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Kings of War is a tactical miniatures game and plays out much like you would expect, you each pick your armies according to points, and then try to destroy each other.  Battlefield Cards however seek to change this by adding in conditions, strategies, and objectives to the game.  At the start the person who won the initial roll off pulls a condition card, this will set the stage for the entire game by adding weather conditions or a varied setup.  From there you will place out objective markers that will work with the next set of cards, objectives.  Each player will pull two cards and each card will have a primary and secondary objectives that players will pick from.  These different objectives offer new and unique ways to get points like putting out a bounty on high cost units, or getting points for holding base objectives.  After selecting objectives you now get strategy cards equal to your army’s point value divided by 500 and rounded down, so a 1500 point army gets three cards, and so does a 1750 point army.  These strategy cards provide one time use benefits to give you the leg up in various situations.  Overall if you want to spice up your games of Kings of War, these cards are a good way to do it.  You can head over to the Mantic Blog to find out more information, and look for these at retailers soon.

The tactical miniatures community is still going strong, and with that we have updates a new releases in order to keep the game fresh and balanced.  First in line is a new supplement for the Kings of War game simply called the Clash of Kings Supplement.  This book is the result of the work that the rules committee does over the course of the year, making sure that no units emerge as overpowered, or are discarded because they are not usable or wroth while.  The list of units getting an update is lengthy so I won’t post it here, but this kind of tweaking for the game is what helps keep them alive and interesting for everyone.  Also included in the book will be a “conclusion to the Edge of the Abyss campaign, new units, new formations, and new and updated spells“.  So if you are a player of the game, be sure to check out Mantic’s blog post for the full list of units getting an update, as well as a link to pre-order the book.  Then keep an eye out for more updates from their blog as they preview the changes up to the release of the supplement.

Warhammer 40k has been going strong for over 20 years now, and they continue to change and update, which was especially evident in their latest 8th edition rulebook.  Games Workshop continues that trend with the latest supplement book, Codex: Adeptus Custodes, which updates and expands these elite units from the Golden Legion.  Not content with just putting out the Codex, they have also released four new units to be available to use with these new rules.  These units are going to be versatile with the ability to be equipped with various armor or vehicles, deadly with some big damage and even a double attack, and difficult to take down with high toughness and a good number of wounds.  You can read more about these new units and their stats on the Warhammer 40K Community post, and find these new models and books at your local Games Workshop retailer.

And finally we have CMON and their minis game, Dark Age, not slowing down one bit in the new year.  Dark Age is a d20 based miniatures game and touts the tag line, everything dies, and so is a fast and brutal game.  And like all the other games like these, CMON is continuing the game by adding a new Secondary Objectives Deck, as well as many new miniatures for the Skarrd and Dragyri factions.  Some of the highlights include Skarrd Decay Cult Faction Box which includes 8 new units, the Dragyri Air Caste or Shadow Caste Death’s Devices units, and the Dragyri Soul Wardens units.  So while the Skarrd and Dragyri factions get a lot of new figures, everyone gets something in the new secondary objectives deck, which adds new cards for all the factions to help tailor your deck to the faction instead of your fighting force.  All of these sets are available now so you can visit the CMON website to read the full release list, and then head to your local Dark Age retailer to pick them up.

king of war

Mantic Games, publisher of Deadzone and Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game, is currently running a Kickstarter project to fund the second edition of their Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game Rulebook.

Kings of War is the two-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies of brave warriors and devastating cavalry clash against powerful wizards and fantastical monsters – all on your tabletop.
Kings of War already boasts an easy-to-learn and intuitive rules set, fast, immersive play, and very affordable miniatures.  This Kickstarter, born from the demand of Kings of War fans, seeks to fund the 2nd Edition Kings of War Hardback Rulebook.
king of war components
         The new version of the rules set includes:
  • Enhanced Game Play – with improvements to the rules to improve the strategy, speed and simplicity in the game.
  • Refreshed Army Lists – all armies will be updated and rebalanced, and new units and new armies will be added to the core rulebook.
  • Fantastic New Art – an update to the art library throughout the book to bring the world to life.
  • Develop the Background – exploring the fantasy world and each of the factions like never before.
  • and more!
This Kickstarter project will be funded on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 6:59 PM EST.  To support this project, visit the project’s Kickstarter page at THE KINGS OF WAR 2ND EDITION KICKSTARTER PAGE.