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Keep Exploring Games has announced the upcoming release of Old Masters, a 2-4 player painting-themed game by first-time designer Nicolas De Oliveira. In Old Masters, players will take on the role of talented painters participating in a competition held by Le Bateau-Lavoir,a Parisian painters’ studio in the Montmartre district, to see who will be the named the top painter, and (hopefully) become as renowned as the preceding legends, such as Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh.

Old Masters is a worker placement engine building game in which the board moves one space each turn. Players are allowed to leave a worker on the board between turns, and they are faced with the challenge of predicting what other players need while thinking ahead to what will be available on the next and future rounds. Players will be trying to fulfill orders while also building up and improving their tools and technique.

The game will be released in late September 2019, and you can find more information on Keep Exploring Games’s official page here.

The Dutch East Indies, a successful Kickstarter from 2017, is a pick up and deliver naval game from designer Martin Looij and Keep Exploring Games. In Dutch East Indies, players have control of two ships, sailing around the Wild Islands, trying to trade for spices to bring back to their home. All trades have to use the resources on the ship, and the game comes with ships which physically hold coins and resource cubes. Ships have upgradable cannons, cargo space and speed, and of course players can attack each other to steal their valuable spices. Be careful, for pirates patrol the center of the board, and will attack any players passing through. The first player to take 2 of each valuable spice back home is the winner.

Keep Exploring Games has announced a Kickstarter Campaign for the first expansion to Dutch East Indies, Adventures on the High Seas. This expansion adds 6 small modules to the base game, allowing more ways to make money, collect spice, and generally cause mayhem. The home islands are no longer completely safe, and are replaced with Forts which can be attacked, but can also be upgraded. The pirates also have forts, but if a player defeats them, they can claim these bases for themselves. Once Wild Islands are cleared of trading opportunities, players can now build settlements, another source of income, but also a source of crew members, a new way to upgrade ships. Treasures and Events add some random boons and conflict to the game. Finally, Reefs are a hazard in the open sea which can cause a ship, player-owned or pirate, to become stuck and vulnerable.

The Kickstarter has options for a deluxe version, with detailed plastic ships, metal coins, wooden spices and plastic crates. The Kickstarter Campaign for Adventures on the High Seas continues through May 17, and the expansion is expected to deliver in October 2019.

Keep Exploring Games just launched their third game, Tour Operator, designed by Nestor Tyr, on Kickstarter.

In Tour Operator, players manage a well-known travel agency that serves a variety of tourists who each have different wishes and demands. Players need to manage their travel office, their aircraft, and their hotels to accommodate the tourists.  They will have more tourists than they can accommodate, and some destinations may be out of reach for travel agencies who do not manage their resources. Players will be challenged to keep as many tourists happy as possible by taking to places that fulfill their demands and providing them accommodations that meet their needs.  Players can hire help to staff their office, their aircraft, and their hotels to better serve the tourists and keep them happy.  The happier the tourists, the more victory points players earn, but be careful because unhappy tourist cause players to lose victory points. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins.

Tour Operator plays 2 to 4 players, ages 8+, in about an hour.  Contents include 4 plane/office boards, 4 hotel boards, tourist cards, employee cards, 25 city cards, turn overview cards, 4 airplanes, fuel tokens, coupon tokens, clean seat tokens, clean room tokens, player tokens in 4 colors, 5 dice, and a start player marker.

The Kickstarter campaign ends April 28 and is aimed for an Essen 2018 release. Learn more about the contest for a discount on the Kickstarter at the Facebook Tour Operator group.

Keep Exploring Games has announced that The Dutch East Indies board game is now available on their website and in retail stores. It was originally released at Essen in 2017 but it is now more easily obtainable. The game is designed by Martin Looij, with art by Sebastián Koziner, and Shaz Yong. It supports 1-4 players, aged 8+, and plays in 45-90 mins depending on the number of players.

In The Dutch East Indies you are a captain with two ships and a clear mission … to collect desired spices before any other country can. You could also attack your competitors to steal their spices or try to sell the spices grown in your own country to the locals. To improve your trade capabilities, you can also upgrade your ships to carry more spices or sail faster or be stronger. Pirates are also out on the seas looking to sink your ships. Whoever collects the 8 desired spices first wins.

The game will be available in a Standard Edition as well as a Deluxe Edition, which adds 3D plastic miniature ships and crates, metal coins, and wooden spices. Upgrade packs from Standard to Deluxe Edition are also available so you can try the Standard version and then upgrade if it suits your fancy.


Scuba, designed by Martin Looij and published by Keep Exploring Games, is a light family game designed for 2-4 divers who will race to be the first to discover what is in the reef. Divers will encounter predators, treasure, and natural anomalies as they maneuver along the sea floor scoring points. Be careful not to run out of air as you uncover new life and attempt to sabotage other divers. With a play time of 30-60 minutes this press your luck adventure game is fun for the entire family. Scuba is due to release in September.

scuba board

Martin Looij, a certified scuba diver and game designer, decided to bring his two passions together to make a new game called Scuba.  In Scuba you are a diver who is swimming around trying to spot all the different types of sea creatures in the area.  But be careful, the current can move animals around before you can spot them, other divers can obstruct your view by kicking up dust, and then there is the always critical supply of air to keep you from drowning.  This may all sound complicated but Martin has been able to keep things simple in order to keep the game at the family level, while still retaining a rule set for those who want a more in depth experience.  The art is also very vibrant and colorful, capturing the amazing shapes and colors of the sea creatures they aim to depict.

You can check out campaign page for more information includes rules and reviews of the prototype and then you can pledge for you own copy.  One nice option for 91 euro is to get your name on one of the animal cards in the game so you can always be a part of it.  Check it out.