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Set in another dimension filled with alien life, Darwinauts, designed by Chris Bryan (Lanterns Dice Game, Favelas, and Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell) and illustrated by the prolific Vincent Dutrait, puts you and up to 3 other players in the role of brave researchers tasked with venturing through a portal into this new land to discover, research, and record new species of life.

In Darwinauts, which the publisher describes as a “light-to-medium weight Euro-style game of tile-laying, worker placement, set collection, and action selection,” players take 2 actions on their turn; they can place an explorer, place a tile, replenish tiles and remove explorers, discover a species, or record a species (which then triggers one of five possible bonus actions). Gameplay will continue in this manner until The Rift Tile is revealed, after which the new world will become unstable and players will dismantle the landscape they built and race to complete their tasks and return home before the game draws to a close.

The campaign includes a Standard Explorer pledge which includes just the game and stretch goals, as well as a Decorated Explorer pledge which includes a playmat in addition to the game and stretch goals.

For more information on the game, you can find the official Kickstarter campaign page here.

Dig Your Way Out, a 2-6 player game published by Borderline and currently live on Kickstarter, puts players in the depths of a prison from which they are competing to be the first to escape. To do so, they will move around the prison to perform actions, and equipping themselves with tools and weapons which they can acquire through crafting, buying with cigarettes, or extorting other players. Players can also get help by joining a gang and using their unique skills and connections from their previous life.

Artwork in Dig Your Way Out is from Mihajlo Dimitrievski (AKA The Mico) whose art has been featured in games such as Raiders of the North Sea, Architects of the West Kingdom, and Viral. The game will be available in English and French, and Kickstarter campaign comes with an exclusive Officer Buster mini expansion.

To find more information about the game, visit the official Kickstarter campaign page here.

Last Aurora, a competitive post-apocalyptic game designed by Mauro Chiabotto and published by Pendragon Game Studio, is currently live on Kickstarter.

In a world where radioactive dust of the Last War has turned the northern countries into a frozen desolate landscape, 2-4 players in Last Aurora will work to manager their crew to gather resources, recruit survivors, improve their vehicle, fight their enemies, and make challenging ethical choices, all while they race to reach the last beacon of hope before it’s too late: the icebreaker ship Aurora, which is looking for survivors.

Last Aurora takes place over 6 rounds broken into 5 phases in which players will explore locations to perform actions, decide to let exhausted survivors rest for one round or spend food to immediately recover them, fight dangerous enemies, and attempt to reach Aurora as it moves along the coast.

For more information about the game, be sure to visit the Kickstarter campaign page here.

Nauvoo Games has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Illicit Investments, the latest expansion for Stockpile, a popular economic game designed by Brett Sobol and Seth Van Orden which received the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.

The Illicit Investments expansion adds a new phase to the beginning of the game in which players draft a starting hand of Investment Strategy Cards. During each Action Phase, players then have the opportunity to play one Investment Strategy Card to help “control the chaos of the stock market” by providing a wide range of unique actions.

The expansion also includes a new First Player Card variant in which players can bid for turn order, a new Investor Card, and some upgraded component upgrades such as wooden stock tickers and a 2P reference sheet.

The campaign also has the option for an all-in Epic Edition, which includes the base game plus expansions and promos in one single box, as well as a Cosmic Tier which includes both the Illicit Investments and Continuing Corruption expansions along with 2 promo packs.

According to Nauvoo games, they do not plan to re-print the game any time soon following this Kickstarter campaign, which you can find here.

8 is the number…

Building up a civilization in under 8 minutes is what 8 players can do at the same time (8 minutes per player). As there are 8 Immortal Gods that are battling it out for the right to be the victor.

Immortal 8 and Sorry We Are French from Moonster Games (who gave us Crossing & Imagine),  will be on Kickstarter on the 8th of March 2018, is a quick and artful drafting game where each player is a Immortal God. Each of the Immortals from this medieval fantasy realm has their own way of scoring points in the game. Maybe you’ll be the Immortal who scores point from culture collect from buildings you have built have been used by the other players. Maybe you’ll craft a victory through spreading chaos, or having the most military might, or being able to guess which Immortal the other players are…

Yes, this is a secret role drafting game, when no one knows the objectives of the other players and still have to obtain their objectives by drafting cards that help you, but not the others.

The game is broken into two rounds of a first draft of 5 cards and a second of 4. In between rounds, you’ll be using the powers of the building and Heroes you have constructed and possibly your neighbors buildings, at a cost. The further away a building is, the more expensive it is to use meaning you’ll miss out on it’s power and that player will miss out on gaining some culture. Then again, someone may have constructed a Wonder, that I placed in the middle of the table for everyone to use. Free.


Here is some of the wonderful artwork from David Sitbon

Not only that, you may build your own Hero to to help in your endeavors. And because you are an Immortal God, you won’t have to go savaging for resources. You’ll be building all these things out of thin air.  Like magic. But there will be restrictions as you can’t just build everything that passes in front of you. Again, you may not see the card you want throughout the game, which could be upsetting. So you’ll have to come up with another strategy of building things that other players will want to use. This will pay out in the supremacy round after, as all Immortals collect point for the most Culture, Military and Science.

This is a game that has a slightly more challenging learning curve than most drafting games out there, but with the rapidity of the game, after a few plays you should grasp the in dept strategies hidden in the game. And maybe discover the identity’s of the other Immortal 8.


Immortal 8 coming to Kickstarter on the 8th of March 2018. Finishing 29nd of March 2018

The Kickstarter is live here

You can follow the “8” incoming blogs on the Immortal 8 mini-website:

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Spin Master Games has partnered with Wiggles 3D Games to produce and sell the retail version of 5-Minute Dungeon. 5-Minute Dungeon is a co-operative, real-time dungeon crawling card game for 2-5 players that plays in 5 minutes, and was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year with almost 8,000 backers.

The retail version has an all-new cover in a unique hourglass-shaped box and comes with:

  • 200 player cards (5 decks of 40 cards each)
  • 50 dungeon cards (40 door cards and 10 challenge cards)
  • 5 double sided player mats (10 heroes total)
  • 5 boss mats

As expected, the retail version doesn’t include the extra content added during the campaign (the Kickstarter deck, Baby Barbarian figurine, and 2 Kickstarter boss mats), but still has the same high quality components as the Kickstarter edition.

The game is available for purchase now on

For more information and updates on the game, visit the 5-Minute Dungeon Kickstarter Update page.

The newest iteration of Mike Elliott’s best-selling Thunderstone deckbuilding game is now on Kickstarter. Published by AEG, Thunderstone Quest is an adventure deckbuilding game where 2-4 players compete to see who can score the most victory points when the game ends. The game takes about 90 minutes to play and creates a dramatic campaign feeling as your heroes grow stronger and ultimately encounter the Guardian.

Thunderstone is one of the most successful games AEG has ever published. Our team has been talking about the next stage in its evolution for quite some time. When we brainstormed ideas for the next version of the game it was clear that we had a lot of wide open design space to transform the Dungeon system into something really special.

The new Quest system gives us the ability to offer you a modular adventuring experience so that the game is always fresh and challenging. We incorporated lots of player feedback about other game systems including weight and light. And we worked to make the climax of the game dramatic and exciting for every player, every game.

The campaign ends on March 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM EDT. To learn more, visit the Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter page.

AEG is ramping up for the new year with a couple new releases, one of which will either make you happy or make you very upset.  And that polarizing release is the Destination Fun Combo Pack with expansions for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles all in one box.  This will be great for those that own all three games because you will get content to expand the games all at once, but those of us who don’t own all three, this is putting a lot of content we don’t need into a single box.  This issue is compounded by an MSRP that is significantly higher than the other games, so hopefully AEG will see the light and split the box later.  Until then, look for this on store shelves in March.

Next is a competitive disc flicking game called Light and Dark, where you are two druids trying to either turn everything dark, or turn everything light.  Game setup will have you placing druids and torches all around the table and then you will be flicking your discs around and playing cards in an effort to convert everyone to your side.  The game sounds light-hearted and fun, so look for it on store shelves in January.

Next is a game from Kickstarter called The Captain is Dead, where you are a star-ship crew trying to fight off an attack after your heroic leader was killed.  Everyone will be playing a different character with different strengths and weaknesses as you run around fixing the ship and fending off the invaders.  Look for this on store shelves in February, just don’t be wearing a red shirt.

Last is a party game from Hobby World called Think it Up, where the winner will not be the most knowledgeable, but the one who could think the fastest.  In the game you will flip over a letter card and a topic card, and from those two cards you have one minute to blurt out the answer, if you are the fastest you get points.  After a set number of rounds the person with the most points is the winner.  Look for this quick thinking party game on store shelves in February.

Space Goat Productions, the same publisher that is putting out the Evil Dead 2 game, has managed to get the licensing rights to produce the Official Terminator Board Game.  This will be a partnership with Studio Canal, Oak Productions, and Creative Licensing to bring this game to Kickstarter in February of 2017.  Not much has been said about the game but what they have released is very interesting, especially since the writer of the original movie is involved.  On one side will be the machines controlled by one player, on the other will be the humans played by the rest of the players.  The game will take place in both 1984 and 2029, with events happening in 1984 having ripple effects on the board in 2029.  If this is done right this could be an awesome strategy game, so look forward to the Kickstarter next year and you can find out more on the Space Goat Productions website.


Scythe, the hit from Stonemaier Games, is going to be hitting stores very soon.  Scythe is a 4x style game set in the alternate history of the 1920s, where the first world way has just ended and countries have heavily armored mechs.  The facility that produced these marvels, The Factory, has closed it’s doors, and so now five different factions are vying for control.  Players take on the roles of these different factions and try to claim The Factory and the surrounding area to help win them the game.

Scythe enjoyed great success during it’s Kickstarter and has received critical acclaim from reviewers and gamers that have received copies.  Look forward to getting your own copy when they hit store shelves in October.

Another thing to look forward to is the first expansion for the game in the form of Scythe: Invaders from Afar.  This expands the available factions from 5 to 7, giving you more variety for those who play the game often.  Look for this bit of gold to hit store shelves in December of this year.