As a kid I loved playing with LEGOS, from building according to the instructions or just free forming a whole LEGO city with my friends, I will always be a fan of those little bricks.  And this sentiment is shared by many people from kids to adults as the LEGO building community is large and strong, so a game about using those same blocks is bound to garner some fans.  So today it was announced that the folks over at Creative Child Magazine have selected Brick Party as their Creative Child Game of the Year.  No doubt the universal appeal of the LEGO bricks and the need for creative communication and construction of the blocks have led to the game winning this award.  So if you are curious about this now award winning game, you can find it at your friendly local game store.

magination kids

Creativity starts with Magination. The game consists of different magnetic pieces that can be used to play a variety of games. You can think of Magination like a magnetic deck of cards, where you’re not only getting one game, but a toolset that allows you to play an unlimited amount of games. Unlike a deck of cards is it much easier to be creative and find unique ways to play. You can also use the pieces to build magnetic structures and experiment to find new ways to embrace the magnetic force.

Have you ever taken those round, circular magnets from the refrigerator and fiddled with them, watching them push each other apart, finding the perfect distance at which they would suck themselves together?  If so, then you will instantly relate to this brand new, innovative game system coming from Norway known as Magination.


Magination currently consists of three types of magnetic components: the Single, Double, and Triple.  Each component contains one or more magnets specially designed to interact with each other in smooth, consistent, and fascinating ways.  Players can push, pull, shoot, connect and stack the magnets upon each other, which leads to an endless flow of possible games and activities.

The Magination system currently contains a variety of standard games to play with the magnets, including magCURLING (just like it sounds, tabletop curling with magnets), magTENSION, and magTHROW (bouncing and tossing the magnets over a magnetic bridge).  Magination is designed to promote player creativity, and will include a web-based forum for uploading new games, rating games submitted by others, and accessing a pool of new ways to play on a regular basis.

Magination is sold in modules, each being specially balanced to interact well with all components in the module.  Kickstarter backers can pledge at multiple levels, each level containing various assortments of modules.  Various stretch goals are also included in this project, including backer-selected color schemes and additional components.

All components for Magination are designed and produced in Norway, with an emphasis on the quality and safety of the components.

This project is set to fund on December 18, 2015, with a delivery date of April 2016.  For more information and to support the Magination project, visit the Kickstarter site here.

mobile frame zero

Mobile Frame Zero 002: Alpha Bandit

Mobile Frame Zero: Alpha Bandit is a component for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack, the indie tabletop war-game of tiny giant LEGO® robots! Spaceships of the year SC 0245 battle in the orbit of the colonies — present and former — of the Solar Union as Ijad and Free Colonies struggle for independence and advantage!

The spaceships can be build out of other stuff, too, if you want. But doesn’t that sound like fun to you? You’ll be building ships to two different standards — capital ships, which have four systems, and frigates, which have three, but move and maneuver much more swiftly. Each catapult will carry with it a company of mobile frames. Then you’ll choose the number of frame companies your ace’s talent, and your fleet is ready to fly!There will be instructions for ships in the book, but the Solar Union has spread far by SC 0245, and there are many more types of ship across the galaxy, including and especially the ones you designed!

mobile frame zero ships

The closing date on Kickstarter is April 25, 2014, the current pledged amount is $13,223 and the funding goal for the project is $29,650.  Pledge $75 or more for the complete package. Estimated delivery: Dec 2014