WizKids has announced a licensing deal to bring the sci-fi television series, The Orville, to their HeroClix line of games. The initial game content will include the primary crew members of the show, and is due out later this year.

” The first product to release will be a Jumbo Starter Set featuring the main crew, including Captain Ed Mercer, played by actor Seth MacFarlane, along with Commander Kelly Grayson, Dr. Claire Finn, Lt. Alara Kitan, Lt. Gordon Malloy, Lt. Commander Bortus, Lt. Commander John LaMarr, enabling HeroClix players and fans to embark in interstellar combat with their favorite characters. “

There were not many additional details provided in the press release, but you can read the full announcement here.

Marvel HeroClix is a tabletop combat game, published by WizKids, where players pick a team of characters from collectible, miniature figures of heroes and villains from the Marvel Comics universe. Marvel HeroClix: Earth-X is the latest expansion for the game and features characters from a dystopian vision of the Marvel Universe where everyone had super powers.

Completely new characters to be included in the game include Spiders-Man, Venom (May Parker), Fancy Dan, The Skull, King Britain, Stegron, Clea , Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin), and Mister Negative. Earth-X incarnations of existing, better known characters are also to be found.

To get players started, they can buy a Starter Set which includes 3 heroes and 3 villains, the Earth-X Wakanda and Stark Tower location maps, tokens, and dice. To expand their collection, players can purchase Marvel HeroClix booster sets. This expansion is expected to release on February 6th, 2019. For more information, visit the Marvel HeroClix Earth-X product page.

WizKids has announced a licensing agreement with the WWE.  The agreement will allow WizKids to bring WWE content to their popular line of games, such as HeroClix and Dice Masters, as well as, other board games.  The press release indicates the agreement includes the likeness rights to current and former WWE superstars.

“The partnership will bring the likeness of popular WWE Superstars, including John Cena®, The Rock®, Charlotte Flair®, Roman Reigns® and The Undertaker®, in addition to WWE Hall of Famers such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin® and Trish Stratus™ to several gaming platforms, including Dice Masters, HeroClix and Boxed Strategy Games.”

It appears the first WWE branded content from WizKids will arrive in 2019.

You can read the full press release here.

HeroClix is currently the most purchased, collectible miniatures game on the market with over 750,000,000 figures. Not resting on their laurels, WizKids are releasing a new strategy game based on the successful HeroClix system. In Marvel Strike Teams, 2-5 players face off in a campaign game of good against evil where the heroes take on the villains. One player is the villainous Mastermind while the rest of the players each take up a hero, in the form of a HeroClix figure, to thwart the Mastermind’s dastardly plans.

The Mastermind can guide the direction of each encounter while the heroes work together using their various powers and abilities to complete objectives, such as infiltrating an enemy warehouse or rescuing hostages. Each hero has unique play styles and the base game includes Captain America, Iron Man, Agent May, and Quake. The villains include Baron Strucker, Winter Soldier, Radioactive Man, and Hydra Soldiers. The environment also plays a part in the game acting as obstacles or weapons at the players’ disposal. While there is a campaign to play through, where players can upgrade their heroes over time, there are also standalone missions available.

Marvel Strike Teams: Avengers Initiative, the first expansion for the game, will also be released at the same time and expands the hero roster with Vision, Black Widow, Falcon, and Agent Phil Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D. The villains will be bolstered by Loki, Ultron, Absorbing Man, and Agent Ward.

Marvel Strike Teams and Marvel Strike Teams: Avengers Initiative are both designed by Andrew Parks (known for Assault of the Giants and Core Worlds), plays in 60-120 minutes, and is expected to released October 1st, 2018.

Zendo, the rule guessing abstract game is finally getting an update and reprint.  Zendo is an easy game to play, the active player will come up with a rule, like two pyramids must touch at the tip, and then the other players start building layouts tying to guess the rule.  As the go along the rule maker will answer questions and let you know if you built something that satisfies the rule.  Once someone figures out the rule they win.

When the Pyramid Arcade was announced and Kickstarted, everyone was clamoring for the game Zendo to be added to the list of games in the box.  However, Looney Labs kept saying no, and then we found out that this was because they would reprint the game separately.  And now we have a date to go with that, so look for the game to be back on store shelves in December of this year.

Wizkids has announced a new expansion to the Star Trek: Frontiers game, a re-theme and update to Mage Knight, called The Return of Khan.  This expansion adds a whole new scenario to the game where Khan has returned and is looking to rule the galaxy with power he can steal from the Borg.  It’s up to captains from across the Star Trek series, Picard, Kirk, Sisko, and more, to work together and stop him before he can complete his plans.  This expansion you will give you all the tokens, tiles, and cards needed for this new scenario, as well as rules and tokens to be able to add a 5th player to the game.  You can find this game on store shelves in November of this year, and you can head over to Wizkids’ website to read more about it.

Last from WizKids as well is the colorful euro style building game, Favelas.  In this game you are building your own Favelas, a multi-level house painted all sorts of colors in order to beautify and rejuvenate the town.  However there is a catch, the council over seeing this effort, and the one determining the point values, is notoriously fickle and will change their minds each year, changing the value of each color.  So over three years in the game you will build up your town with colors that get you the most points before the council’s mood changes.  The person with the most points at the end is the winner. Favelas looks like an interesting and colorful game, and it should arrive on store shelves in October of this year.  Until then you can read more on Wizkids’ website.

Wizkids has announced Sidekick League, an organized way to get new players into HeroClix Dice Masters and Star Trek: Attack Wing. Selected stores can host Sidekick Nights, where veteran players can bring in novices and play side-by-side with another pair, offering advice and instruction. Limited edition prizes will be available to players who attend 2 events in 3 months. Sidekick Nights are not meant to supplant or replace the already existing competitive scene.

For more information on Sidekick League, click here.


At the beginning of the month there was some news that rocked the shipping world, and that was one of the largest shipping companies in the world, Hanjin, filing for bankruptcy.  This means that all the freight and ships they had out at sea when this happened effectively got stranded because the company could no longer pay port fees.  No port fee payments, no docking of ships, no unloading of freight, and stuff just sits out at sea.  So far the effect of this in the gaming world hasn’t been felt until now, with Wizkids announcing that Heroes in a Half Shell gravity feeds will be in short supply after launch.  This is because a container on one of those stranded ships contains a large portion of the shipment of gravity feeds.  Hopefully things with the ports gets resolved soon as Hanjin goes through the difficult process of an international company going bankrupt.  There is good news though, in a blog post Wizkids has assured everyone that pre-orders will be filled, and that once more information is known it will be passed on to retailers.

One of the trains that was involved in the in the head-on train collision that happened June 28th in Texas was transporting a large shipment of the new HeroClix. This shipment had been intended to fulfill orders for the upcoming Pre-release events around the world. Due to the unknown condition of this product, Wizkids has cancelled the Marvel HeroClix: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man Pre-Release event until further notice.

Steffen/Amarillo Globe News/AP Photo

The release of the regular product will move forward as planned; Wizkids is still able to ship sufficient quantities to proceed with the launch of the product.

While the loss of a nationwide event for the gaming community is unfortunate, the bigger impact is to those who have lost their loved ones and my thoughts and prayers go out to them.

To read the whole story from Wizkids click here.

Wizkids has announced another expansion for the TMNT line of Heroclix figures called Shredder’s Return, set for release in March of 2017.  This set will just be boosters and a Fast Forces pack (a single pack containing 6 figures) and will feature over 30 new characters pulled from the entire universe of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and cartoon series.  There will be a couple subsets within the entire set such as the Purple Dragon street gang and even variants of the turtles from when they were adventuring in space.  The Fast Forces pack will include all new dial variants for the four main turtles as well as Rocksteady and Bebop.  Look for all of this to arrive in stores come March 2017, and you can read more about the announcement on the ICv2 site.

At the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this week, WizKids announced that they will be partnering with Nickelodeon to create two new games set to release later in 2015–and they will be themed with the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

The two games that are planned will be a TMNT version of the HeroClix collectible figure-battling game, and a TMNT version of the Dice Masters Dice Building game.  Representatives from both WizKids and Nickelodeon both have shared their excitement over this new venture.  These two new games will be released to the public later this year.

You can read the entire announcement here.