just the Thunderbirds, but models based on each of the pod vehicles (originally just cards), the Ladybird, FAB 2, and even secret Tracy Island itself.

The project is definitely “Go!” with a full production run scheduled and multitudes of shipping options provided for almost every corner of the globe (sorry, Antarctica). And if you don’t want to fund the Kickstarter, this thing is coming to retail too.

The Thunderbirds the Co-operative Board Game will then ship in August 2015 and be released in retail in September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cult TV show. The game will feature the detailed plastic models of the iconic Thunderbirds machines and a high octane world full of disasters for players to come to the rescue. You can expect the usual high quality design and components that fans of games produced by Matt Leacock and Modiphius have come to expect.

Check out the full Kickstarter here. See the BGG link here. Or read a great interview with Matt Leacock from The Boarding Kennel here.


courtesy of

Announced just recently,  Cyrpozoic Entertainment and Valve Software have joined forces and will be producing a board game based on the wildly popular, meme-spawning, cake-veracity-doubting video game series Portal.  Cryptozoic is no stranger to licensed products, having released games based on The Walking Dead, the web-comic Penny Arcade, and Joe Hill’s comic book Locke & Key.  Valve is no stranger to quality, having brought about the black hole of money and time that is Steam, as well as many of the highest-regarded games of the past fifteen years, including, of course Portal and Portal 2.

Over at Polygon, you can find an article with some insight into just how the project came about.  Interestingly enough, Valve, who famously eschews any internal corporate structure, and simply allows their employees to work on what they want, had been working on the project for almost a year before approaching Cryptozoic.

There’s a lot to be optimistic about here.  This is an excellent IP, and instead of a  blatant cash-in, you’ve got a project already well into development, being honed by a company with a little more experience in the medium of board games than the creator, and one that is no stranger to licensed games.