Tabletopia has announced that they will be hosting an International Keyflower Tournament in cooperation with R&D Games, publishers of Keyflower.  The winner will get a copy of Keyflower autographed by the authors and an opportunity to play the game online with Sebastian Bleasedale, the co-author of the game.

All quarter-finalists, including the winner, will be awarded a 6-month premium Tabletopia subscription (worth $60).  Entrants must be 18+ years of age to participate, and no Tabletopia account is required.

Keyflower is an economic strategy board game with tile and worker placement mechanics in which players create and manage New World colonies.

For more information, visit the Tabletopia page here.


Renegade Games announced that the launch of Lotus has been a rousing success, completely selling out of the first run of the game.  They have said they are already making another print run which will ship in October, but also that the game will be going international.  Renegade Games has partnered with Hobby Japan to translate and publish the game in Japan, which given the popularity of the game and theme, should be just as big a hit.  Those in the land of the rising sun will have to wait until 2017 to get their copies, but for english speakers the wait is much shorter.  See below for the full press release.

Renegade Game Studios and Hobby Japan to release
Japanese version of Lotus

In addition to a US reprint due in October

San Diego, CA (September 28th, 2016) — Renegade Game Studios™, the premier publisher of original games has partnered with Hobby Japan, a leading Japanese publishing company, to release a localized version of the smash hit, Lotus.

With the english version sold out well before the September 28th release, a second english printing has been ordered and is expected to arrive in October. Many other localization projects are also in the works for 2017.

Clear your head and take in the quiet strength of the Lotus garden. It takes skillful care and nurturing to grow these flowers to their full potential, but once picked, they provide their owner with wisdom. Beware, for there are others who will do anything they can to get their hands on these mystical flowers. You’ll need to enlist the help of creatures native to this land to take control of the Lotus garden and achieve true enlightenment.

“We are thrilled to be working with Hobby Japan to bring Lotus to a new audience.”  says Renegade President Scott Gaeta.  “With the incredible success we have already seen in the US, we are sure that it will be a family favorite in Japan as well.”

Look for Lotus in the US starting today with an MSRP of $30. The Japanese version will be released by the end of 2017. Lotus takes about 30 minutes to play and is for 2-4 players ages 8+.

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Wondering where those games you preordered are?  The long wait for that big box expansion…those mini expansions for your favorite new game…is excruciating–trust me, we know.

And just what in cyberspace is going on?

A recent article on Gizmodo explains it quite well: those massive cargo ships off the California coast being stuck in those ports?  It’s still going on.

In 29 U.S. shipping ports off the west coast, cargo ships sit idly, anchored just off the coastline, paralyzed and unable to unload.  This is preventing the long line of freight trucks waiting at the ports from receiving their cargo to ship it to your favorite FLGS or OLGS.  All this is due to the continuing dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union or ILWU, which represents 20,000 highly-skilled, highly-paid dockworkers, and the Pacific Maritime Association, which is represents the shipping companies.

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The docks were closed over the weekend as just one way of expressing the ILWU’s position, and, according to the LA Times, there are now 33 ships anchored along the coast and 55 stuck in port.  The two sides of the dispute form a symbiotic relationship, and a resolution just doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to reality.  It has become such an issue that Presidential intervention in the dispute has also been discussed.

And what about our rail system, what ever happened to that?  Well, the American railroad system has been stretched to its breaking point due to a heavy reliance on trains to ship oil across the country, leaving little room for other freight.

This problem is not just separating us gamers from our preciously awaited rectangular, cardboard boxes. Retailers of all kinds of struggling to keep their shelves stocked with merchandise that they have been waiting far to long for.

To read more about this dilemma, read Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan’s article on Gizmodo here.