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IDW Games is announcing Naruto Shippuden Village Defenders card game for a November 2019 release.

While most of the ninja are out are away, Leaf Village is attacked leaving a handful of ninja and friends to defend the village. A team of 1-4 players take on the roles of their favorite TEAM 7 characters and are the last line of defense against classic villains. Players must cooperate to create powerful combos to fight back the invaders in a fast-paced game lasting approximately 30 minutes.

For those of you anxiously awaiting the second printing of Jonathan Ying’s Bargain Quest, you can now also look forward to a brand new expansion, too! This fun little game of adventure and capitalism will offer even more must have items for heroes to choose from.

In Bargain Quest, players take on the role of shopkeeper trying to attract adventuring heroes to their shop over their opponents.  Each player will secretly draft from a deck of items to place in their shop windows and then help equip their heroes for an upcoming ad  kkiventure. Players earn money to upgrade their shop and hire employees based on how their hero fares in battle.

The Black Market expansion will offer players more heroes, employees, and play modes.  A new shipment of items will also be available to entice heroes to battle the new monsters.

Gather up to eight of your friends to see who can run the most successful shop with the most gold and prestige.  Renegade Games will be releasing the Black Market expansion in May 2019. Don’t worry if you missed out on the Kickstarter for the base game. It will be available through Renegade Games once the Kickstarter fulfillment is completed.


Having previously garnered success with co-published titles 504, Fabled Fruit, and Fuji Flush, Stronghold Games and 2F-Spiele announced 6 new jointly published games releasing in 2017, including:

  1. 3 games in the Fast Forward series of games, all designed by Friedemann Friese utilizing the Fable system introduced in Fabled Fruit.  Fear will be a hand-management game about chasing ghosts, Fortress will be a bluffing game about becoming king, and Flee will be a cooperative game about running from monsters.  The games supposedly forego rule books, so that players can begin playing immediately and discover new rules as they play.
  2. an expansion for Fabled Fruit, the progenitor of the Fable system.  Fabled Fruit: The Lime Expansion adds 20 new locations and the eponymous limes.
  3.  a new solo-only game, Finished!.  Friedemann Friese previously designed the hit solo game Friday.  In Finished!, the player is trying to sort a deck of cards to not fall asleep at work (which is more than a little meta).
  4. a reprint/update of 2007 game Felix: The Cat in the Sack entitled Felicity: The Cat in the Sack, a game about acquiring cats, but not bad cats, and not dogs or rabbits, either.

All of these games are set to release in October 2017, with the third Fast Forward title coming in November 2017.

Hexy Studio is breaking into the board gaming world with their first title, Star Scrappers: Cave-in.  This is a hand building and mining game where you are using your hand full of mercenaries to recruit other mercenaries, mine for crystals, buy artifacts, and even take over other player’s bases.  Each turn is simple in that you just go through the three phases, first is the beginning phase where anything that triggers at the start of the turn triggers, and you can use your leader power.  Next is the action phase and where most of the game will happen, here you will recruit mercenaries with ones you already have, mine with like colored mercenaries, or buy artifacts with them as well.  One interesting aspect is that any mercenaries you play are played in front of you called your base, with the top card being your leader.  Also there there is no draw deck so you have to recruit to get more cards back into your hand, or go on the offensive.  On your turn you get two actions, they can be two of the aforementioned options, or you can use both to attack a base, even your own.  When you do that the owner of the base takes their leader back, but then you grab the rest of their cards until you have a full hand or you have taken all the cards.  This offers a quick way to get cards as well as bring some player interaction into the game.  At the end, whoever has the most points in crystals and faction symbol collections is the winner.

The art for the game is great, and the reverse pyramid structure of the crystals means the cheap stuff is easy to get, but the real points are much farther down.  Add in a large variety of mercenaries and artifact cards and you have a solid game that plays like a deck-less deck builder.  So if this sounds interesting, head on over to the Kickstarter page to check it out.


I will give this game props for a unique art style, with monsters roaming the countryside that look just as at home in a Dr. Seuss book as they do in this game.  The game I am talking about is Feudum, a hand management game with aspects of area control and resource management.  In the game you will have a hand of 11 different action cards you can take, in any given round you will select four of those actions with some limitations.  These actions will let you place pieces on the board, move them around, influence different areas, and attack other players.  You are doing this all in order to gain Veneration Points (VP) with the ultimate goal of having the most VPs (clever) by the end of the game.  But it’s not all roses, there are monsters that you will have to contend with, the other players to defend yourself against, and the dreaded feed your people mechanic that all aim to bring you down.  Last through the five epochs with the most points and you will be the winner.

Like I mentioned at the outset, the art style and stripped monsters included in this game are truly unique and give this game presence on the table that begs you to stop and look.  And it’s this art style that belays the heavy nature of this game with a run time of 80 to 180 minutes for 2-5 players, so don’t go into this game thinking it’s light.  If you want to know more about the game you can head over to the Kickstarter page, they have already blown through a number of stretch goals adding a lot of content to the game.

captains wager

There’s only 3 days left to jump on board the Kickstarter campaign for Captain’s Wager.  Captain’s Wager is a game designed by Jonathan Hager and published by Grey Fox Games (the same ones that brought you Run, Fight, or Die). In Captain’s Wager you take on the role of airship captains seeking treasure and fame. The game utilizes hand management and betting mechanisms.

Below you can see many of the beautiful components of the game. The campaign has more than quadrupled it’s funding goal (of only $5k) and has unlocked six of it’s stretch goals. To find out more you can click here to visit their Kickstarter page.

captains wager contents