IDW Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Nickelodeon Consumer Products announce a new addition to the long running Munchkin series of card games: Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, players will play the roles of the Turtles and their friends. The card game features all-new art from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator, Kevin Eastman, along with artist Tadd Galusha, and gameplay developed by designer Jon Cohn.

Munchkin TMNT will come in three versions: standard, deluxe, and deluxe ultimate. All three will be supported by a Kickstarter campaign set to start on March 7th.  The deluxe and deluxe ultimate will be Kickstarter exclusives available only during the Kickstarter campaign.  The deluxe version will feature character standees and a fully illustrated mounted Level tracker. The deluxe ultimate version will feature variant, retro-style coloring reminiscent of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. The standard version will be available in retail stores.

All versions of Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are expected to be available in June 2018.

Last week we reported on the ICO Partners analysis of Kickstarter success that revealed Games to be the leading category on Kickstarter. This is not to say that the Games category does not have its share of failures. More than half do not reach funding, and there are still challenges to those that do.  Funded projects have a lot of expenses to cover in order to develop and deliver products to backers, and this includes shipping.  Shipping expenses to backer may vary widely and may change depending on what stretch goals are included.  Shipping and customs requirements and processing timelines may also affect delivery dates to customer.

NSKN Games, who have ran eleven successful Kickstarters such as Mistfall and Exodus, recently published 5 Shipping Tips for a Successful Kickstarter on their NSKN Blog that offer sage advice for Kickstarters.  They share their experiences and provide sound advice on how to establish campaign funding goals to sufficiently cover shipping costs and how to establish realistic campaign delivery dates.

Previously, NSKN Blog published Top 5 things to do before launching your first Kickstarter, and it has posted numerous advice for game developers. Read more from NSKN on

One thing that is notoriously difficult, and thus often asked about, is how do you find a game group when you visit or move to a new city?  BoardGameGeek is a good place to look, Meetup is not a bad choice either, but those are only good if you know where to look and who to ask.  Board Buddies on the other hand is trying to make finding a group as easy as finding a local theater.  Setting up a game night in the app is easy, just choose whether it’s public or private event (which changes who can see the exact location), put in some info on what games you are playing, add event info like location and time, and you’re done.  Now that the info is logged, your event will show up to anyone in the area who searches, and it will tell them what games are being played, when the event is, and how far away it is from their location.  Now you will be able to easily and effortlessly find game groups happening all around you, and maybe find some new friends along the way.

The app itself is going to be free, but this campaign is being run to raise funds to lay the groundwork of the business, and help make sure Board Buddies is maintained for years to come.  Pledges start at $5 Canadian and offer things like alpha access, badges within the app, stickers, dice, t-shirts and more.  So if you want to help bring this dream to reality, head on over to the Kickstarter today.

Board games based on IPs are getting better, while in the past they were usual lazy cash grabs, recent incarnations of well known IPs haven’t been so bad.  With Harry Potter we had the Hogwarts Battle deck building game, which was well received and is sitting within the top 400 on Boardgamegeek.  Now we have Knight Models throwing their hat into the ring with their own game, Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game.  This is going to be a full scale miniatures game where you will pick your characters and then fully outfit them with potions, artifacts, and a dizzying array of spells.  From there you will take your team and start exploring the iconic areas of the wizarding world like Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, the Chamber of Secrets and more.  You will be working to complete quests and overcome challenges in order to win.  No doubt there will also be plenty of magic fueled battles between wizards, so don’t think this will be a walk in the park.

The core box (or tin I should say) will have everything you need to play the game, with more figures to be added as time goes on.  Knight Models will fund this game with a Kickstarter, so be on the lookout for that in the next few months.

Legacy games continue to be the hot item, and Indie Boards and Cards is joining in with a legacy game based on their popular Aeon’s End deck building game.  Aeon’s End Legacy is unique in terms of legacy games in that you aren’t playing a one-off type game where it’s used up at the end, nor are you creating a game like you do in Charterstone.  No, in Aeon’s End Legacy you are creating and building up your own unique character that you can then take to play in the rest of the Aeon’s End content.  But at the start of the game your character is bland and rather weak, so you have to play through games, called chapters, that allow you to get more powerful cards and add new abilities to your character.  This will mainly be done through adding stickers to your player board, until at the end of the game you have a fully fleshed out character with their own unique starting deck.

A base pledge of $65 plus shipping will get you Aeon’s End Legacy.  You will also be able to add on various expansions from the base game along with the base game itself  in case you need those.  If you want to run through the legacy game multiple times you will need recharge packs that cost $25 a piece.  There are even options for accessories to up the component quality of the game, and a playmat to help keep things organized on the table.  So if the idea of creating your own character in Aeon’s End appeals to you, along with just more content for the game, you will want to check out their Kickstarter.

While many tabletop games owe their successful launch to Kickstarter, Kickstarter is now owing its success to tabletop games.

In 2016, Kickstarter recorded its first decline in total funds raised for projects.  However in 2017, Kickstarter rebounded with growth, thanks in large part to the projects in the Games category.

Thomas Bidaux, Chief of ICO Partners, reported in his annual analysis of Kickstarter projects that games represented 26% of all money pledged in 2017 and 15% of all funded projects.  Tabletop Games leads the Games category with over 2,000 funded projects in 2017 and raised 18% more funds for their projects than the previous year. Furthermore, the number of games projects seeking support on Kickstarter remained the same in both 2016 and 2017, so the increase in number of games supported translated to a decrease in number of projects left unfunded, contributing to overall project success rate on Kickstarter.

Visit ICO Partner’s website to read more about their analysis of the Games Category on Kickstarter or their analysis of Kickstarter performance across all categories in 2017.

Dwarves have been one of the most endearing fantasy races and a staple in fantasy fiction for years, and it’s not hard to see why. They are a respectable, hard working bunch, who can hold their own in drinking and fighting. It makes a lot of sense why the stereotypes surrounding dwarves are highly representative of a fantasy adventure and equally no surprise why there have been so many games themed solely on their personality.  Despite the wealth of games made about them, it doesn’t stop more from being made because there’s still a lot of appeal available and ground to cover, which is why I’m writing today about Treasure Mountain now on Kickstarter. As described on it’s campaign page:

     “A dwarf themed board game for 2-4 players, using a unique bumping worker placement mechanic based on the size of your dwarf’s beard. […] Your dwarf clan has been chosen by King Grimsteel to mine the vast riches buried within Treasure Mountain. You must dig deep, keep your axes close, and beware of the pillaging dragons that inhabit the mountain in search of treasure.”

Mechanically speaking, the game’s most interesting feature is worker bumping, or the ability to bump a worker out of a space in order to use it at the cost of giving the previous occupant a bonus. It’s not a new mechanic (it’s very prominent in games such as Asking for Trobils and The Gallerist), but it is an interesting one that plays in a very thematic way in Treasure Mountain as it allows players strategic freedom for a high cost. The rules are very solid and feature variants which reduce the luck of the game and can make for a richly tactical experience. If you’re interested in learning more about Treasure Mountain, be sure to check out it’s Kickstarter campaign page for the full rules and a few excellent and thorough preview videos.

Isles of Terror is a new story driven strategy game currently being funded on Kickstarter by Voodoo Games. In Isles of Terror, 1-4 players either competitively or cooperatively each take control of a faction, with unique strategy cards, comprised of a ship, captains, camps, and soldiers, working to explore and take over spaces on the isle towards a specific goal. The game is driven by a unique player board which limits the actions available to the player. Players get three action tokens, which are placed on a connected grid. Action token spaces connect to three different actions the player can choose from, but if the connecting line shows a resource, the player must pay to complete that action. By this mechanism, some actions can be done only once, some multiple times, or some may become locked out. Game play takes place season by season in an overarching story line, several of which can be connected into a campaign. Each season starts with an event, and continues through the players’ three actions. Check out the Kickstarter page for pictures, rules and tutorial videos.

The Kickstarter Campaign includes options for the Core Game, expanded Conqueror’s Edition with 92 miniatures, optional expansions and extra factions. The Campaign continues through February 20, and is expected to deliver in November 2018.

ODAM Publishing and designer John Borgese have started a fund raiser for the fantasy 4X game Laruna: Age of Kingdoms on Kickstarter. Set in the fantasy world of the RPG Dreamscape: Laruna, 2-6 players each pick one of six asymmetric rulers, starting in one of six unique kingdoms. Each Kingdom has its own economy, and each territory controlled by a player contributes its own type of unit, including knights, giants, wisps, warlocks, furies and many more. Kingdom and resource management takes place on the Kingdom mat, where players need to balance population, which allows more workers on the mat, with stability, which dictates where the workers can and cannot go. Additional resources include gold, food, magic, garrison, command and of course the favor of the gods. Laruna is a true 4X game, allowing territory expansion and control, exploration of ports and gates, complex diplomacy and trade, as well as complete war. The Kickstarter includes over 70 miniatures varying from 35mm to 100mm, tiles, meeples, dice, tokens, and  over 200 cards.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Laruna: Age of Kingdoms continues through March 2, and the game is expected to deliver in March 2019. For more details, including a preliminary rulebook, check out the Kickstarter here.

Agents of Mayhem, the latest game in the Saints Row series, was released in 2017 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It continued the franchise’s trademarks of high-octane first-person action, wild story missions, and absurdist humor. Now in the midst of the first quarter of 2018 the series is making it’s first leap into the board game scene bringing all of those qualities to the tabletop world. Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon is on Kickstarter now and brings the game to life with a 3D board. As described on the campaign page:


 “Agents of Mayhem – Pride of Babylon is a team vs. team skirmish boardgame for 2 to 4 players. The game is played on a modular 3D board that is fully destructible. You and your opponents will play through a radiant story where every choice you make will have effects that ripple throughout the campaign.”

However, I’m pleasantly surprised by what I see as it does appear to be a thoughtfully made skirmish game with excellent looking miniatures and a tempting campaign structure, and with it being (as of writing this) over 300% funded it appears the public agrees with me! The 3D terrain really works as an attention-getter, and it seems like they’ll be getting the best use in this game than any of the few other games to have such a feature. If you are interested in Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon, check out this link to it’s Kickstarter page to learn more.