Legend of the Five Rings

ivory edition

AEG is releasing Ivory Edition on March 10, this coming Monday.

This is the newest base set for the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game.  The set will have booster packs and Clan starter decks.  On January 13 of this year, AEG released a print and play PDF as a resource for players to preview and try before you buy.  Included are nine pre-constructed decks.

Ivory Edition continues to follow the Emerald Empire story lines and allow new players to dive into the L5R world.  With streamlined rules for learning and a focus on drafting, players can choose their clan and see who will succeed over the Divine Empress’s reign.

Here are some preview images of Ivory Edition from AEG:


IvoryBoosterBoxTin IvoryTins



A new face to Love Letter is set to release this February from AEG.  Art and characters from the Legend of the Five Rings universe have been added to Seiji Kanai’s 2013 bluffing and deduction game.

Love Letter is a card game for two to four players.  Each player is trying to gain enough tokens of affection to win the heart of the princess, or in this version, Iweko Miaka.  The game is played over a series of rounds until Iweko has given enough tokens of affection to a player.  At the start of the game, each player receives a card, that they keep secret and in their hand.  On a player’s turn, they draw the top card of the draw pile and discard one of their two cards, applying the card’s affect.  Each card has a value and at the end of the round, the highest value in players’ hands is closest to the princess and wins the round.


Characters included in L5R version of Love Letter are Iweko Miaka, Togashi Gozato, Doji Takato, Matsu Misato, Isawa, Tenkawa, Kaiu Akemi, Shosuro Yamazaki, and Seppun Tasuke.