king of new york

Iello announced their third monster pack for King of Tokyo and King of New York. Cybertooth is a giant robot who can transform into a tiger with metal saber teeth! Both forms grant different evolutions and powers for offensive and defensive gameplay.

A new game mechanic is also introduced with this Monster Pack called Beserk and is compatible with all existing monsters! Whenever a player rolls 4 or more smashes, their monster goes beserk and rolls the Beserk Special Dice as well as the other dice. A monster in Beserk mode will deal more damage while also potentially hurting themselves and cannot heal amidst this rage!

Included in the pack is the Cybertooth Monster board, the two cardboard figure stands for each of the monster’s forms, 1 Beserk die, 6 Beserk tokens, a Transformation card, and 2 sets of 8 evolution cards for both King of Tokyo and King of New York.

For more information, click here.

Amigo Spiel and Freizeit GmbH has launched Carnival of Monsters by famed designer Richard Garfield on Kickstarter. Currently at just over 45,000 Euro with 26 days remaining, Kicktraq has estimated the game trending towards 245,000 Euro which would be 100% of the goal amount. The anticipated shipping date for the game is August 2018.

The standard edition of the game requires a 45 Euro pledge, while the deluxe edition runs for 65 Euro and the Artist edition comes in at 99 Euro.

While best known for his work creating Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield has designed a long list of incredibly popular games including King of Tokyo, Androit: Netrunner, RoboRally and King of New York.

In his newest game, Garfield has brought the concept of lands back to card drafting. In Carnival of Monsters players will hunt the monsters legends are made of during the games four seasons.  Players will start with a limited number of Lands which are used to play Monsters.

Step right up, my lords and ladies, and prepare to be mystified by the most bizarre, the most exotic, the most fantastic sights you have ever yet to behold! Step behind this curtain—for the merest, tiniest contribution—and your world will be changed forever! For this is the Carnival of Monsters, and it offers a world of wonders!

Carnival of Monsters is recommended for 2-5 players aged 10 and up and takes around 45 minutes to play. Rules are already available to download.


At the beginning of each season players will be dealt eight cards which will include Monsters, additional Lands, or other cards that can improve the carnival. All players draft a single card, passing the rest to their neighbor. The card is then either played immediately or a player can pay a coin to save it for later play.

More lands allow players to bring out larger monsters. Every monster played is worth more end game points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

The standard edition of the game will include 240 cards

A Long History of Artists

The artists who are contributing to the project in combination have illustrated over 1,000 Magic: The Gathering cards in the past 25 years. The artists include:

  • John Avon – Cover & Logo Artist
  • Larry Elmore – Staff Cards Artist
  • Jesper Myrfors – Artist for Darkland Faction
  • Ron Spencer – Artist for Dreamlands Faction
  • Mark Tedin – Artist for Enchanted Forest Faction
  • Nene Thomas – Artist for Aerie Faction
  • Drew Tucker – Artist for Depths Faction
  • Pete Venters – Artist for Caves Faction

Cards are available to download and view.

Z-Man Games has announced plans to release Spynet, a new card game by famed designer Richard Garfield.

As a spymaster your task is to dominate the espionage trade by recruiting undercover intelligence agents to complete missions. Two to Four players can either work alone or with teammates to gather all the necessary information required to recruit agents and disrupt the plans of their opponents in this card drafting game.

Game Play

The deck in play contains agents, funding and missions. Players take turns drafting cards from a series of face down row of cards. A player can look at the first card (or stack of cards if there are multiple cards in that spot in the row) and take the card(s) or return them back to the row. If you put them back you can look at the second stack of cards, the third stack etc. Once you take a stack you add one card to each empty spot in the row of cards as well as to each stack that you looked at but did not choose, sweetening the stack for future players.

Having the knowledge of passed over cards means players will know at least a little about what cards their opponents are collecting. Success in building your agency will require paying attention to what your opponent is gathering while at the same time doing your best to hide your own intentions.

Players can lay down multiple cards in a turn, playing one agent in any of the four espionage fields (tech, infiltration, counterespionage or enforcement), attaching any number of funding cards to boost the power of that agent, and one mission card in each of the espionage fields the player currently has the highest power in. Complete enough missions and you can claim the title of ultimate spymaster.

Spynet is scheduled for a 2017 release.

Richard Garfield & Z-Man Games

Richard Garfield (whose birthday its later this month –  June 26!) is a game designer and mathematics professor who is best known for creating the card game Magic: The Gathering. Garfield is also the designer of the games RoboRally, Netrunner, King of Tokyo, Android:Netrunner, King of New York and many more.

Originally founded in 1999 to publish the card game Shadowfist, Z-Man Games has gone on to publish over 100 additional games including Pandemic and Pandemic Legacy as well as the english translations to Carcassonne and Agricola.


Organized play is the new big thing with publishers today, it’s their answer to the question of how to drive more business into the stores and not online retailers.  So Iello has started to set up organized play for popular games like King of Tokyo/New YorkSea of Clouds, Big Book of Madness, and Medieval Academy.  That means there will be new promos for the games as well as opportunities for tournament play and events to take place in stores for said promos or other prizes.  So be on the lookout for these events that will be coming to your FLGS, and if you run a FLGS you can visit the Iello Organized Play website to be able to order promos and other materials to host these events.

Iello is really ready for the new year with a handful of new products, so let’s take a quick look at the three upcoming releases scheduled for the first quarter of 2017.

First up is a small addition to the King of Tokyo and King of New York family – the first in a line of Monster Packs that are planned for the popular pair featuring the cult favorite, Cthulhu. These monster packs will come with a standee, player board, and evolution cards for both Tokyo and New York. Cthulhu also comes with several cultist tokens and a double-sided temple presumably used in conjunction with his unique set of evolution cards.

Next is a fast and fun game for 2 to 6 players called The Legend of the Wendigo. Players take the roles of scouts at a campground, who’ve heard a tale of the Wendigo who now lurks among them. It sounds very similar to Werewolf with each player receiving a hidden role token, one of which is the Wendigo who can “steal” (or most likely, eliminate from play) one other scout at night-time. There’s a sand-timer included, and a 10-minute play time on the box which both suggests this plays like a speed version of Werewolf more focus on memory while not trying to be as condensed as the instantly classic One Night series. It’ll be interesting to see what other twists in the rules will separate this game from the rest as we learn more about it.

Last is a new small-box card game that takes us back to the time of Ancient Egypt. Pyramids is about building the eponymous wonders by collecting the best materials and organizing them for points. As described on the product page,

 “Your necropolis, a place of eternal sleep, luxury, and glory, will be made up of Pyramids, Obelisks, and Tombs. Select the best combination of stones in the quarry, optimize their layout, and make your necropolis the most famous in all of Egypt!”

That’s all we know for now. Keep an eye on the product pages and BoardGameGeek entries linked for more information as these new titles come to retail soon.

GenCon 2016 was an exciting experience had by many. Several new releases and announcements were made during the grandiose event. Several of which were made by IELLO.

monster pack

A new line of “King of” products called Monster Packs are starting the beginning of 2017. They will be $10-$15 pillow packs for King of Tokyo and King of New York containing a new monster and Evolution Cards. Each set will be a different theme, the first of which will be Cthulhu. Look for new building tiles and Madness tokens in this set!

farm friends

Following the surprising mid weight economic game Happy Pigs comes its first expansion, Happy Pigs: Farm Friends. Three new animals are introduced to the strategic farming game. Farmers will be able to mix and match the different animals utilizing the same rules as the pigs only now adding sheep, chicken, and cow tiles to the farm. This expansion is set to be released November 2016.

mysterious forest

IELLO’s highly anticipated children’s game line was announced along with the first game to be featured, The Mysterious Forest. In this light cooperative fantasy adventure game, players work together through 3 phases to help little Jonas cross the Mysterious Forest and ultimately face the Queen of the Draconias. The first phase challenges the adventurers to memorize the path, the second phase necessary equipment will be chosen wisely, and the third phase decides whether or not Jonas has what it takes to defeat the final boss. With a play time of 10-15 min and designed for 2-4 players, the Mysterious Forrest will challenge adventures everywhere come November 2016.

The designer of The Big Book of Madness, Maxime Rambourg, and artist Paul Mafayon (known for his work on Welcome to the Dungeon) are back at it with a new card game called Arena. The beautifully illustrated card game will play over the course of two phases, the biding phase and the fighting phase. Players will compete for victory in this mythological combat card drafting game. Due to be released in 2017.

Coupled with the announcement of the King of Tokyo reprint, iello has also announced that the King of New York: Power Up expansion is on it’s way.  Set for release in October the Power Up expansion will do the same to the King of New York characters as the Power Up expansion did in King of Tokyo, give each character unique evolutions and powers making each character play differently.  Also another character will be added to the game in the form of Mega Shark, a giant shark wielding an electrified trident among other things.  But the best part about this expansion is that there are two evolution decks for each character, one for play in King of New York, and the other for King of Tokyo, meaning you can now take characters like Sheriff or Captain Fish to Tokyo and start laying waste to a new city!  You can pre-order the expansion now at your local game store or online at iello’s site.

King of Tokyo new

King of Tokyo, designed by Richard Garfield and published by iello Games, was a huge hit released in 2011. Spawning somewhat of a sequel, definitely a stand-alone with slightly-tweaked mechanics, King of New York was released in 2014.

iELLO Games, well known for the beautiful artwork of their games, announced the  upcoming “2016” release of King of Tokyo. This new version will not be about changing the game rules as much as it will be updating the artwork and making the rule-book a little more clear (not that it’s original was that difficult to understand).
king of tokyo new board

This new version will be available on July 14 in English**, and by the end of the year in the 14 following languages: German, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, and Swedish.



Destroy Tokyo with a clear conscience!

The Draccus monster promo for King of Tokyo was available at Gen Con 2015 via a charity drive for the Worldbuilders charity organization.  However, not everyone who wanted one was able to snag one.

Now, Iello Games has announced that this promo is available for purchase via an online donation to Worldbuilders.  100% of the profits from this promo will go towards Worldbuilders, which has to date raised over $3.5 million for Heifer International to help end hunger and bring families and communities out of poverty.

For more information on this promo and to purchase it, visit Iello’s website here.

draccus card

Iello / Worldbuilders are introducing a new monster for King of Tokyo, based on a monster from Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles. The Draccus will be available from the Worldbuilders booth at Gencon (#663) and later from the author’s website. Proceeds from sales of the promo will support the humanitarian efforts of Heifer International. According to the announcement, both parties to this partnership are excited to have an opportunity to collaborate:

The folks at IELLO are also big fans of New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, and were tickled to find out that Pat loved playing King of Tokyo. They hung out a bit during Gen Con 2013, and a plan was hatched to bring the coal-chomping, resin-addicted Draccus out of his novel The Name of the Wind and into Tokyo Bay.  IELLO couldn’t wait to share their love for Rothfuss’s books with the boardgame community, and vice-versa. The new Draccus monster was designed by King of New York artist Régis Torres, and is fully playable in the original King of Tokyo game as well as King of New York.