Dice Tower Newsletter


Game Toppers launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal to enhance your gaming nights with a quality yet affordable table top. After a year of development, Game Toppers table tops are ready for everyone who does not have a space for a dedicated gaming table but would still like to enjoy playing games on a professional and comfortable surface.

Game Toppers can effectively transform an existing table into a fully-fledged gaming solution with very little work in a matter of minutes. This is possible because they come fully assembled, so the only preparation necessary is to place one of the available variants on top of a table and, in case of the two larger ones, fix the two halves of a Game Topper together – without any tools required. When it is ready, you can spread one of the 3mm stitched edge gaming mats that are also available in the campaign on top of it for additional thematic feel.

Each Game Topper comes either in a standard or luxuriant variant, the main difference between them being that the luxuriant extrusion mold allows for a highly finished hard wood to be placed in the inset, thus, providing a crafted hardwood experience. Among the key features of every Game Topper are a powder coat finish, premium stains & wood finishes, and soft rubberized protection strips that keep the table top securely in place while also protecting the table underneath. Last but not least, even the standard variant features military grade aluminum with an integrated card slot that ensures both of your are hands are always free to support your head when racking your brain to come up with the best move during a heavier game.

There are four different sizes you can choose from, ranging from 30″ x 38″ to 36″ x 72″ play area. The accessory rail addon allows you to convert a one of the two larger Toppers into a mini Topper that is half the size. Other addons include all the possible accessories a proper gaming table could be equipped with, such as cup holders & component trays, dice towers, and adventure cases. A storage bag that makes carrying Toppers from one place to another more comfortable is available as well. In case you would like to get a Game Topper as early as in February 2018, visit the Game Toppers Kickstarter campaign.


Another week, another batch of Kickstarters for everyone to check out.  First on the list is a voting game called The Champion of the Wild.  In this game you are trying to determine who is the king of the jungle through Olympic style events and challenges.  To start the game you will select three events from different categories with the categories ranging from strength, to endurance, to team events, speed, and more.  Each event has it’s own restrictions and rules, so some events you think will be a cinch may have a rule that handicaps you to make it a “fair fight”.  Once you have selected the events it’s time to pick who you will be competing with in all three events.  Every player will have a hand of seven cards and you will pick your animal or insect from that hand of cards, that is when the voting portion of the game begins.  In order each player will explain why their animal should be the winner in each event, trying to be as convincing as possible.  Once that is done you will then hand each other voting tokens on where you think they would place for the first event.  You will repeat this token passing for the second and then the third events as well.  Once every event has been voted on you will then reveal your tokens and total your score, highest value takes home the gold!  So if this voting style game interests you, check out the Kickstarter page.

Next is a simple, but beautiful, card game about discovering the scientific method called STEM: Epic Heroes.  In STEM: Epic Heroes you will be utilizing different famous figures from history to claim the five steps of the scientific method, observation, hypothesis, experimentation, analysis, and publishing.  The famous scientists included run the whole range of science with people like Tesla, George Washington Carver, Newton, Lovelace, Turing, and more.  Play is simple in that there is a display of step cards ready to be claimed, and to claim them all you have to do is play a scientist that matches the field on that step such as math, engineering, or chemistry.  Collect all five step cards to end the game, and at the end the highest score will be the winner.  But that is not all, there are item and location cards as well that can be paired with the different fields giving you even more points.  So make sure to grab the steps quickly, but pay attention to your points so you will still be the winner in the end.  To find out more and check out the amazing art, head on over to the Kickstarter page.

After that we have a mini dice chucking game called Dice of Pirates.  This is a simple game of pirate looting and battling, often against the kraken, but also against each other.  On your turn you will roll all the dice as many times as you like, but every time you get a three of a kind a different effect will happen.  Roll three gold and you get a treasure token, putting you closer to the win condition of five tokens, but also ending your turn.  Roll three krakens and you get your ship sunk, forcing your turn to end right then and there.  Roll three black flags and a raid begins where you will be rolling off against an opponent in a bid to steal his accumulated treasure.  The one exception to this set of three rule is the ship, whenever you roll a ship you give the die to someone, they roll it, and what they roll will determine what effect happens.  First person to get five treasure/plunder tokens is the winner.  So if you enjoy filler dice games like this, head on over to their Kickstarter page.

Following that is a card, tableau building type game called Dwarven Smithy.  In this game you are trying to be the most successful smithy around by digging for materials, forging amazing items, and hiring apprentices to help you do the work.  This is all contained within a fairly easy to learn card game, as you will simply play and draw cards on your turn.  When you play down materials they start out in their raw state, but they will be refined come your next turn, ready to be used in whatever creations or have in hand.  Hiring apprentices will give you extra abilities, crafting items can also give you abilities, or more often some quick gold when you sell them.  Then there are the king’s items, which require more work to build but also net you some serious cash when completed.  But what can you do with this gold?  Well you can use it to buy supplies, items, or apprentices that other players put up for sale, paying them the money, but getting you the card.  But be careful with that, in the end it’s the player with the most money who will win, so don’t give the game away.  To find out more about this game and to see it’s amazing art, head on over to the Kickstarter page.

Finally we have a game that is unfortunately flying under the radar, and that is Spy Club from Foxtrot Games.  This is a family style detective game where you are trying to figure out the who, what, where, why, and with what of a crime that occurred in your neighborhood.  Everyone will have a display of three cards, and on your turn you will have three actions to either flip your cards, move them to the center board, or draw more cards from the deck.  Moving the cards to the center board is important because every time you collect five of one color, you solve the mystery associated with that color.  Blue will tell you want happened, purple will tell you who committed the crime, yellow tells you what item is associated with the crime and so on.  But the suspect won’t make it easy for you, after each turn he moves along the board and will be triggering events that will mess you up.  But if you work effectively together, you will be able to catch him before he escapes.  Another cool aspect of the game is a narrative campaign system where you will be uncovering a larger crime over the course of five games, with each game adding new rules and effects as you go along.  This creates a unique experience each time you run through it, and with 40 modules in the campaign, the possible combinations are numerous.  So if you are looking for an engaging detective game for the whole family, check out this Kickstarter.

This is the second time around Kickstarter for the Black Souls game, and this time they aim to hit their goal and then some.  Black Souls is a board game all about creating the next great online dungeon crawl game.  You will do this by designing a dungeon, and then taking playtesters through those dungeons to score points.  You will want to make your dungeon as difficult as possible to score the most points, but you have to be careful, if none of the playtesters make it through your dungeon then you get nothing.

Play for this game happens in two phases, the design phase and the playtesting phase.  In the design phase tiles will be revealed that you can add to your dungeon, and each turn you will use bid cards to bid on draft order for those tiles.  In addition to bidding for draft order, the bid card you use has a special ability like shuffling cards or rearranging your already built dungeon.  But be careful, if you match with someone else’s bid, you both go last and the special ability of the card doesn’t trigger.  You can ignore this conflict with a hack card, but you only get two of those per game, so spend them wisely.  This will keep going until everyone has their dungeon full, then it’s time for the playtesters.

In the playtesting phase the playtesters will run through the dungeon, rolling and using a die from the hero’s reserve.  If the heroes are able to kill enough monsters they pass that tile, if they can pass through all the tiles of the dungeon then you can score your dungeon.  Player with the highest score is the winner.

If any of this sounds interesting to you then head on over to the Kickstarter page to find out more information and to pledge for your own copy.

Are you a fan of mixing drinking with your favorite board games?  Is Risk only fun after you have had a couple shots?  Well if you answered yes to either of these questions, then you might like Conquer: The Ultimate Drinking Game.

In Conquer, you are trying to do just that, conquer the world through military conquest.  The game plays similar to Risk in that each turn you get troops, you will then move your troops, engage in battles that are determined by dice, and try to take over the entire world.  The differences come in with special actions you can take each turn, each which requires you to take a shot of drink in order to access.  Take one shot and you can add extra troops to the board based on the round number, roll extra dice in combat, or gain extra movements points.  Drink a shot and a half and you can deploy the shot shield, protecting your troops from being taken out and that country taken over.  However, take three shots to deploy the shield breaker, and ignore the shot shield when making your attacks.  Needless to say if you take advantage of these extra abilities too soon, you may not have your wits about you when it comes time for those hard late game decisions.  Drink responsibly and plan carefully and you will come out victorious.  Check out the Kickstarter page for more information and you chance to pledge.

Eagle-Gryphon Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Titan Dice: Limited Edition. In this fast paced dice roller, players frantically roll 6 custom dice trying to cage five mythical creatures. Each turn, players need to decide whether to roll all active dice, all spent dice, or all active and spent dice. But once three wounds are rolled, that player is out for the round. Creature dice gain the player special ability creature cards when spent, allowing them to manipulate the rolls. The Limited Edition of the game comes with UV Spot creature cards and player mat, as well as marble texture dice.

Titan Dice will continue on Kickstarter through October 9, and the game is expected to ship September 2018.

We have another shirt Kickstarter on our hands, and this time it’s something you might even wear to work if you are in an office.  Shirts by Shurts are offering high quality polo shirts with different designs on them like a VP crest, a d20, 2d6, a grid of hexes, or other designs.  New designs and colors will be unlocked as more stretch goals are reached so keep an eye on that.  The only downside to the campaign is that the shirts are pricey at $29 a shirt, but I imagine you are getting great quality for your money.

So if you want to upgrade your apparel, head on over to their Kickstarter campaign.

Fans of the 1986 Highlander films rejoice, a two player duel game is being made with all the iconic images you could hope for.  In Highlander the Duel, designed by Christ Castagnetto, it’s the final battle between MacLeod and Kurgan, and whoever wins will claim victory once and for all.  In this two player card game you will be having several clashes with each other in your bid to eliminate your opponent.  The game play is fairly simple, first you get a hand of 5 cards through a standard draft, and then you will start simultaneously revealing cards against each other to wound your opponent.  How the battle is resolved is quick and easy, just line up the cards against each other, and if any symbols match positions, then you block, if none of the symbols match than the defending player takes a wound for each attack symbol.  If however, all the symbols line up, the attacking played will take a wound instead because it was a perfect block.  After that clash you will move into the next, but your card choice will be restricted because the attack you just performed, only has certain attacks types that can follow it.  Meaning you will need to plan your attacks carefully, or risk playing attacks you don’t want to just because it is all you can play.  First person to be eliminated loses!

The art for the game looks excellent, with MacLeod looking just like his movie star counterpart.  A full copy of the game only costs $19, and while the inclusion of minis in this does raise an eyebrow, it is still worth taking a look at.  You can find out more and pledge on the Kickstarter page.

Another week, another batch of Kickstarters worth a second look.

First up is a game designed specifically for the visually impaired in mind, and that is Megateh.  This Japanese designed game is essentially a tactile version of the classic game Quarto, where you need to get 4 in a row of all the same shape, all the same height, or in a descending height.  Players are blindfolded when playing the game so you will have to feel for the pieces, which consist of solid disks and discs with a hole in the middle, in order to place them.  But you also have to feel for where to place them, figuring out where the other pieces have been placed already and trying to set yourself up to win, while not setting up your opponent to win.  First person to get four in a row as described above wins!  There are several pledge levels to get different versions of the game that range from a mini ceramic $18 model, up to a fully customized $88 wood model.  So if this kind of game interests you, or want to support games designed for visually impaired players, then check out the Kickstarter page.

Next is the latest game from the Nickelodeon and IDW Games partnership, and that is Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena.  This is a two player arena game where each player controls a pro bending team like the Fire Ferrets, White Falls Wolfbats, or the Red Sands Rabaroos.  Each team has their own unique set of minis, team ability, and technique cards that will be used in the game.  But before you start the game you have the option of creating your custom strategy deck, which is the deck of technique cards you will be pulling from during the game to play against your opponents.  However, the deck doesn’t have to be static, as during the game you will have the ability to purchase more technique cards from your supply with chi that you have built up.  Your players also will come equipped with trick card that give them powerful special abilities, but some of which cause you to roll the referee die, risking the possibility of your team member being ejected from the game.  In the end it’s last man standing as you fight to knock the opposing team out of the ring, whoever is left is the winner.  So if this sounds like an interesting game to you, check out the Kickstarter page.

After that is another arena combat game called Zero Gravity, that utilizes a unique gimmick in it’s gameplay.  On it’s surface, Zero Gravity looks to be your normal arena battle game with each player controlling a team of combatants.  You are racing to get thirty points which is done through taking out your opponents troops, capturing objectives, or completing achievements.  First person to 30 points will be the winner.  Now as for what makes this game unique, that comes in the board that you play on, a 3D board which has playing surfaces on every interior surface.  Also each miniature comes equipped with a magnet, allowing them to stick to the walls and ceiling, bringing a typically 2D game into the 3rd dimension.  This mean that sight and range lines are no longer just drawn on the board, now you will be drawing them in the area to see if your troop on the floor can hit the troop on the wall.  Overall it looks to be an interesting game, and if you find it interesting to then head on over to the Kickstarter page.

For this project we have the ubiquitous Cards Against Humanity clone, but this time done by well known game company Steve Jackson Games.  Conspiracy Theory is you typical draw a black card to get your prompt, and play white cards to complete the phrase in the most hilarious way possible.  One major difference is that this game is all about conspiracy theories, like the title suggests, and so the cards being played are well withing the PG-13 realm.  So if you are looking for a party, card game that isn’t so offensive, and has the typical Steve Jackson flair, check out it’s Kickstarter page.

Next is another party game called News@11, where you try to come up with the best news segment that you can.  During the game you will have a producer, a lead anchor, and news anchors.  The lead anchor will be the one who hands out the segment cards, telling you what kind of news report you will be giving.  The different options include things like sports, weather, health & beauty, traffic and more.  Each news anchor will have three of these segment cards for their morning, afternoon, and evening news segments.  To populate these segments you will draw cue cards that have you fill in a word mad lib style, and you will use one cue for your morning segment, then add a second for afternoon, and finally a third for the evening.  It’s these crazy combinations of words and segments that will generate a lot of the laughter in the game, and the best news caster will be selected as the winner.  As for the producer, they will be handing out producer cards that keep things moving, but can also cause some chaos.  So if you are looking for a new party game with a news feel to it, check out the Kickstarter page.

Following that we have another board game based on a television IP, and that is Warehouse 13 the Board Game.  In Warehouse 13 the game you are playing as agents to either help or hurt the warehouse and to collect the artifacts that have been scattered around the world.  In there game you will have several agents and one traitor, with the agents working to capture three artifacts, and the traitor working to have three artifacts lost, and then win the finale.  Gameplay is a mix of dice and card play with dice being rolled to set the difficulty of retrieving the artifact, or used to pass attribute tests that have been placed on different locations.  The cards are what you will be playing to acquire clues and eventually acquire the artifact.  However, the traitor has many ways to affect these endeavors, and if any of several conditions are met, then the artifact is lost to the Adversary and they move one step closer to winning.  Each game is called an episode and if the villains get three artifacts, the finale happens where has the agents trying to foil his final plan before he wins.  Each character is pulled straight from the show and each has their own special abilities that can be used once an episode or season, or is always available.  So if you enjoy these puzzle type games with a traitor, or are looking for a Warehouse 13 themed game, check out this Kickstarter.

And finally we have the latest from Mindclash Games, makers of Anachrony and Trickerion, a new area control style game called Cerebria.  In Cerebria you are playing the role of either Bliss or Gloom, trying to spread your influence to all the denizens of the town.  You will does this through various area control aspects such as allies in different locations, a scoring tower in the middle of the board, and your allies presence.  After you pick a side you will play the game by carrying out actions on your spirit board.  You have many actions to choose from and you will be playing cards from your hand as well to move around the board, affect emotions on the board, put out new emotions, and other actions.  As you do these things you will begin to use up resources from different spheres on the board, when one is empty there is a scoring round where you check to see if you achieved varying aspirations.  Achieving these aspirations gets you pieces of a tower placed in the center, of which their height and facing affect different actions on the board.  At the end, whoever has more of their color in the tower at the end is the winner of the game.  This is just a brief overview and there is much more to the game, so if you want to find out more then head on over to the Kickstarter page.

Evolution is a highly rated game that is easy to learn, fun to play, and has several expansions already that just improve and make the game even better.  So because of all this success, North Star Games have decided to bring the game to digital platforms so that you can play the game wherever you are.  Evolution the Video Game will feature the same gameplay that you have known and loved from the original game, but this time all the fiddly bits and book keeping are automated by the computer.  No need to manually increase or decrease your herd stats, count out the number of food tokens you need to put on the watering hole, or remembering the order of who eats when.  The game is also enhanced with new art, fluid animations that bring different actions to life, and a number of highly desirable features.  Some of those features being cross platform play, online multiplayer, local AI solo mode, and a campaign system to bring new variety to the game.  Overall if you want a digital implementation for the game, check out the Kickstarter page.  You will be able to pledge for tablet/phone version of the game, the steam version of the game, both, and even the physical editions of the game.

Outlaws: Last Man Standing is the newest game on Kickstarter from Holy Grail Games, the company that brought you Rising 5.  Outlaws is a very different game than Rising 5, this time going the route of pure competitive play in a bluffing and deductive kind of way.  If you have played Stratego then you will see some similarities in the feel of the game as the object of the game is to deduce several things about your opponent and play area.  But first, lets start at the beginning, you will set up the game by taking all the characters of your color and setting them up facing you, and taking two characters and placing them face up in the “saloon”.  Your opponent will do the same immediately across from you, and then a row of tokens will be placed between your two rows of characters.  On each turn you will either swap two of your characters around, or reveal a character in order to take an action.  The actions available are to peak at the token in front of that character, guess the token in front of them, or to use the special ability of the character.  Grabbing the tokens in front of you is important because they are used to win the game, so you don’t want your opponent to have any.  But revealing characters is risky because of the three win conditions, win the vote with your mayor, kill the mayor with your assassin, or arrest the assassin when they try to kill someone.  Being able to do any of these three require knowledge about the tokens on the table and the position of each character.  But don’t worry about having to remember everything, they give you tokens to use as reminders.  First person to achieve a victory condition is the winner.

Art looks great for the game and if you like deduction games, this should scratch that itch well.  One copy that can play two players runs a pledge of 18 Euro, while you can also add a second box with different colors to allow for up to 4 players to play for just 30 Euro.  Stretch goals are being unlocked that add more characters to the game and an event deck, which will keep you on your toes.  So if any of this sounds interesting to you, head on over to their Kickstarter page.