Impressions Vidcast

Hosts Richard and Aldo released their latest Impressions Vidcast. As in past videos, like Vidcast #36, they showcase games and discuss different aspects of the gaming industry.

This Vidcast starts off with them showcasing games like Rise to Power, a city building card game, Mutant, a role playing game, I, Spy, a WWI spy game, and Shadow Throne, a card drafting game.

After the games were displayed they move on to the main topic of the Vidcast: Finding the Game. They discuss how tough it can be for people to find games in the ever growing sea of games being released. Their discussion concentrates mainly on the little guy trying to get their game noticed above the Fantasy Flight Games products and other big publishers.

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Earlier this week Impressions, a game distributing service company, released Vidcast #36. The topic for this Vidcast is networking the game.
At the start of the show they cover some new products like some gripmats from Break From Reality Games for games like Star Wars X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, and Dominion and more. Then they discuss the Kickstarter campaign of Exploding Kittens and how people are coming up to them wanting to do the same kind of game and/or Kickstarter campaigns, but what they don’t understand is that the majority of the success for the Exploding Kittens campaign is the popularity of The Oatmeal. This all leads to their main discussion topic of the importance of networking in the gaming industry. The discussion is about 15 minutes long and full of interesting points about networking. One of the main important points they mention is how important it is to attend gaming conventions.

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