Day 3 of GAMA trade show started with a lot of new exciting family, action, and dexterity games.

Mayday Games has a new dexterity game, Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 (CDMC 3K). In this 2-3 player game, players compete to grab specific wooden tokens from a bowl using only their chopsticks. CDMC 3K was funded by Kickstarter in April of last year and had some delays in shipping, but it is available now.

R&R Games will be releasing Cup-a-Cup next week. In this action/dexterity game, players race to grab the correct cup after rolling the dice.


North Star Games was showing off a couple games at GAMA. Wits & Wagers, a party trivia game where players get points for both guessing answers correctly and for betting on the right answer, has a deluxe edition coming in June. The deluxe edition has nice poker-like chips for the player chips. Evolution, a strategy card game where players adapt and evolve their species to survive, has a second edition with newer and more colorful art.

Kosmos has a new 3D stacking game called Dimension that’s available now. In this puzzle game, players try to stack balls to match all the tasks shown on the playing cards before time runs out.

Queen Games was showing off Parfum, their new game where players roll Aroma dice to create unique perfumes and sell them to their clients. Parfum was funded by Kickstarter on March 11, and is estimated to be delivered in July of this year.

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Asmodee announced at the Gama Trade Show that they will be entering the realm of organized play coining it AsmOPlay . Organized Play is usually tournament style play that takes place in FLGS’s and/or conventions. It is commonly found with CCG’s and role playing games and can include prizes and player rankings. To start the popular games Splendor, 7 Wonders, and Cash ‘n Guns – Second Edition will be supported in the from of tournaments, casual play, and weekly leagues.

AsmOPlay kits come jam packed with amazing, exclusive swag for award winning games like Splendor, 7 Wonders, and Cash’n Guns – Second Edition. The perfect addition for people who want to deck out their games! Each AsmOPlay kit includes two demo copies of the games, promo items and everything you’ll need to run casual play nights, organized tournaments and even repeated weekly in-store gaming  events. You will also receive promotional posters to create buzz for your event, sign-up sheet templates to help with organization, and everything you will need to successfully execute your in-store events.
This is an exclusive program and will only be offered for a very limited time, so sign-up before the opportunity passes you by. Retailers make a one-time program commitment and receive three different AsmOPlay kits, distributed throughout the year, for Splendor (Q2/2015), 7 Wonders (Q3/2015), and Cash’n Guns – Second Edition (Q4/2015). Program enrollment can only be made through select distributors and is limited to two programs per brick and mortar store location. Membership definitely has its advantages!

Be sure to talk to your local game stores if you want to make sure they take part in this program.

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More news from the GAMA Trade Show:

New boardgame publisher Voodoo Bunny Co. is at GAMA to promote their recently released game, Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis.  This is a Steampunk card game for 1-5 players that uses deck building, exploration and resource management mechanics. Players have to gather a team for their expedition, discover new locations, overcome challenging encounters and race to be the first to discover the Lost City of Atlantis.

You can find more information on its Board Game Geek page here.  Or check out the publisher’s own website, here

Jasco Games was also on hand to provide a look at their upcoming release Megaman: The Board Game. Based on the classic video game series from Capcom, this is a game for 2-8 players in which players compete to be the first to defeat the dastardly Dr. Wily. Players play cards from their hand to overcome challenges or to interfere with the other players’ challenge attempts.

Jasco expect the game to hit shelves this July, but for now you can feast your eyes on these gorgeously painted figures from their booth at the Trade Show:

Find more information on its Board Game Geek page here.

Old school Dungeons & Dragons role-players will instantly recognized the setting for the fourth entry of the D&D Adventures System board games. This popular D&D turned co-operative dungeon crawler series produced by Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has visited an undead ridden crypt in Castle Ravenloft, a cavernous dragon mountain in Wrath of Ashardalon, and the Underdark with Legends of Drizzt. Now, in partnership with WizKids, WotC will have parties of 1-5 rolling their d20s, flipping over inter-connecting tiles and reveling in all the goodness of the classic module of the same name, Temple of Elemental Evil. Expect the box to include:

  • 40 figures
  • 8 Hero cards
  • 4 Villain cards
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 adventure book
  • 20-sided die
  • 4 double-sized interlocking tiles
  • 55 interlocking tiles
  • 200 cards
  • 168 tokens

If you are unfamiliar with the D&D Adventure System of boardgames, you are in for a treat. The rules are streamlined, the co-opperative component is highlighted, and the adventures are unending (due to the plethora of user made content). Ironically, this cult following was born in part due to a disadvantage with the core game: between adventures the characters would reset to 1st level and would never “progress.” To remedy this, count on posters over at the board game enthusiasts’ site BoardGameGeek (BGG) to share some smart and fun additons to this modular game. If having to add to a game is not your cup of caffeinated beverage, you may need to pass but if creating you own “D&D-lite” dungeon master-less boardgame to meet your specifications sounds incredibly cool, head over to the BGG link over here to find out more.

Expect to see Temple of Elemental Evil hit shelves in late April.

Like X-Men? Were you one of the ones pleasantly surprised what Gale Force Nine was able to do with a TV show license with Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery? Then wow does Wizkids, who already has done so much with their Marvel license with their Heroclix and Dice Masters lines, and Gale Force Nine have some exciting plans for you! Enter the product of their recent partnership X-Men: Mutant Revolution!

Based on the Spartacus game, players will now, according to Wizkids press release, be able to:

Play as Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, or Storm as they lead their school with unique powers and abilities. Recruit heroes and students. Train your team. Send them on missions to spread your vision for mutants to the world.

The game will be for 2-4 players and include 4 prepainted HeroClix miniatures.

X-Men: Mutant Revolution is expected in late March to April. Find out more from WizKids here, including a components list.



After their latest 7 Wonders expansion: 7 Wonders: Babel, released late in 2014 Asmodee announced a new game in this popular world.

7 Wonders: Duel

The picture, taken at GAMA 2015, is of the prototype. The game will be released later this year.



In this 2-4 player title you are playing the role of an up and coming demigod.  Your goal is to get yourself elevated to the status of Legend so that you can proudly stand next to Zeus.  This title is being designed by Space Cowboys.


Mage Wars is a huge hit for Arcane Wonders and designer Bryan Pope. Released in 2012 the game helped put the company on the map and solidified its position as a premier head-to-head skirmish card game pitting magic user vs magic user. Think of it as a card driven system (like Magic: the Gathering) that is played on a tactical board adding a huge spatial component. As apposed to Magic: the Gathering there are no sets and releases to collect, only the core game and several expansions adding new magic user types, all with no redundancy of cards. The core has not changed very much between reprintings, just rulebook spiffings and a couple of card erratas, but the fourth reprint will have one huge nomenclature change. To differentiate from a new upcoming play style Mage Wars core, which is Mage Wars as we currently know it, will now be know as Mage Wars: Arena. According to the Mage Wars website preview, this reprint will include:

  • 2 New Spellbook designs
  • New Arena Board design
  • Alternate Art for Bear Strength, Dispel, Dissolve, Minor Heal and Rhino Hide
  • New Artwork for Battle Fury, Force Push, Hand of Bim Shalla, Teleport, and Temple of Light
  • Plus, 14 additional spell cards have been added to make spellbook building easier, including Dispel, Dissolve, Force Push and others.

If you already own Mage Wars and have no need for the redundant components (Action Markers, spell books, extra cards for multiple deck builds, etc) then beyond the smaller box and new board, there will not be much need for you to pick this up. If you are brand new to the game or want an easy way to pick up the extra cards and components, this new reprint is the way to go.


Why make the distinction of Arena title? Well because there will be a new way to play Mage Wars. One of the gripes of the core game is its steep learning curve and long playing times. Enter: Mage Wars: Academy. Think of this new system as a better way to get new players into the world of Mage Wars and also a way for veterans for fans of Arena to grab even more options for their combatants in the core game. As Arcane Wonders puts it, Academy:

will be a 2 player starter set that comes with 2 Mages, 2 Spellbooks and a new gameplay design that is completely “board-less” offering players more portability and faster gameplay (Games average 20-30 minutes) all for roughly half the price of the current Core Set!

Expect the Arena core reprint in April 2015 and the new Academy products around Q3 but one can hope for a Gen Con sneak peak!

For more information for both Mage Wars product lines, visit the Arcane Wonders website.

P.S. There will also be Mage Wars: Arena Battlegrounds expansion that will feature a Domination mode, but that is for a different place and different time my friend!