I split you choose

Arcane Wonders has two new games coming soon to game stores.

First is RWBY: Combat Ready, a cooperative game for 2-5 players set in the world of the popular animated series RWBY.  Each player plays as one of the show’s main characters – Ruby, Weiss, Black, Yang, and Penny – in a scenario against one or more villains seeking to destroy the world of Remnant. With each victory, players earn experience they can use to upgrade their abilities and powers for the next battle.  Victory is achieved when all the villains in a campaign are defeated.  Each character has her own starter deck of special abilities and powers and unique upgrade cards and ultimate attacks cards.  Likewise, each villain is unique and may hove their own objectives and minions to challenge the players. Game components from the cards to player boards contain original artwork true to the RWBY animation series.

RWBY: Combat Ready plays 2-5 players, ages 14+, in about an hour.  Contents include scenario book, 5 player miniatures, 5 player tracker scrolls, 5 player starter decks (30 cards each), 5 semblance tokens, 1 play board/villain board, 3 villain decks (26 cards each), 3 minion decks (18 cards each), 18 objective cards, 1 die, 24 plastic upgrade cubes and various chipboard status/damage tokens.

RWBY: Combat Ready was kickstarted last September and with an expected delivery of late July 2018.

Next is Goodcritters, the latest addition to the Dice Tower Essentials line. In Goodcritters, players are animal characters and members of a criminal organization dividing out the loot from their latest heist.  The player acting as the boss of the organization determines how to split the loot, but if the split does not satisfy most of the other players, a new boss may be selected to head the organization.  Players not only vote to accept the distribution of loot, these criminals may skim loot from the loot pile, rob other players, or guard against such actions to take loot from attacking players.  Getting rid of the boss adds more loot to the pile.  The crime boss needs to keep enough of his or her gang happy to remain in power, but in the end, the player with the most loot is the winner.

Goodcritters plays 4-8 players, ages 12+, in about 30 minutes.  Contents include 140 Loot Cards, 40 Action Cards, 40 Payoff Cards, 1 The Fuzz! Card, 8 Threat Markers, 1 Boss Marker, 16 Payoff Tokens, 9 Plastic Stands, and rulebook.

Learn more about Goodcritters at Arcane Wonders.  Look for the game in stores near you in September 2018.


Pandasaurus Games has just announced a 2-player standalone sequel to its hit Dinosaur Island game.

Duelosaur Island will use completely new mechanics yet still give players that Dinosaur Island feel. It will have an entirely new hand-management and tableau-building engine perfectly suited for two players, as well as an “I cut, you choose” dice-drafting mechanism.

“”One of the things we loved most about the game is how much it felt like playing a game of Dinosaur Island, even though the mechanics are completely different.  You still roll DNA dice, you still make dinosaurs, you still must manage your threat level.  But then there is this super clever card mechanism that leaves you with so many tense decisions to make.  And don’t even get me started on the dice-drafting mechanism.  Once the DNA dice are rolled the first-player sets the market by assigning different dice different bonuses, but the second-player gets to choose first.  Do you give the dice you need to good bonuses and risk your opponent taking them?  Or do you play it safe and throw the solid bonuses on the dice you don’t want” Nathan McNair, President of Pandasaurus Games, said.”

Cards will have three potential purposes, giving players lots of choices on how to build their tableau and manage their hands. They can contain DNA sequences for your dinosaurs, blueprints for your park attractions, or they can be discarded for certain effects.

The game also comes with five brand new DNA dice. You can mix and match these dice with dice from Dinosaur Island, bringing new possibilities not only for this game but to the original game as well.

Duelosaur Island is designed by Ian Moss and developed by Dinosaur Island designer Jon Gilmour, with all-new artwork from Dinosaur Island artists Kwanchai Moriya and Peter Wocken.

The press release also teased some new announcements for the parent game coming soon.

Keep an eye on the Pandasaurus Games web site for more information on both Duelosaur Island and its predecessor.

Duelosaur Island is scheduled for release later in 2018.


The first dessert themed game Renegade Games has announced is Sundae Split, being designed Nate Bivins and in partnership with Foxtrot Games.  The game will feature excellent art by Rehana Khan and use the underutilized ‘I split, you choose’ mechanic.  In the game you want to create the best sundae, but before you can add toppings you have to give your opponents toppings to add to their sundaes.  So on your turn you create piles of toppings comprised of things like sprinkles, whipped cream, and cherries, but also with less desirable things like vegetables.  At the end of the game you will score based on your mix of toppings and the highest score will be the winner.  You can look for this tasty looking game on shelves in November, and head on over to the Renegade Games website to read more about it.

But maybe you aren’t in the mood for ice cream, maybe you want some pie?  Well Renegade Games still has you covered with their other November release,  Pie Town: Spies, Lies, and Apple Pies.  This is a dice worker placement games by new designer Daniel Fremgen, and will feature a bit of deduction as well.  In the game dice are used as workers that begin on level 1 and are slowly upgraded throughout the game.  But the recipe you use is a closely guarded secret, and if anyone else knew it you would be ruined!  So in the game you are tyring to fool your opponents on what your secret recipe is, while trying to figure out theirs.  Become the best pie shop in town to be the winner!  You can find out more information on Renegade Games’ website.


New York Slice is coming soon from Bezier Games and is a distillation of the ‘I split, you pick’ mechanic where the whole of the game revolves around it.  In New York Slice you are splitting up pizzas according to the number of players, but remember, while you are splitting, your opponents will get first pick.  That means you have to split each pizza so that they are enticed to pick one thing, leaving something that is hopefully better for you.  Some mystery is also added by removing slices at the start of the game, making the information you gather imperfect, and Today’s Special cards which offer a range of bonuses to entice people.  After everyone has picked their slices you have the option of eating a slice to score bonus points at the end of the game.  At the end of the game you will score points for pizza types you have the most of, subtracting points for anchovies, and whoever has the most points is the winner.

This game is an evolution of the older game Piece o’ Cake, and adds a couple layers to the game to give it some more depth.  To see the game in action you can check out the BGG video from Spiel 2016 and look for it on store shelves in January 2017.

mad science foundation

Coming soon from Cryptozoic Entertainment is another game in the much-needed genre of mad scientists: Mad Science Foundation. Mad Science Foundation, designed by Sharang Biswas and Max Seidman, has players taking the role of mad scientists that are drafting different piles of resource cards to fuel their diabolical inventions and acts such as ‘Add Your Face to Mount Rushmore’ or a ‘Laser-Guided Sharkapult.’ The core of the game involves a ‘I split, you choose’ mechanism wherein one player, as the Crooked Director, will separate the available resources (e.g. lasers, dark matter, crytonium, and sharks) into different piles for players to draft before crafting their inventions.

The game has a street date of July 20th, 2016. For additional information, please visit here.