HP Lovecraft

Several years ago, Martin Wallace brought us A Study in Emerald, a game based on the story by Neil Gaiman about the secret war by the Restorationists to free mankind from forces of the Olds Ones. It was a game that blended the worlds of Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft set in 1882 Europe.  Now that the Old One have been banished from the northern hemisphere, where did they go?

Fifty years later, the Old Ones are awakening in the Outback of Australia! In AuZtralia, players are adventurers and explorers uncovering the riches and resources and colonizing in an 1930’s alternate reality Australian Outback.  Players build ports, construct railways, mine and farm for food.  Every action costs time, and at some point in time during the game, the Old Ones are awaken and become a player in the game attacking the players’ settlements. Players will need to recruit military forces to protect the settlements, and they might need to work together to defeat the most dangerous Old Ones.  Players earn victory points from their farms, defeating Old Ones, and from their personalities.  Old Ones also score victory points by blighting farms and how many are left at the end of the game.  When all the time points are spent (or a player port is destroyed), the game ends and the player (or Old One) with the most victory points at the end of the game wins.

AuZtralia is a military/economic/adventure game for 1-4 players, ages 13+, and take about 30 minutes per person to play.


Also coming in October is the latest expansion to Terraforming MarsTerraforming Mars: Colonies expands the game playing world by adding new places to build colonies.  While those places may not be suitable for terraforming, they can produce much needed resources and income. Build colonies on distant moons (even in the clouds of Jupiter) and send your trade fleets to them to build your resources to support your terraforming operations on Mars.

Terraforming Mars: Colonies requires the base game to be played but can be played with any of the expansions.  Contents include 49 project cards, 5 corporation cards, 11 colony tiles, a reference tiles, trade fleets tiles, 8 markers, and 8 trade fleets.

Fantasy Flight Games has begun following the antics of your favorite Arkham Horror investigators in a new series of novellas as they confront the unknowable horrors that drive people to madness. Hour of the Huntress, the first title in the series, is available now.

In addition to the story, each novella will also come with a full-color insert filled with notes, fliers, newspaper clippings, book excerpts, letters and more that the investigators in the book have used to find their clues. Each novella will also include five exclusive cards for us in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. The cards will feature one rules card, one alternate art investigator and alternative art mini-card, and two investigator signature cards that feature the “replacement” keyword that allow you two use them in place of the normal signature card.

You’re possibly already familiar with the investigators through their impressive work in Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, Mansions of Madness (2nd Edition), and the Arkham Horror: The Card Game LCG.  The new novellas will follow the investigators popular in all these games into rich new stories.

Heavily influenced by the work and world of H.P. Lovecraft, the new novellas are also set in the roaring 20s, placing investigators in New England where they investigate the truths revealed when the thin veil between our world and another constantly shifts. Unlike so many Lovecraft novels, the protagonists in these stories are willing to face this danger and see just how immortal the old ones really are.

Hour of the Huntress

The first novella features “Jenny” Barnes.

Guinevere “Jenny” Barnes never guessed that she would be returning to America so soon, or under such circumstances. Arkham, Massachusetts, is a far cry from Paris, but after her sister’s regular correspondence became increasingly deranged—then ceased entirely—Jenny couldn’t shake the feeling that something terrible had happened to Ozzie. As Jenny begins the search for her sister, she quickly realizes that Isabelle isn’t the only girl in Arkham who has gone missing. How might the disappearances be connected? And why do the flyers for the local harvest festival depict the face from a medallion Jenny sent to her sister?

Written by Dave Gross, the novella follows Barnes on her quest to find her missing sister in the mysterious town of Arkham.

People like to drop hints when it comes to games designed by Rob Daviau, more than likely because of the smash hit that Pandemic Legacy was.  So in typical form Iello Games is teasing us all with an image from a new HP Lovecraft inspired game that won’t be out until the 4th quarter of 2017!  The game will be designed by Rob Daviau, illustrated by Miguel Coimbra, and will be called Mountains of Madness.  Very little is known about it other than it being based on an HP Lovecraft novel and has some real-time elements to it.  You can check out the announcement on Iello Games Twitter, and then wait patiently for about 12 months for it to come out.

If your sanity can take it Fantasy flight games two day festival of H.P. Lovecraft and tabletop gaming Arkham Nights is coming to Roseville Minnesota on Oct 9-10.  Lovecraftian games such as Arkham Horror, Call of Cthulhu: The Card game, Mansions of Madness, Elder Sign and Eldritch horror along with many of their expansions will be available to play on both days as well as a sneak peek at the new Eldritch Horror expansion “Under the pyramids”.  Many of the designers, including Richard Launius will be present and Fantasy flight will be posting a full schedule of events soon – including more details on a sixteen player game of Eldritch Horror using all of the game expansions and led by one of the designers Nikki Valens.  You are advised to preregister before the 2nd Oct and you will receive a collection of “invaluable artifacts” which includes custom dice and other collectibles.  Of course, this news item could just be a fevered hallucination brought on by the machinations of the mighty Azathoth……

shub niggurath

The Thousand Young, Fantasy Flight Games’ newest deluxe expansion for the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game,boasts a broader array of subtypes and abilities than previous expansions and adds new depth to the Shub-Niggurath faction.

shub niggurath card

[T]he Shub-Niggurath faction appears to be defined more by its collective, a vast horde of abhorrent spawn under one foul fertility goddess. And it is this idea that comes forward in The Thousand Young. You won’t find one subtype given weight above the others. Instead, you’ll find a whole host of dark and twisted characters, all clamoring for their blasphemous Mother’s blessings, and it is up to you, as the player, to bring them together toward your own foul ends.

Preview some of the new Monsters, Ghouls, Chthonians, and Mi-Go that make up the Shub-Niggurath bestiary. The Thousand Young expansion comes with 165 cards (3 copies of 55 different cards) and allows deckbuilders to create new synergies from the diverse offspring of the All Mother.

forsaken lore

Fantasy Flight has announced an expansion for last year’s Eldritch Horror.  Eldritch Horror is a co-operative adventure game where players are investigators attempting to solve mysteries before the Cthulhu Ancient One destroys the world.

From FFG:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Forsaken Lore, an expansion for Eldritch HorrorForsaken Lore adds over two hundred new cards to Eldritch Horror, including over one hundred new Encounter cards, twenty condition cards, and fourteen new mysteries.

forsaken lore sheet

The fate of the world grows even more uncertain as the malignant influence of Yig, the Father of Serpents, wraps its tendrils around humanity. Previously defeated Ancient Ones attempt to reclaim the world once again, forcing Investigators to solve new mysteries to keep them at bay. All the while, terrible new Epic Monsters and dangerous new Encounters keep Investigators racing across the globe to stave off the collapse of the world.