In an interesting team-up, the game company Hasbro is joining forces with the travel site TripAdvisor in “expanding” The Game of Life for the first time since its release in 1960.  Now, players can take vacations on the way to Millionaire Estates or Countryside Acres!

Through the game, players will be encouraged to take a break, connect, and make lifelong memories together by choosing from vacation cards inspired by some of TripAdvisor’s top-ranked family destinations and activities, such as a ski trip, a beach day in Punta Cana, hiking the Great Wall of China, and visiting the Eiffel Tower.

The new version of The Game of Life: TripAdvisor Edition is expected to become available this month, August 2017.  Check out Hasbro’s page here.

Hasbro and Nintendo have joined together to create Monopoly Gamer, a new version of Monopoly starring Nintendo characters, and adding new gameplay. The goal has shifted from money to points, and players gain points for doing a variety of things, including collecting coins, winning boss fights and buying up properties. Players also get to roll a custom power-up die during movement, adding Mario Kart like special powers, such as throwing shells at the player ahead. The game comes with pre-painted figures for Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach and Yoshi, each of which gets their own unique power up ability. Additional characters will be available for sale in Monopoly Gamer Power Pack expansions.

Monopoly Gamer and the Power Packs will be available August 2017. You can visit Hasbro’s website and read the full press release here.

Fortune Magazine has announced that Hasbro will be offering a subscription model for their games. Consumers will be able to choose between Party Games and Family Games, and will receive 4 games a year under the service. This business model, dubbed the Hasbro Gaming Crate, has been successfully used for razors, beauty products and meals, but this is the first major toy manufacturer to use subscriptions. The Hasbro Gaming Crate will be available in Summer 2017.

The new game pieces for Monopoly have finally been revealed, after a 4.3 million people voted on their most and least favorite pieces. In addition to losing the thimble, the wheelbarrow and the boot, Hasbro has added (drum roll please)…

The T-Rex, the Rubber Duckie, and the Penguin. It seems that there was a bird theme to the new picks. People should be relieved that the Scottie Dog, the Cat, Top Hat, Race Car and Battleship will be returning. Hasbro has been using the voting process to publicize the new Token Madness Monopoly, which includes 16 total tokens.

Hasbro has just announced their latest game called Dropmix, and takes digital device integration to World of Yo-ho levels.  The theme of the game is your are competing DJs trying to mix music into the best sounding remix.  In the game the various songs you can pull from will be represented by cards, and as you play them they will either be recognized or input into the app for mixing.  At that point I imagine the app will play your remixed song and give you a score for the remix.  And I think the winner being the one with the best remix is not much of a wild guess.

This game also comes with something interesting in the form of an electronic mixing board where you play cards, but beyond maybe recognizing the cards and lighting up, we are not sure yet of it’s main functions.  Needless to say it will be highly interesting to see what comes out when it releases this fall.

Courtesy of Publisher

First is a new addition to the Pie Face line and that is Pie Face Sky High.  This version takes the possibility of getting hit in the face with a “pie”, and adds it to a High Striker game you would find at carnivals.  With the included spinner you will spin and find out how many hits you get with the hammer, and hopefully you aren’t the one behind the board when it hits the top.  Look for this game in the fall of 2017.

Courtesy of Publisher

The second is another edition of the completely hygienic game, Speak Out, called Speak Out: Kids vs. Parents.  In this version of the game Kids will have their own deck of cards with phrases often muttered by children, and the parents will get their own deck with phrases they often say.  Playing the game is the same as before with both parent and child wearing a mouth piece while they try to read their phrase.  If your team is able to decipher the phrase you get a point, and most points at the end will be the winner.  Look for this game in spring of this year.

Say it ain’t so!  The iconic Thimble token is going to be removed from Monopoly!?  What would seem to be the most popular and referenced player token will no longer be included in the game after more than 4 million votes from fans around the world participated in the Monopoly Token Madness campaign.

Despite being an integral part of day-to-day life when the token was originally added to the game in 1935, the lucky Thimble has lost its ‘shine’ with today’s fans, and will be retired from the game. 

Hasbro will reveal the final voting results on World Monopoly Day, March 19. The eight fan-picked Monopoly tokens will be updated in the Monopoly game hitting shelves this August.

Hasbro held the Monopoly Token Madness Campaign from January 10 through January 31, and during that time, the Thimble token did not earn enough votes to make it into the top 8. Fans can visit Facebook.com/Monopoly, @HasbroNews on Twitter and @Hasbro on Instagram (#MonopolyVote) to say “sew long” to the Thimble token, and continue to show their support for the other 63 contenders vying for a spot in the next generation of the game!

Dutch University students created the world’s largest playable board of monopoly, officially recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records. The board, completely to scale, covered 900 square meters (almost a quarter acre), approximately 30 meters (about 100 ft) on a side. Constructed in an athletic field, the game was built from 804 individual panels. The students played the game after completion, complete with giant dice, huge hotels and even a live dog as a playing piece.

Hasbro is doing something special this year for Monopoly, and that is they are holding a vote until the end of the month for the eight tokens that will be included in the next edition of the game.  You can head over to VoteMonopoly.com and vote for the eight you like best out of the 50+ possible choices including such things as emojis, bunny slippers, a T-rex, and more.  The classic eight will be in there as well so you you are of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset you can vote for those, or you can choose eight completely new ones if you like change.  The winners will be announced on World Monopoly day on the 19th of March with the updated game hitting store shelves in August.

What are you waiting for?  Go Vote!!