Flat River Group is a US distributor of various geeky and otherwise unique merchandise, and Impressions is a long standing distributor of board games.  So one acquiring the other makes sense to further grow their network, which is precisely what happened recently.  Flat River Group announced they will be acquiring Impressions, with the change taking effect on January 1st.  Flat River Group and Impressions have had a long working relationship and the acquisition started out as just a conversation about how they could better help each other.  But as time went on that conversation turned into a proposal of Flat River Group just outright buying Impressions.  Both companies will continue operating under their respective names, but now resources and connections will be pooled between the two companies.

What does this mean for us as consumers?  Well for us it just means that distribution (getting the game from warehouse to store) will go more smoothly.  But for game producers and Kickstarter creators, this means even more services will be offered by the respective labels making for better and easier distribution of their games.

free rpg day

Every year we have Free RPG Day put on by Impressions Game Distribution, and this year is no different with Free RPG Day happening this Saturday, June 18th.  There will be a number of modules available from Paizo’s goblin campaign, to Feng Shui 2, the Valiant RPG, and other odds and ends, even some dice.  You can check out the Free RPG Day website for more info on what you can find as well as where you can find it.


Impression has released it’s latest announcement on new and upcoming releases that they will be distributing.  First for the just arrived in store is JunKing.  JunKing is a card game for 2-6 players where you assume the role of a Scavenger Imp sifting through the massive piles of garbage in the Junklands, looking for prestigious items to raise your social standing with the tribe.  Play is simple with a draw one play one type system and special abilities on cards.

pixel tactics 5

Next for just arrived are the latest expansions for Pixel Tactics, Pixel Tactics 5 and Pixel Tactics Deluxe.  Pixel Tactics 5 is more of the same with Pixel Tactics and continues to expand the game and add more cards.  Pixel Tactics Deluxe is the master set for the game which contains everything you need to play the game, including punched tokens, but also offers a storage box to fit all currently released expansions to the game.


Last of the just arrived is a small board game called Skulldug!  In Skulldug! you are adventurers out trying to cash in on the next great discovery.  In the game you will take your adventurer and explore caverns searching for treasure, but you don’t know what is around each bend since you build the board as you go, handling traps and other obstacles as the come along.  But once you get the treasure you will find it cursed and so have to deal with negative effects for taking it.  First person to get three treasure and makes it out wins.

For upcoming releases we have a small card game called Perspective.  In Perspective it’s a bit like Hanabi in that you see the back of your cards, but it’s the front of your cards that you have to match to the goal sequence of colors you have in front of you.  Each turn you play a card for it’s action and try to accomplish your goal.  Look for it to hit the shelves in April.

And lastly, all the Catacombs expansions for 2nd edition are now officially out of print, which isn’t so bad with the 3rd edition starting to ramp up with it’s expansions.  You can read the announcement in full and see all the RPG releases as well on the Impresssions site.

Impressions Game Distribution Services announces their shipping update for December 8, 2015 with the following new releases:

schrodingers cats

  • Schrödinger’s Cats: a strategic card game for 2-6 players featuring “bluffing, deduction, and cute cat pictures”.  In the game, players will take on the role of a Cat Physicist such as Albert Felinestein or Sir Isaac Mewton in order to solve the mysteries of the universe and one-up the other Cat Physicists.
  • Holiday Module: Advent of the Avalanche Lords: In this 3rd-annual Dungeon Crawl Classics module, players will embark on a Level 3 adventure that “evokes the holiday-themed television specials of childhood, with a particularly nasty spin”.
  • Peloponnes Card Game: Lead one of the proud city-states through the ages over eight rounds, developing your civilization and avoiding disasters. From Iron Games.

pixel tactics 4

  • Pixel Tactics 4: An expansion of the Pixel Tactics franchise with the new Trap mechanic, which can aid players and keep their opponents on their toes.
  •  Codex of Aihrde: A Castles & Crusades supplement in which the complete world of Aihrde is unfolded for players into a rich, detailed campaign, purportedly “the most complete campaign setting on the market today”.  Full color throughout, hardback.  An expansion, The Darkenfold, as well as an Aihrde full-color map set, is also scheduled for release on February 16, 2016.

For more information on Impressions releases, download the latest Impressions product list here.


Impressions, the organizer of Free RPG Day, has released their shipping list for November 3rd which includes many RPG books and the like, but also a number of board games and related items.  For new releases this month we have the following:

forge war

Many will be happy to hear that Forge War will be coming back in stock many places as the second print run is shipping out.  Also of note is that they have cleaned up the graphics in the second run to make it more clear as well as fix all those annoying typos and edited the rulebook better.  So while not a full 2.0 treatment you should find the second print run easier to play and learn.

birds of a feather

Birds of a Feather, a bird watching card game which successfully Kickstarted in April of this year, is finally seeing it’s game arrive on store shelves.  It plays 1-7 people in only 15 minutes so it could be a good filler for the bird lover.

Also listed in the release where games that just hit store shelves and so are worth mentioning:

First is the successfully Kickstarted Thunderbirds game by noted designer Matt Leacock.  Take control of the members of International Rescue as they zip around the world averting disasters and trying to stop the evil Hood before he completes his evil plans.

Also released were a trio of expansion characters for Red Dragon Inn, the Wrench, Zariah the Summoner, and Halden the Unhinged.  Also released was the 4th expansion to the Red Dragon Inn game which not only boasts more characters to play, but also comes in a large box to store all the current characters and expansions of Red Dragon Inn with room for more.

Lastly we look to the future with what is coming and that is the swamp exploration Kickstarter game, Swamped, look for it to hit store shelves in February of 2016.

To see the entire list with all items being released (and not just board games) just head on over to the Impressions site to read it for yourself.


Impressions will be shipping some new merchandise in the second week of October.

dungeon crawl classis

Dungeon Crawl Classics #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea, Artist’s Choice

DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea was an instant classic when published as the first adventure for DCC RPG. As Goodman Games ramps up to the fourth printing of this adventure, they’ve asked a variety of artists to re-imagine Doug Kovacs’ original amazing cover art. The artists have all provided B/W inked interpretations of Doug’s original pencil art – each in their own style.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #83.1: Tales of the Shudder Mountains

This digest-sized adventure module presents three short encounters in the Shudder Mountains. All are compatible with the setting presented in DCC #83: The Chained Coffin.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #84.1: The Rock Awakens

Among the Purple Planet’s irradiated dunes, a freakish ebon cliff crests over a mysterious city. Even giant death orms avoid this place, which hides colossal creatures, deadly quakes, a powerful relic, and certain peril…when The Rock Awakes!  This digest-sized adventure module is compatible with the setting presented in DCC #84: Peril on the Purple Planet.

maxiumu x crawl

Maximum Xcrawl: BostonCrawl (Max. Xcrawl Adventure)

Bang out and ship up to Boston!  Ladies and gentleman, it’s the game that turns brass dragons green with envy, Maximum Xcrawl! Powered by the mighty Pathfinder gaming engine, Xcrawl is where dungeon hack and slash goes prime time and sells advertising space on the cooling corpses of your enemies.  The BostonCrawl is the first full-lethal event of its kind to be held in Beantown, and the locals are taking it very seriously. Get ready for DJ Molly Militia’s undead redcoats, the Hockey Stick of Doom, and a creature that is equal parts devastatingly dangerous and wicked refreshing – the beer golem!

Atlantis: City Guide (Atlantis RPG Supp.)

ATLANTIS! Welcome to the greatest city the world has ever seen!  Walk the hallowed streets and marvel at the wonders wrought by the conquerors and kings of ancient Atlantis.  Just don’t forget about the darkness lurking in every shadow, the knives poised inches from your back, and the fell sorcery that fairly drips from every eve and gutter.  This supplement includes an in-depth look at the city of Atlantis (also known as the City of Lapis and Orichalcum), rules for a city based campaign taking heroes from the lowest gutters to the heights of the gleaming towers, detailed descriptions of over 70 locations, over 120 NPCs listing to make the city teem with life, new talents & professions , and over 100 story and plot hooks to fuel the imagination, creating ATLANTIS campaigns for years to come.


BattleCON: Fate of Indines (Standalone & BattleCON Exp.)

The fate of Indines lies in your hands! Enter the fray with ten new characters, many of which were voted in by the fans of BattleCON. Fate of Indines is a standalone BattleCON game, which can also be combined with other BattleCON games for even more fun!

Resistor (Boxed Card Game)

It is the era of nuclear war. Countries stockpiling global thermo-nuclear warheads have entrusted the nukes to supercomputers.  Two such computers, DEEP RED and BLU9000, have had their launch codes input.  Fearing mutually assured destruction, the computers race to hack one another so they can launch without retaliation and destroy their enemy.  Manipulate double-sided cards and use your memory to connect to the enemy base and hack Mainframe for victory. But beware the game-changing resistor cards or utilize them to grasp an advantage.



This upcoming games will be ready to ship to distributors in mid September, 2015.

darkly through

 Darkly Through the Labyrinth

Darkly Through the Labyrinth is a role-playing game where players assume the roles of FBI agents assigned to this special taskforce. They investigate doomsday cults, fringe religious groups, and ritualistic crimes. Darkly Through the Labyrinth is a horror game, but the monsters are human. The evils perpetrated upon society are entirely manmade; there is no supernatural agency at work. The enemy is one of us.



Runecast is a cooperative board game for 2-6 players, ages 10 and up that can take 30 to 90 minutes. In Runecast, you become a Viking warrior, attempting to defeat Loki and his evil machinations in order to postpone Ragnarok for a little while longer. The Gods have chosen you because of your experience and abilities. Can you defend Midgard?

Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar: Masks of Lankhmar

Masks of Lankhmar is the inaugural adventure written for Goodman Games’ new DCC Lankhmar line of supplements produced with the approval of the Estate of Fritz Leiber. This 1st level adventure is specially designed to start a DCC Lankhmar game set in the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes and provides the judge with the perfect means to assemble the players and kick of the campaign. That is, assuming they survive, of course!

Fifth Edition Fantasy #3: The Pillars of Pelagia

This is a level 3 adventure module. Along the windswept sea coast are several natural stone columns, sacred to the Sea Goddess Pelagia. One of these pillars is the tower of a reclusive wizard, a devout follower of Pelagia. But the wizard has gone missing, and the locals suspect foul play. Surely a powerful wizard must have many enemies!  A band of fledgling heroes is tasked with entering one of the Pillars of Pelagia to contend with all manner of magical defenses, while uncovering cryptic clues to the wizard’s disappearance planted by an unknown benefactor.

Fifth Edition Fantasy #4: War-Lock

This is a level 5 adventure module. Devilish sorcery and ancient steel merge in the form of a reborn menace rising in the wild hills on civilization’s verge. As the badlands burn with wildfire, an arcane warlord gathers his monstrous troops under his tattered banner. He is rumored to be immortal, and it will take tremendous bravery, immense cunning, and more than a little luck for stalwart adventurers to end his campaign of malice.

Peloponnes Box

The Peloponnes Box contains all previously published Peloponnes Expansions in one box along with the brand new “Victoria” Expansion.  The Expansion Box adds up to 3 more players, that you can play Peloponnes with 8 players maximum.  The new Victoria Expansion allows each player to purchase one additional tile during the game.


Good Cop Bad Cop: Bombers & Traitors

The world of Good Cop Bad Cop expands with new roles, equipment, and victory conditions. Opposing teams must momentarily put their differences aside as they work together to defeat the traitors and avoid shooting the bombers!

Gum-sized Card Games from Pack O Game

  • Hue – Players have just a few turns to connect sections of colors together in this fast playing, tile-laying, strategy game.  In the end, the winner is the player who secretly chose the card with the most valuable three colors.
  • TKO – Fight for the TKO Belt as you maneuver around the ring in this clever boxing game.  You’ll need more than brute strength to get inside your opponent’s head.  Choose from 8 different fighters and keep it clean out there!
  • Gem – Players are gem collectors in this tense auction game of asset leverage and wit.  The player who is most effective with their money and cunning in their collecting, will amass the most prestigious and valuable jewel collection.
  • Fly – Get swattin’ in this exciting set collecting, dexterity game.  Players drop the fly swatter card onto the picnic table to swat flies.  The player that swats the most flies with like colors and symbols is the winner.
  • Taj – You are an ancient rug collector vying to display your collection in the Taj Mahal.  Vote on proposals to influence which rugs display in the Taj and gain presitge for rugs containing your secret color scheme.
  • Lie – Be the best liar in this bluffing game of cunning speculation.  If you get caught overbidding, you lose a card; but when you’re caught telling the truth, your challenger pays!  The winner the last remaining player in the game.
  • Shh – Players cooperate as a single team to spell words, one letter at a time, in order to rid their hands of cards and earn a perfect score.  The catch?  Silent play proves to be challenging when player hands are secret.
  • Bus – Players are bus drivers choosing the fastest route to pick up and drop off busy passengers.  You’ll need to manage speed, changing routes and demanding bus riders to earn the most points and win the game.

Villagers & Villains: City Builder

Hire militia to combat thievery within your walls, build an embassy to set up trade deals by your design, create cobblestone roads to attract better talent and business, or add value to your town with a wise investment. These opportunities and more await you in this city-building expansion for the fantastic and humorous town-building game Villagers & Villains.  Strategically spend your 2 City Tokens on a variety of City Upgrade Cards. City Upgrade Cards add points to your town and grant special abilities.  Each City Upgrade Card allows only 2 towns to upgrade.


Impressions, the organizer behind Free RPG Day, has put out a listing of the titles they will be shipping on July 21st and shortly thereafter.  For the games shipping on July 21st we have:


Pax & Pergamemnon Expansion card packs – two expansions in one
Palmyra – a tile laying game where you are trying to conquer new lands and collect taxes to impress Caesar and become governor of the province of Palmyra
Panthalos – You are trying to stop the invading titans by creating titans of your own
Peloponnes: Sacrum – adds an extra player and provides a way to sacrifice inhabitants to secure points
LUGU – a storytelling card game where players compete for the highest score while telling a story together (NEW)
Hostage Negotiator – You play the part of a law enforcement negotiator trying to get hostages released from an unscrupulous figure who wants all his demands met (NEW)

Games from the July 1st shipments:
Seas of Iron: Rising Sun – the first expansion for the battleship combat game Seas of Iron (NEW)
Peloponnes (3rd edition) – a civ building game set in ancient Greece
Albion’s Legacy – a cooperative, modular adventure type game set in the Arthurian legends (NEW)
DragonFlame – As a dragon you need to capture a princess and build a horde of treasure in this fantasy card game (NEW)


And finally, new releases coming in September:
Peloponnes Box – a boxed edition of all the released Peloponnes expansions
Pixel Tactics 4 – more pixel tactics and also a new mechanic, traps
Pixel Tactics 5 – brings into the game the characters from BattleCON: War of Indines into the game.  Also this set has the deluxe minipack promos from the kickstarter: Black Ops, Sealed Secrets, and The Final Frontier

You can check out the full release here which also contains restocks as well as RPG books and magazines that I have not mentioned.

Impressions Game Distribution Services has announced an April 20th distributor ship date for the following new releases!



In this cooperative card game for 2-7 players, you are one of a group of laboratory scientists working for a giant chemical research conglomerate.  In a series of experiments, your group has accidentally released a deadly toxin.  You and the other players must work together to discover the antidote before it’s too late.  When all your cards run out, everyone must drink their antidote and hope that it’s the right one…

forge war

Forge War

In Forge War, players take on the role of leader of fledgling adventurer’s guild, and the king has tasked the guilds with ridding the hordes that are taking over the lands.  Guilds will be collecting resources such as metals and precious gems, as well as developing weapons to successfully meet the king’s demands.  Forge War is a competitive game of economic management and spatial reasoning in a high fantasy theme, and features much player interaction and many meaningful decisions. The core game lasts about 1 hour, with a longer 3-stage game for a full epic experience.

Metamorphosis Alpha: Book of Handouts

This book contains 16 illustrations that can be shown to players to supplement a game of Metamorphosis Alpha, to be used at the game master’s whim.

dungeon crawl

Dungeon Crawl Classics #84 and #85: Peril on the Purple Planet, The Making of the Ghost Ring

Two new modules will be released in the Dungeon Crawl Classics line, Peril on the Purple Planet (#84) and The Making of the Ghost Ring (#85).  In #84, players will be striving to conquer the alien world known as the Purple Planet without falling to its traps.

Peril on the Purple Planet is a 32-page adventure module with gatefold map and wraparound covers, and includes the following components:

• The Purple Planet Companion, a 64-page supplement detailing a Purple Planet campaign.
• Escape from the Purple Planet, a 12-page starter adventure for 0-level characters.
• Lost Tombs of the Ancients, a 24-page collection of five more short adventures.
• A three-panel judge’s screen.
• A 16-page Player’s Guide.
• A 12-page book of handouts.

In #85, a level 4 adventure, players will be coming to the aid of a ghostly enchantress, which will lead them to a quest to create a magic ring.  A separate version of module #85 will be available, which features original sketches by the artist.



Enter Rome at the time of the slave uprisings under Spartacus! The escaped rebels have managed to gain influence and power. Rome is attempting to undermine the stronger armies of the slaves in order to restore “pax”, or peace – but only for personal gain. Will the Empire collapse under the strain, or will their promises to insurgents succeed in drawing them to their side?

In PAX, players take on the role of the escaped slave underground.  Using their cards, they will attempt to undermine the Roman establishment and increase their sphere of influence.  Players will win the game by developing more strength than Rome (and any other player).  This game involves tricky tactical decisions, and a player can, through deception and intrigue, side with Rome to aid in a victory over the slave revolt.

PAX is for 1-4 players ages 10 and up, and plays in 30 minutes.



They were the most powerful nations of their time: the Carthaginians, Romans, Hellenes, Egyptians and Persians. Pergamemnon assembles all of these peoples for an epic showdown.

Pergamemnon is a deck-builder in which players will become on of the most powerful nations in antiquity, and through direct conflict, will vie for victory.  Nations will also be able to conjure mythical creatures to influence the battle in their favor.

Pergamemnon is a game for 2-5 players ages 10 and up, and plays in 45 minutes.

Shadow of the Elder Gods 

Shadow of the Elder Gods is a cooperative, card-driven game set in the Lovecraft universe, specifically in the city of Arkham.  As the citizens of the Miskatonic Valley, 1-4 players will work together to wield the awful power of the Ring of Shadows to stop the dark forces threatening to end all.

space junk

Space Junk

Space Junk is a board game that depicts a futuristic reality show, in which the players contest to clean up the heavily-littered atmosphere of Earth by building the most ridiculous space ships they can out of the junk.  What’s more, contestants will be jumping into hot-seated races against one another in their contraptions, making weapons out of whatever they can find to get an edge.  Space Junk is a game for 2-6 players with many different cards to allow for a greater variety of gameplay.

All of the games listed above are scheduled to be distributed to dealers on April 20, 2015.  For more information on these releases, visit the Impressions News page here.

Impressions Game Distribution Services has announced their latest product update for the month of March.  They also have offered information about their upcoming Free RPG Day 2015, which is now open for retailer sign-ups by following this FREE RPG DAY 2015 link.

The following items are a sample of the many new items that are new and will be ready to ship to distributors on Tuesday, March10, 2015:

  • Dungeon Crawl Classics #35A Mini: Halls of the Minotaur
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics #67 Mini: Sailors on the Starless Sea
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics #79 Mini: Frozen in Time
  • Spielbox Magazine, Issue #7, 2014, English Ed.
  • Monkeys Need Love Too (Boxed Card Game)
  • Death in the Treklant (C&C Adventure)
  • Towers of Adventure (C&C Adv.)
  • Night of Spirits (C&C Adv.) 
  • Fantastic Adventure (C&C Adv.)
  • March of the Ants (Boxed Board Game) 
  • Fudge Dice (20 dice, Black, Blue, Ivory, Red, White) RESTOCK
  • Seven Card Slugfest (Boxed Card Game)  RESTOCK

More information on the above releases, as well as recent new releases and solicitation updates, are available for perusal here.