Cult: Choose Your God Wisely is a worker placement game by Cryptozoic Entertainment and Igrology. The game is designed by Konstanin Seleznev with art by Anton Kvasovarov (both known for Master of the Galaxy). In Cult: Choose your God Wisely, players choose from 8 gods around whom to form a cult following to curry favor with their Dark Entity and bring them total domination over the world’s populace. Each god has their own strengths and weaknesses and includes Cthulhu, Janus, Fafnir, and Arachne.

To win, players will need to either summon their god, build 5 altars to their god’s greatness, or rouse 4 fanatical mobs to dominate the Eternal City. The game has two phases. The Intention Phase, where players place their free Priests onto locations on the board, and the Resolution Phase, where a winner is determined in each location based on the player’s Priests influence there. Miracle and Intrigue cards are used to alter the outcomes of each conflict. Players who win a location are able to use its benefits, while other players with lesser influence receive alms in the form of coins. As the cult grows they gain access to more locations to choose from.

Cult: Choose your God Wisely supports 2-5 players, aged 12+, and plays in 45-90 mins. It’s expected to release before the end of the year. For more information, visit the Cryptozoic website.

Ares Games has announced that they are taking Master of the Galaxy, by the Russian game publisher Igrology, to Kickstarter to create an English edition. Master of the Galaxy is a 4X (Explore, Exterminate, Exploit, Expand) game for 2-4 players inspired by the classic computer game Master of Orion. Players take on the role of one of 9 different Elder Races, and use a bag building mechanism to collect resource cubes and grow their empire. Master of the Galaxy has a version on Tabletopia currently, and is expected to hit Kickstarter in July, with a targeted release date of 1st Quarter, 2018. You can read the official press release from Ares Games here.