Splotter Spellen is a publishing house known for some of the most deep, strategic board games loved by the community, such as Roads and Boats, Food Chain Magnate and Indonesia. Unfortunately, the company is also known for small print runs, and several of their older games have become very difficult to obtain. Well one of those classics is coming back, as Capstone Games has just announced that they will be reprinting a 20th anniversary edition of Bus (1999) by Jeroen Doumen and Joris Wiersinga, one of Splotter‘s earliest games. In Bus, 3-5 players build routes with buses, trying to deliver as many people as possible to their destinations. Players can achieve this goal by expanding their routes, buying more buses, or even expanding the city to include more destinations. No official date was given, but keep an eye out for this classic.


Splotter Spellen is known for their crunchy euro games like Food Chain Magnate and Roads & Boats, so fans of those types of games will be happy to see two of their popular titles getting reprinted.  The first game being reprinted is The Great Zimbabwe, a euro game where you are building a trade based civilization in ancient Africa.  In this game you want to build monuments to the gods you choose in order to win, but each god is different to build for and offers different benefits.  So in order to build your monuments you have to build a trade network to be able to get the supplies you need for the construction.  Build the most extravagant monuments and you will be the winner.  Look for this game to be back on shelves in October.


Second is the economic game Indonesia, one all about controlling both the production of goods and their shipment.  It is all a balancing game to make the most money as you acquire the production of goods, then transport those goods to cities that want them.  But be careful, you still have to pay the ships that carried your goods, even if that results in a net loss in profits.  So do your best and make the most money and you will be the winner of this game.  Look for this game to be on store shelves in November.


In his recent blog post, Bruno Faidutti discusses the fascinating journey games take as they’re translated and localized for sale in other countries. Faidutti’s classic role-selection card game Citadels is a prime example of the sort of contract complexity that comes with worldwide distribution.

“I have three distinct contracts. Hans im Glueck has the publishing rights in German, Dutch and Czech, Millenium in French and Spanish. Fantasy Flight Games originally published the game in English and in the Scandinavian languages.”

citadels pics

Faidutti also reveals a series of beautiful card designs that were part of an ambitious effort to release Citadels in China, Japan, and Indonesia featuring slightly different art styles.

“For each version, [Muka Games] planned to hire local illustrators and have them adapt the original game to local history and legends.”

Though the publisher folded, an Indonesian edition did eventually make it to market with these designs, but with the same Citadels name and box art used in Europe and the United States. The planned Indonesian re-imagining of Citadels, Kraton, unfortunately never came to fruition.

Head over to Mr. Faidutti’s blog post to learn more and to see concept images for Kraton.

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