Blue Panther Games, LLC teased two new products at the 2015 GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, Flat Dice and Dead Things.

Blue Panther Games will be releasing “Flat Dice” at local game stores on Free RPG Day, Saturday, June 20, 2015.

Blue Panther Games also announced their upcoming game Dead Things.

Yes, we have finally joined the zombie game club with our upcoming title – Dead Things – a cooperative escape from the zombies game.

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This week at the GAMA trade show, Looney Labs – the creators of the popular card game Fluxx – have announced the release date of their newest game.

Just Desserts, a sweet card game about matching the right desserts to each (very picky) guest and trying to serve more guests than the other players, will hit stores on April 10th.

You can find more information on the game at Boardgamegeek, the online board game database:

Or check it out at Looney Labs’ own website:

A lot of news is pouring out of GAMA Trade Show 2015 in Las Vegas this week, not the least of which coming from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG).

Company Updates

FFG made a big announcement at the end of 2014 that they would be merging with Asmodee.  Christian T. Petersen, CEO and founder of Fantasy Flight Games, said this about the merger and the rapid growth of FFG: “By joining forces with Asmodee, we’ll be able to continue that growth, expand our international marketing capabilities, and create additional career opportunities for our terrific staff. Most importantly, we can do this while staying true to our vision of creating great products for the global hobby games market.”  This week, FFG explained that this merger will allow them to forego much of the distribution and marketing of their products, leaving them more room to concentrate on game development.

To the gaming industry (and American retail in general), it is no secret that the West Coast port delays over the last half-year or so have been detrimental to game companies and distributors to bring products to store shelves.  FFG commented this week that these delays have become very severe since the summer of 2014, and it will take months to clean up the backlog.

FFG relies on its Organized Play events to bring gamers together with their games.  FFG states the following about this program:

Organized Play is your portal to connecting with other passionate players who play the games you love. Our goal is to help players join a global community and create memorable and exciting game experiences all over the world.  Seasonal Tournament Kits are the foundation of Organized Play. With three four-month seasons each year (Spring, Summer, and Winter), players can find a large variety of tournaments, game nights, and leagues at their local stores. Seasonal events are a place for newer players to experience organized tournaments and experienced players to try a new army or strategy.

As of the GAMA Trade Show this week, FFG has shipped over 25,000 organized play kits.


Game Updates

FFG recently announced their reprinting of the classic Reiner Knizia game Tigris and Euphrates.  This week, FFG stated that this reprint will include the original game as well as new game options.

Another announcement this week included FFG’s collaboration with Dragon Shield to make Matte Sleeves for their games.

What’s the latest update on the success of the hit game release, X-Com?  As of this week, the first print-run has already sold out.

FFG will be releasing multiplayer and a new DLC for Battlelore digital in a few weeks. They will also be releasing more material for the physical game of Battlelore 2.0 in 2015.

Some excellent news reported by FFG this week was that they had renewed their license to design and produce Star Wars licensed games for years to come–including the license for Star Wars Episode 7.

Along these lines, FFG had the upcoming Imperial Raider expansion ship for the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game on display at the GAMA Trade Show this week, as well as much news about their two latest hit games set in the Star Wars universe, Imperial Assault and Armada.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault Updates

FFG stated that Imperial Assault has been their biggest release in the company’s history.  The first wave of mini-expansions for the game, including such mini-expansions as Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the Rebel Troopers, were released in stores this week on March 18.

What’s more, FFG announced the first official full expansion for Imperial Assault, Twin Shadows.  This expansion will come with C3PO, R2D2 and Boba Fett.

Star Wars: Armada Updates


FFG’s upcoming space miniatures game, Star Wars: Armada, focuses on recreating epic capital starship battles from the Star Wars universe.  The ships from Wave 1 were shown at the GAMA Trade Show, and Wave 2 was also announced, including the Imperial Star Destroyer, Mon Calamari Cruiser and Imperial Raider.  A third faction, Rogues and Villains, will also be a future release, including the famed Millennium Falcon.

A New Game Announcement

Finally, this enormous volume of FFG news from GAMA 2015 finished with one final announcement: an upcoming game entitled Forbidden Stars, a Warhammer 40,000 space combat game.  At first glance, it is reminiscent of a full-scale space conquest game like FFG’s classic hit, Twilight Imperium 3. It will be a game for 2-4 players in which you can play as the Orks Eldar Chaos or Imperium.

This is the news from FFG as of Wednesday, March 18, from the GAMA Trade Show 2015, and there will likely be much more to follow.  Continue to follow us for more information on new releases and updates at GAMA 2015.

GreenBrier Games is showing off a number of upcoming releases and current Kickstarter Projects at GAMA Trade Show.

Heavy Steam is slated for an April release coming off of a Kickstarter last year where they raised $64,000.  This great little Steam punk inspired title had a preview done by the Dice Tower’s Ryan Metzler (below) and you can see the pictures taken by the Dice Tower team at GTS as well. You can see information from the publisher on the game here.

Ninja Dice: Kage Master

This expansion to the title Ninja Dice is currently on Kickstarter and you can read our full write up on the campaign here.


We were able to get a look at what appears to be pretty darn close to final productions quality on this card driven miniatures game.  This was on Kickstarter last year and should be available this summer.

Sacred 40 Mini’s

Finally they are putting a line of mini’s this summer in collaboration with Art Justice Games called Sacred 40.  these are beautiful.

The 2007 hit from Curt Covert and Smirk & Dagger Games Cutthroat Caverns will be receiving its fifth expansion. This has been confirmed at GAMA Trade Show. Previously, via a post on the boardgames enthusiast’s website BoardGameGeek, the designer had hinted the expansion:

is dedicated to the Incarnation type encounters – with a host of new ones including Death himself. We are also developing special relics imbued with the powers of the incarnations and if one is gained by defeating an Incarnation in their ‘Realm’ it cannot be taken from you (and is otherwise stripped from someone else if it is already in play). The expansion will also have a new adventure book.

It will be a hard push for those involved to get this product out for Gen Con of this year but if not, then expect it soon after.

Also at GAMA, Smirk & Dagger Games announced a new game, a card drafting game titled Nevermore. According to a post on their Facebook page:

In Smirk and Dagger’s upcoming card game, Nevermore, those who fall become transformed. They live out the rest of the game as Ravens, unable to win, as they struggle to regain their human forms – yet still able to bring doom to others. Some will succeed. Others will be ravens, forevermore.

Ok, anyone who can bring a work of Edgar Allen Poe to the boardgames table has me a-tapping at their door! Look for the Raven delivering in late Spring.

For more information on Cutthroat Caverns follow this link to its BoardGameGeek entry. For the latest on Nevermore hop over to Smirk & Dagger Games’ Facebook page.


Tabletop roleplaying games your thing? How about card games based on a popular RPG? Well Paizo has you covered.

At GAMA Trade Show Paizo, the company responsible for the popular fantasy RPG Pathfinder, revealed more of its plans for its Pathfinder Battles miniatures lines. According to Paizo:

The world of Pathfinder comes to life on your tabletop with Pathfinder Battles, an ongoing line of prepainted plastic miniatures produced in cooperation with WizKids, Inc. Drawn from the award-winning illustrations of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and produced with the highest-quality standards in the miniature business, Pathfinder Battles fantasy miniatures set a new standard for hassle-free tabletop gaming!

With the most recent release named Iconic Heroes this partnership is not only putting out new sculpts of some of the most familiar faces from their Pathfinder universe for use in the RPG, they are also including exclusive “Boon” cards to be used with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (PACG) series. The first set includes six miniatures (with the same amount of cards for PACG) and is available now. Sets #2 and #3 of the Iconic Heroes series are due in April 2015.

Speaking of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Paizo announced the third core set at GAMA. This set is titled Wrath of the Righteous and will include:

  • More than 500 cards featuring a new set of boons for your characters to collect, and never before seen monsters and barriers of a decidedly abyssal nature.

  • 7 character classes, including the all-new arcanist, cavalier, inquisitor, and summoner.

  • The Worldwound Incursion Adventure Deck, a 110-card deck that begins the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path.

  • A complete set of 6 polyhedral dice, including the first d20 in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

You hear that, the series noted for not including the fabled d20 has brought one in! If the trend of the past two releases hold true, expect to see a Gen Con 2015 release for this product.

To read more about the Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes sets look here. To read more about the third core set for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game look here.

Good job Paizo for bridging that small gap between the RPGer and the boardgamer!

At the GAMA Trade Show every year, game publishers, designers, and media creators like us at The Dice Tower, get together in Las Vegas for a week long convention of sorts. The GAMA Trade Show is not open to the general public, but concentrates on the publishers, and designers showcasing their upcoming games to media creators and game distributors.

Here at some AEG news to report from the show.

Here is a list of games coming out soon:

  • Rumpelstilskin: this is a 2 player hidden role game coming this June.
  • Adventure Time Love Letter: This version of the game will recreate the art from Love Letter with Adventure Time characters.
  • Archer Love Letter: This will be coming soon.
  • Game of Crowns: The tag line for this game is: “Summer is Coming.” Expect this game in June.
  • Dice City: This is a dice rolling resource gathering game for 2-4 players. Expect this game in June.
  • Dark Seas: In this game players will use a shared dice pool to sail the seven seas. Expect this game in April.
  • Epic Adventure: A card based role playing game that uses “box master” and stickered cards to level up characters. This will be coming out in late 2015.
  • Smash Up Munchkin: This will be stand-alone expansion for the popular game Smash Up. This should be released at GenCon 2015.

Up and coming publisher Mr. B Games has announced 3 new titles in various stages of development at GAMA 2015.

Clockwork Kingdom

Worker placement, with a steampunk twist! In Clockwork Kingdom, players take on the roles of rival claimants to a vacant throne. Each turn, you place your steam-powered workers to gain various benefits, all while trying to build game-changing contraptions and wage war on 4 separate battlefields.

After an extremely successful Kickstarter, Mr. B Games found itself in the enviable position of shipping this game to backers 2 months early. For non-backers some copies will be available almost immediately, and by April the publisher predicts the game should be appearing at game stores everywhere.

For more info on Clockwork Kingdom, check out the Boardgamegeek page or see Mr. B Game’s preview video from GEN CON 1014.

Realm of Heroes

Another fight for power, this time in a more traditional Western fantasy environment. In Realm of Heroes, not only do players scheme against each other but also have to navigate a constantly changing board. Acquiring pieces with varying powers, players will compete in a “minimal luck” environment to take out their rivals while also trying to support their heroes and keep plague from spreading through the land.

Coming off a successful Kickstarter, Realm of Heroes should be available to the broader gaming public almost immediately. More info can be found at the boardgamegeek page here. You can also see a combined preview for both Clockwork Kingdom and Realm of Heroes from Origins 2014 right here.


Lastly on Mr. B Games’s plate is Posthuman. Described as a “post-apocalyptic survival game,” the story pits players as the last human survivors in a nightmare world. What led the Earth to such a sorry state? Humanity’s own search for omnipotence, combined with the creation of a new life form bent on becoming our genetic successors.

Players take the role of humans attempting to reach an isolated safe house. Through 10 different randomly generated zones, the humans will face unknown obstacles, post human mutants, other NPC humans and of course the most dangerous of all…their fellow players. Victory can be won by reaching the safe house, or by giving in to the rising mutant tide and throwing the game for the enemy.

Mr. B Games is in the process of creating a Kickstarter campaign to fund Posthuman. While you wait, take a look at the boardgamegeek page. If you have some extra time, take a look at the very brief teaser video here.

Upper Deck came prepared to GAMA 2015 with a host of hot upcoming games, all coming out some time this summer.

Predator Encounters

Stalking hot on the heels of their Legendary Alien Encounters game, Upper Deck has announced a stand-alone Legendary Predator game. Designed by Ben Cichoski and Danny Mandel, Predator Encounters will be a cooperative game pitting players against a common threat. The big twist for this release, however, is that players can choose  to represent the tasty humans or instead pilot a Predator force intent on seeking the glory of the hunt. Representatives for Upper Deck were quick to note the game is 100% compatible with the Alien Encounters game, allowing a dream scenario of Predator on Alien combat if both sets are combined. Similar to how Alien Encounters combined story lines from both Alien and Aliens, Predator Encounters will bring adventures in two flavors, jungle or urban.

Secret Wars

Upper Deck hasn’t forgotten the comic fans. In addition to the Predator game, this summer will also see an expansion for the Marvel Legendary game focusing on Secret Wars. Not the 80’s series most of us are familiar with, but a brand new Marvel storyline. This Set will be able to combine with all other Legendary Heroes games, allowing players a full palette of super hero match ups.

Bring Out Yer Dead
Back in November 2014 there was a little Kickstarter for a game called Bring Out Yer Dead. The game raised some money, then suddenly it was cancelled. Rumors swirled of it being picked up by a publisher and today we know the publisher’s name — Upper Deck. Bring Out Yer Dead will be the first game in Upper Deck’s lineup to use original IP (no movie license here) and the game looks to be a much more Euro-style game than anything Upper Deck has launched before.
VS. System
CCG fans should be familiar with the 2004 Upper Deck release of the VS. System. Centering around super heroes, the collectible game was extremely popular, yet was unable to keep momentum in the very competitive CCG market. Now Upper Deck is resurrecting the game for a major re-release at this year’s GEN CON. Instead of a CCG, VS. will release in a single box similar to Legendary. The Box will contain approx. 350-400 cards with 4 teams included in the first release. And to kick the game off right, GEN CON will also see a massive tourney to introduce the game, ensuring demand for cards will be high.

Steve Jackson Games has announced Ogre: Operation 218, a new retheme of Battle for Hill 218, coming late this year. From the description on BoardGameGeek:

Ogre: Operation 218 is a two-player game based on The Battle for Hill 218, with players fighting to control a hill by occupying bases on the opposite sides of it.

In the game, players must maintain supply lines and destroy enemy units to advance on the enemy home base, while ensuring that their own base is not taken. Air strikes can aid your assault or help defend your base, but spend them wisely as you only have two. The Ogre in Ogre: Operation 218 is a new card that takes two hits to destroy, costs an entire turn to play, and hits hard while having a few drawbacks.

Also announced is a Hellboy Board Game for Q4.

There will also be a few new Munchkin games – Munchkin Nightmare before Christmas, aiming for October, and Munchkin Gloom, coming out for GenCon.