Hostage Negotiator

Hostage Negotiator is a popular single player game created by Van Ryder Games and designer A. J. Porfirio in 2015. In Hostage Negotiator, players use card play to manipulate dice rolls, trying to diffuse the threat of a hostage situation or collect conversation points from the abductor. These points are then used to buy new cards, all the while trying to free the hostages by reducing threat to 0, or through special cards. The Crime Wave expansion followed in 2017, and many Abductor packs added cards to the game. Now all of the previously released content can be combined into an overarching campaign with Hostage Negotiator: Career on Kickstarter. Career simulates 10 years in the career of your character, adding personal and professional stresses, awards of merit, and promotion through the police ranks. Career even adds legacy-like elements, such as secret packets, advanced skills and hidden cards. For fans of this classic solo game, Hostage Negotiator: Career is a beautiful way to turn the game into a full 10 year campaign. The Kickstarter campaign for Hostage Negotiator: Career, including purchase options for all previous content, continues through May 17, and the game is expected to deliver in March of 2020.

Van Ryder Games, publishers of Hostage Negotiator (2015), Saloon Tycoon (2016), and the upcoming Detective: City of Angels (2019), have issued a press release announcing their first ever Vendor Awards, recognizing the best of their industry partners. According to Van Ryder Head Honcho A. J. Porfirio, the awards were based on excellence in communication, relationship, service quality and price. A special shout out to , and congratulations to The Dice Tower Convention for winning Top Convention, and congratulations to all of the winners:

The tense, intriguing, quick, and easily replayable solitaire game, Hostage Negotiator, is now on mobile! This easy to learn but constantly challenging experience puts the player in the role of the titular police operative charged with rescuing hostages and capturing or neutralizing the abductor before more than half the hostages are killed or before the criminal escapes. Hostage Negotiator was originally crowdfunded via Kickstarter back in 2014 and has since enjoyed great success and multiple expansions since then. The app is available on Android and iOS as announced via the publisher, Van Ryder Games’, website which also features a video demonstrating the app by the designer, A.J. Porfirio. Whether you are interested in having this excellent solo game with you on the go, or if you’d like to just try the game via an inexpensive outlet, check out the Hostage Negotiator app on Google Play or iOS app stores.

Van Ryder Games has listed several projects they are working on for 2017-2018.

Detective: City of Angels is a new big box noir style detective game set in Los Angeles in the 1940s. Players compete to solve crimes in this board game designed by Evan Derrick (Dark Moon) with art by Vincent Dutrait. Detective: CoA will be a Kickstarter project with a launch estimate of Summer/Fall 2017.

Saloon Tycoon will be getting an expansion via Kickstarter in Spring 2017. The Ranch Expansion adds a new player board, tiles, animals, and new characters.

Hostage Negotiator is getting Abductor Pack #8, designed by the lead play tester of Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave, Mike Martins. Abductor Pack #8 is expected to release at GenCon.

The Big Score will have players completing small heists to build up to the biggest heist of them all. This new heist game by Chase Williams and Jason Mowery uses drafting and push your luck mechanisms, and is expected to start on Kickstarter in 2017.


Impressions, the organizer of Free RPG Day, has released their shipping list for November 17th which includes many RPG books and the like, but also a couple of board games and related items.  For new releases we have the following:


While it seemed like forever given that it funded in April of 2014, the new edition of Catacombs will be hitting store shelves this month so everyone can finally obtain this fantasy dexterity game with updated art.  No mention of the expansion from the kickstarter yet so look for that in a later release.

spielbox mag

Also hitting store shelves will be the latest issue of Spielbox Magazine, issue #5 of 2015, which will come with the following promos: A special card to “The Rivals of Catan” for the Big Game (Kosmos), 3 special cards and a small plate called Flatiron to New York 1901 (Blue Orange Games), and 4 new cards to “The Game” – called “Game on Fire”.

Lastly we look forward to releases in the future with Spielbox issue #6 coming in January and promising a card for Dominion Adventure as well as four Abductor packs to expand the solo game Hostage Negotiator.

For the full release you can head over to the Impressions site to check it out.

hostage negotiator

In the October 2015 press release for Van Ryder Games, the company announced that Kevin Wilson, designer of hit games such as Descent, Civilization, Android, and TMNT, will be creating 1 of 4 upcoming new Abductor Packs to expand the solitaire game Hostage Negotiator.

See the official press release below:

Thompsons Station, TN – October 12th, 2015 – Van Ryder Games announced today that Kevin Wilson, designer of such notable games as Descent, Civilization, Android, and the upcoming TMNT, has signed on to design an Abductor Pack for the hit solitaire game Hostage Negotiator. The Abductor pack from Wilson is slated to be 1 of 4 new expansion packs to be released in 2016.

Van Ryder Games’ owner A.J. Porfirio comments, “We are thrilled to have Kevin on board to contribute to the growing amount of Hostage Negotiator content. He is undoubtedly the most prolific designer we have worked with and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Hostage Negotiator is a quick to play 20-30 minute card and dice game that has you negotiating with a hostage taker for the release of hostages. Gameplay features a hand building mechanic which has the feel of deck building, but without the deck. The game immerses you in the theme with many players reporting a strong emotional response when hostages are released or killed. The game is expandable by adding Abductor Packs that feature new Hostage Takers and new game play elements.

Hostage Negotiator is currently sold out and a 2nd printing is in progress with an expected Nov/Dec release date which will include a reprint of Abductor Packs 1 & 2, as well as, the introduction of Abductor Packs 3 & 4!

For more information on Hostage Negotiator and its upcoming expansions, visit the company’s website here.


Impressions, the organizer behind Free RPG Day, has put out a listing of the titles they will be shipping on July 21st and shortly thereafter.  For the games shipping on July 21st we have:


Pax & Pergamemnon Expansion card packs – two expansions in one
Palmyra – a tile laying game where you are trying to conquer new lands and collect taxes to impress Caesar and become governor of the province of Palmyra
Panthalos – You are trying to stop the invading titans by creating titans of your own
Peloponnes: Sacrum – adds an extra player and provides a way to sacrifice inhabitants to secure points
LUGU – a storytelling card game where players compete for the highest score while telling a story together (NEW)
Hostage Negotiator – You play the part of a law enforcement negotiator trying to get hostages released from an unscrupulous figure who wants all his demands met (NEW)

Games from the July 1st shipments:
Seas of Iron: Rising Sun – the first expansion for the battleship combat game Seas of Iron (NEW)
Peloponnes (3rd edition) – a civ building game set in ancient Greece
Albion’s Legacy – a cooperative, modular adventure type game set in the Arthurian legends (NEW)
DragonFlame – As a dragon you need to capture a princess and build a horde of treasure in this fantasy card game (NEW)


And finally, new releases coming in September:
Peloponnes Box – a boxed edition of all the released Peloponnes expansions
Pixel Tactics 4 – more pixel tactics and also a new mechanic, traps
Pixel Tactics 5 – brings into the game the characters from BattleCON: War of Indines into the game.  Also this set has the deluxe minipack promos from the kickstarter: Black Ops, Sealed Secrets, and The Final Frontier

You can check out the full release here which also contains restocks as well as RPG books and magazines that I have not mentioned.