hidden role

Bezier Games has announced Werewords, a social deduction word guessing game set in the Ultimate Werewolf universe. In Werewords, players try to guess a secret word by asking yes or no questions. If they figure out the word, they win. However, one player is a werewolf, they know the secret word, and will try to mislead you, because if you cannot get the word the werewolf wins. The Werewolf needs to be subtle and sly, because if other players will win if they can identify the Werewolf at the end of the game.

Like in Werewolf, one player is secretly the Seer, and they know the secret word. The Seer can try to steer the group towards the correct answer, but if the Werewolf identifies the Seer at the end, the Werewolf wins! The Mayor is the player answering the groups’ question with a pile of limited tokens – “Yes/No”, “Maybe”, “So Close” and “Correct”. If the Mayor runs out of tokens, the group cannot ask any more questions, and must accuse someone of being a Werewolf. Uniquely, it is totally possible that the Mayor himself is a Werewolf, and is falsely answering the questions! But again, if he is too blatant, the group may suspect and steal victory from his paws. As in Ultimate Werewolf, other roles for larger groups abound, such as the Beholder and the Minion. Werewords comes with a custom app, containing thousands of words, as well as the ability to create their own word lists.

Werewords is due to be released in June, likely at the Origins Game Fair. Werewords can be pre-ordered at Bezier Games.


Hunt: The Unknown Quarry is a deduction/murder mystery board game by Jeremy Lennert where players are bounty hunters trying to kill a monster. One player is secretly the monster, whose goal is to cripple all the other players and escape the mansion. Gameplay is card driven – players look at cards for clues, get items to add to their hand, and can interact with other players in the same room by attacking them with their cards. Since this game relies on secret information, the board game might not be able to completely immerse people into the theme.

Now on Kickstarter, Quicksilver Software is releasing a digital version of Hunt: The Unknown Quarry. With the digital version, the computer can help keep track of rules and actions, allowing the game to be more interactive and faster to play. Players will also be able to play online.


If digital board games don’t appeal to you, you can also get the physical copy of the board game, or a “digital physical version” (which I’m not exactly sure what it is). To learn more, see the Kickstarter here.

Alderac Entertainment Group would like to proudly announce its releases for February 2016.  These game releases will become available this February, 2016.


Doomtown: Reloaded Saddlebag Expansion: Bad Medicine

It’s time for a hostile takeover!
Gears continue to grind along as plans for Gomorra’s future develop, including a feverish deal that promises to change the face of the Morgan Cattle Company forever. Plus, a secret about Sloane’s past is revealed.

Doomtown: Reloaded, AEG’s fast-paced expandable card game set in the Deadlands universe, is receiving its eighth Saddlebag Expansion, Bad Medicine.  This expansion will add 21 new cards to further customize your Doomtown decks.  Visit the AEG website for more information on this expansion.

ravenous river

Ravenous River

In this game designed by Isaac Shalev, each player takes on the role of an animal attempting to cross the river.  This is a hidden role game, and players will not know who is predator or prey.  Predators will attempt to trap their prey on the same boat as it crosses, and prey will use their cunning to slip away deftly.  Players will attempt to earn the most points by crossing the river, eating their prey, and avoiding being eaten.

Ravenous River is for 2-7 players ages 14+ and plays in about 20 minutes.  Visit the AEG website here for more information.


No Moderator. No Elimination. No Villagers.

Bezier Games has announced Daybreak, a sequel to the One Night Ultimate Werewolf that can be combined or played stand alone.  All roles in Daybreak are new.  The Kickstarter campaign starts September 29, 2014 where one of the delivery options will be BGG.con (in November).  Some of the free extras for backers include alternative artwork for popular characters and even more roles.