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Munchkin– (by Steve Jackson and John Kovalic) the game of doing anything you can think of to get to level 10. Battle, team up with friends or stab them in the back!  Well, the ridiculous and zany card game has done it again with a great new expansion featuring 3 of the games favorite artists Katie Cook, Ian McGinty, and Len Peralta! Munckin Unicorns and Friends is on Kickstarter now! This set comes with wacky cards like Uniduck, Monoceratops and Nullicorn.  Laugh and Play with 9 unicorn themed Door cards, 3 undead themed Treasure cards, 1 unicorn themed Treasure card, 7 undead themed Door cards, 8 cow themed Door cards and 2 cow themed Treasure cards. And don’t forget all the stretch goal cards that have already been unlocked! You still need to have a core game to use this set. But, not to worry! The makers have offered these on the Kickstarter as an add-on so you’ll have all you need to play!  Closing on Juy 19th you don’t have any time to waste. Grab this expansion and all the exclusive content on Kickstarter now!

Steve Jackson Games has announced Munchkin Spell Skool, a new munchkin game with art by Katie Cook (Munchkin Puppies, Munchkin Kittens) coming to Walgreens. In Munchkin Spell Skool, 3-4 players take on the familiar wizards-in-a-school trope, joining the Chess Club, Potion Club, or Forbidden Magic Club, or using their starter wand to fight off baddies such as Rap Scallions or Moldy Mort. This new Munchkin Game even made it into Forbes magazine, featuring the trend of board games expanding into new stores.

You can read the Munchkin Spell Skool press release from Steve Jackson Games here.

Steve Jackson Games just released a newsletter detailing several of the company’s releases for this July.

Munchkin Zombies: Armed and Dangerous adds 112 new cards to Munchkin Zombies, including trained attack flies and a prehensile tongue. The expansion also contains brain-hungry pawns, and requires Munchkin Zombies to play.

Munchkin Halloween Monster Box can hold over 2000 Munchkin Cards, plus some swag such as the Dungeons and Seals, and has box art by Len Peralta. As a bonus, the Halloween Box comes with 12 holiday themed Munchkin cards to add to any game.

Zombie Dice Horde Edition is coming in July, and contains the original award winning Zombie Dice along with the two expansions Double Feature and School Bus. Additionally, the Horde Edition comes with a score pad and a cloth bag.

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Steve Jackson games has announced some expansions for Munchkin and Chez Geek that will be released in 2016.


First is a booster for Chez Geek called Chez Geek: Spring Break.  This expansion will add 40 additional cards to the game with a spring break theme as well as add 16 over-sized event cards that change the rules of the game.  Can you make the most of an inexplicable blizzard, or get some beach nookie?  How about taking things on the road by going to Baja or attending SkiCon, no matter where you go, slacking off is still the goal.  Expected release is April 2016.


Next is an expansion to an expansion for Munchkin, Munchkin 6.5: Terrible Tombs.  Back in 2008, Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons was released that added a new mechanic to the game, dungeons, so Steve Jackson Games wanted to expand on this with their Munchkin 6.5 release.  This set will add an additional 20 dungeons to the game along with 16 portals to be able to get to them.  The is completely usable by itself in case you don’t have Munchkin 6 yet, expected release is April 2016.


Last is for those who love puppies and Munchkin, Munchkin Puppies.  This booster pack is similar to the Munchkin Kittens pack that was released earlier this year, but instead of evil cats, it’s adorable puppies, 30 of them to be exact.  This pack will have the back to match the original munchkin set but is compatible with all sets of munchkin so take these puppies with you anywhere you go.  Also of note is that these cards are being illustrated by the talented Katie Cook, who is also illustrating the Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition.  Expected release is April 2016

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With Munchkin approaching it’s 15th year anniversary, Steve Jackson Games has taken to revamping the different sets with guest artist editions.  The editions announced so far are Munchkin illustrated by Ian McGinty, Star Munchkin illustrated by Len Peralta, and Munchkin Fu illustrated by John Kovalic.  The new sets announced are Munchkin Cthulhu illustrated in adorable fashion by Katie Cook (release June 2016), and Super Munchkin illustrated by comic artist Art Baltazar (release August 2016).  Are you excited for the new editions?