Larry Harris Jr

Larry Harris is a well known name in gaming circles, especially the war gaming circles, as the designer of the Axis and Allies series of war games.  Each of these games are large multi-hour affairs allowing you to relive various parts of World War 2 in different parts of the world and at different times.  The games are also very involved as you will be taking command of a country, and direct their entire war effort during the game, making these games highly thematic.  Needless to say, when a new game with his name is being put out, people take notice, and I think they will be happy with what they are seeing in War Room.

War Room is even more epic in scale than his previous games and, for one the board itself is huge, being a 42″ diameter circle of the entire globe.  In this game you have 7 different nations that you can take control of, China, Britain, USA, USSR, Japan, Germany, and Italy.  Three are on the axis side and four on the allied side, and both sides having the final goal of winning the war.  You also have several scenarios you can play through such as specific fronts in Europe, the pacific, the eastern front, or you can dive in deep and enact the war across the globe.  In the game you will be issuing orders to your troops in secret, using command stacks to keep track of how many and what kinds of troops you are deploying.  You will be deploying these units both on land and in the sea, with a different way of doing battle for each one.  But there is more to fighting than just the fight, you have to supply and build your units and so you will have mine iron, oil, and other strategic resources (OSR).  While doing all of this you will need to keep you nation’s morale up as well, because as you lose battles and territories, your soldiers may not want to fight anymore.  All of these things and more will be at your finger tips and in your head as you try to win the war in War Room.

Needless to say if you are a fan of Axis and Allies, or the designs of Larry Harris, you need to check this game out.  Heck, even if you don’t like either of those it is worth looking at this game for the epic scale of it and just appreciate the amount of effort it took to design something like this.  So head on over to the Kickstarter page to check it out.

Avalon Hill has announced that they are reprinting the Anniversary Edition of the classic Axis and Allies. Originally published in 1981 by Larry Harris Jr, Axis and Allies has remained a fan favorite, and a true board game classic, although some of the original rules could arguably have needed some tweaking here and there. The Anniversary Edition, originally released in 2008 to celebrate the company’s 50th year, was gigantic and beautiful, with the biggest board ever in an Avalon Hill game, and contained over 650 pieces. The Anniversary edition adds a 3rd Axis power, Italy, and keeps 2-6 players engaged for, well, quite a long time (6 hours on the box).

You can read the Avalon Hill Press Release here, and look for the re-issue of this amazing classic in September 2017.