iello treats

Just in time for the holidays, Iello has decided to share some recipes of their favorite holiday treats to go along with their new cookie themed game, Me Want Cookies.  In the post you will find recipes for a Mille Feuille, Barb’s Sugar Cookies, and Sugar-dusted Macaroon Trees.  Head on over to the Iello Blog to see them, and then schedule a time to run that extra mile to burn off all these extra delicious calories.

heroes of normandie exp

Heroes of Normandie is the hot war game right now that can play 2 to 4 people and already has a Cthulhu themed version in Shadows over Normandie.  Add in the extra scenarios packs, gazettes, and various PDFs and you have an expansive game that is starting to get a little scattered.  Enter the Strategic Resupply pack Kickstarter.  What Devil Pig Games is doing is taking all the rules and scenarios found in all the various sources for Heroes of Normandie and condensing and editing them all into one compendium.  That way you can have everything in one place and not have to go searching through all these other places for the rules and scenario sheets you need.

Also, with a game like Heroes of Normandie you also want to be able to store everything effectively, and that is the other thing being offered during this Kickstarter.  So above and beyond the compendium you can back for sets of boxes specifically made to store and sort all of the different factions and game bits for the core game and it’s expansions.

While the above mentioned items are the main focus of the Kickstarter, there are options to add other Kickstarter exclusive items like additional squads and more terrain.  Add to that the fact you get a surprise, a Kickstarter exclusive German hero, and each stretch goal adding additional extra content and you have one heck of a HoN campaign.  Head on over to the Kickstarter page to check it out and pledge.

The Dice Tower podcast in which Tom Vasel emphatically encouraged the board game community to be patient when it comes to difficult-to-find games

gts dist


Straight from the GTS Distribution Trade Show in Atlanta 2015 we have some excellent news to share with you all:

Arcane Wonders, makers of the Dice Tower Essentials line, have announced that a Sheriff of Nottingham expansion is under development and is being designed by our Capo, Tom Vasel, and fellow designers Steve Avery and Zee Garcia.

Now that AEG has finished their trio of vehicle games, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, they now turn their attention to expanding the three games.  Interestingly they are opting to release a single expansion that will contain modules to expand the three different games instead of three different expansions so look forward to this.

Marvel Legendary is the deck building game that keeps on going and there is no plan to stop now with the announcement of Legendary Captain America.  Expect to see this small box expansion from Upper Deck in 2016.

Have you been itching to get some Cthulhu in your war game?  Well you won’t have to wait much longer as Shadows over Normandie from Iello is set to release on November 12th.

Fluxx, the game with more variations than Love Letter, has just passed the 2 million Fluxx games sold mark, so toss Andy Looney and the folks at Looney Labs a congratulations for reaching this amazing milestone.

Hot on the heels of the release of T.I.M.E. Stories, the folks over at Space Cowboys have stated they intend to provide a new scenario for the game every quarter, making sure you don’t get bored of playing the same scenario over and over.

That’s it for now, but loads more news will be coming as the show goes on so keep watching here or the Dice Tower twitter feed.


Destroy Tokyo with a clear conscience!

The Draccus monster promo for King of Tokyo was available at Gen Con 2015 via a charity drive for the Worldbuilders charity organization.  However, not everyone who wanted one was able to snag one.

Now, Iello Games has announced that this promo is available for purchase via an online donation to Worldbuilders.  100% of the profits from this promo will go towards Worldbuilders, which has to date raised over $3.5 million for Heifer International to help end hunger and bring families and communities out of poverty.

For more information on this promo and to purchase it, visit Iello’s website here.

draccus card

Iello / Worldbuilders are introducing a new monster for King of Tokyo, based on a monster from Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles. The Draccus will be available from the Worldbuilders booth at Gencon (#663) and later from the author’s website. Proceeds from sales of the promo will support the humanitarian efforts of Heifer International. According to the announcement, both parties to this partnership are excited to have an opportunity to collaborate:

The folks at IELLO are also big fans of New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, and were tickled to find out that Pat loved playing King of Tokyo. They hung out a bit during Gen Con 2013, and a plan was hatched to bring the coal-chomping, resin-addicted Draccus out of his novel The Name of the Wind and into Tokyo Bay.  IELLO couldn’t wait to share their love for Rothfuss’s books with the boardgame community, and vice-versa. The new Draccus monster was designed by King of New York artist Régis Torres, and is fully playable in the original King of Tokyo game as well as King of New York.

Iello has posted an update on the Heroes of Normandie expansions and the Shadows over Normandie base game. Basically they said:


Heroes of Normandie – the three expansions for Heroes of Normandie, Carentan, Sainte-Mere Eglise, and the Battleground Set, are on a boat on their way to the US and will be sent to backers of Shadows over Normandie as soon as they get them. A retail release will follow sometime afterwards.

Shadows over Normandie – Shadows over Normandie, the Pegasus expansion for HoN, and everything else should be delivered around the end of September.

Iello had posted a full update on tehir website but has unfortunately has removed it..


Iello has announced four new releases are now available including three expansions to Guardians’ Chronicles and Welcome to the Dungeon a mini dungeon crawler.

In Welcome to the Dungeon 2 – 4 players will send their characters into a dark and dangerous dungeon. They will either draw a monster card on their turn or pass and will be out for the round.  If they draw a monster card they have to either add that card to the dungeon pile or place it face down in front of them removing one of the pieces of equipment the hero for that round has. Cards will continue to be drawn until everyone but one person passes. The remaining player must then take the hero through the dungeon cards and either defeat the monsters in them with the equipment they have left or take their value in damage. If the hero makes it through the dungeon the player will draw a victory card if they fail twice they are out of the game. The winner of the game is the either the first person to score to victory cards or the last player left in the game.

Welcome to the Dungeon from designer Masato Uesugi is a quick, simple, and fun push your luck game. It has great illustrations by Paul Mafayon. You can watch a review of it by Tom Vasal here or the Game Boy Geek here. It’s definitely worth looking for at your FLGS/OLGS.

Also available are three expansions to Guardians’ Chronicles a miniatures game that allows players to play super heroes or their arch nemesis Professor Skarov. They expansions are:

  • The Terror Trio – introduces a trio of supervillans: Voltage, Nuke, and Iron Turtle as well as additional tiles like a raging volcano and a polar landscape.
  • Night Squad – adds four new heroes: Lieutenant Bigfoot, Armor, Night Vigilante, and Quickshot as well as two trap cards.
  • True King of Atlantis – adds a new threat to the game: Aquarion whom you can ally with Professor Skarov or allows players to plunge into the depths of Atlantis.

If your looking to expand your game of Guardians Chronicles or if you are just hearing about it now and want to get a copy then head out to your FLGS/OLGS and look for the base game and/or these new expansions today.

You can read Iello’s full announcement here.



stormy winds

If you like dexterity games, dice, and cooperative dungeon games, then Dungeon Fighter is for you. This game, originally released in 2011 and now being reprinted by IELLO Games, is a fully cooperative game where heroes explore a dungeon and battle monsters. In order the battle the monsters, players throw dice onto a target, getting special attack bonuses by throwing behind their back, under their leg, off their noses, and other hilarious combinations. Check out the Dice Tower review of an earlier edition of the game.

IELLO is also releasing Dungeon Fighter: Stormy Winds, the first of four expansions to the game. The expansions are related to the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water. Stormy Winds adds air magic, flying air monsters, and an air die.

It looks like the reprint is basically the same game as the earlier editions, so if you never got a chance to get Dungeon Fighter and its expansions, now’s your chance! To learn more about the games, read here.


king of new york tshirt

Foam Brain Gear has launched an officially licensed Kickstarter project to create a King of Tokyo t-shirt collection. The project currently includes 6 awesome designs to choose from including an adorable I [Claw] New York romper for your baby as well as the infamous You Can’t [Heart] in Tokyo design that many fans have been clamoring for, with even more designs waiting to be unlocked. The shirts are available in a wide range of sizes (some of which will only be produced for the kickstarter) and are made of 100% preshrunk cotton, silkscreened by one of the largest shirt companies in the US. It’s a short campaign, only a few days left now, so check it out here!