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Endeavor: Age of Expansion by Burnt Island Games and Grand Gamers Guild expands upon the base game, Endeavor: Age of Sail. This expansion comes with a replacement set of 35 buildings and 7 new decks of cards creating new pathways to victory!

New and expanded concepts of actions on the buildings include Trading, Fortifying, and Conscription and Mobilization. This expansion also introduces a new Prominence system where players will utilize one Prominence tile per game that will provide a a pathway to gaining presence in Europe, a scoring opportunity, and unique useful benefits.

Components for this expansion include 37 new Asset cards, 45 new Building tiles, 3 Prominence tiles, and 30 Fortification tokens, as well as a storage solution.

For more information, you can visit the Kickstarter campaign here.

Burnt Island Games seeks to broaden your horizons with a new expansion for Endeavor: Age of Sail.

Age of Sail is a thematic euro-strategy set in the historic age of discovery focusing on area control, resource collection, engine-building and action management. Endeavor: Age of Expansion allows players to continue growing their empire and expanding its influence beyond the edges of the map with a new Kickstarter campaign this summer.

The expansion features new cards and additional game play mechanics for use with the base game. Improving on the previous strategic experience, Burnt Island Games has introduced new concepts including trade, fortify and conscription/mobilization tactics.

A new set of asset cards have been added, and along with the new mechanics they offer an overall improved game-play experience according to the publisher.

Endeavor: Age of Sail, was 910 percent funded on Kickstarter and met 22 stretch goals for over 7,500 backers. Burnt Island Games will try to repeat this success when the Age of Expansion campaign goes live on June 18, 2019.

The Grand Gamers Guild and designer Joe Hopkins have brought their new cooperative game Endangered to Kickstarter, featuring art by Ben Flores and Beth Sobel. In Endangered, 2-5 players take on the role of conservationists, working together to try to save one species. The base game of Endangered comes with 2 modules – one for Tigers, one for Sea Otters, however other modules featuring endangered animals are planned for the future. Hopefully your remaining animals will breed in the wild, with each species having its own rules for such, will have enough space to live after inevitable environmental decline, and will make it through the random events of the Impact Deck.

Endangered is also a modular game system. The base game includes the Tiger and Sea Ottermodules; you’ll play with the environment, cards, hazards, and special rules that apply to your chosen species. We also have a number of other modules planned for a variety of threatened species. Each module tells a different story, offers unique challenges, and helps players understand the difficulties facing these animals and the conservationists determined to help them. With your help we will be able to make many modules a reality!

Endangered has the support of the Center for Environmental Diversity, who are advising on the details of the game, and who will benefit from game sales. The Kickstarter Campaign for Endangered will continue through April 26, and the game is scheduled to ship in March 2020. For more sneak peeks, check out the Endangered website at the Grand Gamer’s Guild.

Grey Fox Games has announced SUPERHOT Card Game, based on the popular FPS video game SUPERHOT. SUPERHOT Card Game is a deck building game based on Agent Decker (2015), which can be played solo, cooperatively with 2, competitively 1 on 1, or 2 vs 1. As in the videogame, time moves forward when you take actions, meaning the more cards you play, the faster a line of obstacles moves towards you. Look for SUPERHOT Card Game in December 2017. You can read more about SUPERHOT Card Game on Grey Fox’s website here.

Grand Gamers Guild is bringing Pocket Ops, a 2 player competitive deduction/abstract game, to stores in December. Based on the Tic-Tac-Toe framework, players anticipate each others’ moves and stay one step ahead. Victory can be snatched or thwarted by clever use of elite agents – the sniper, assassin, pusher, grappler, or hacker. First to capture both parts of the doomsday device wins Pocket Ops. For more information and pictures of the excellent components, visit the Grand Gamers Guild website here.

Endeavor is a euro-style game that came out in 2009, and while you may not hear about it talked much, it is a solidly rated game with some good mechanics.  So in order to bring the game back into print for more to enjoy it, Burnt Island Games and Grand Gamers Guild have teamed up to reprint the game.  They have gone through and done the usual updating with better art and revised rules, but they have also gone the extra mile to include extras.  Some of those extras include a second side to the board for a different player count, variable setups with new buildings, a new exploits mechanic, and more.  Another aspect that was updated was how slavery was depicted in the original game, and while it is still present in this edition, they made it more risky.  This was done with the possibility of slavery being abolished during the game, effectively ruining any strategy that uses it too heavily.

Having played the original I wouldn’t mind getting this game to see if the new changes improve an already great game.  Watch for the Kickstarter to launch in January of 2018, and see it premiere in print at Essen next year.  You can read the press release below for more information.


Burnt Island Games & Grand Gamers Guild Reissue Endeavor

Burnt Island Games & Grand Gamers Guild join forces in a bold new Endeavor designed and updated by Carl de Visser & Jarratt Gray

Toronto, Ontario, Canada & Grand Rapids, MI, USA—Today, Burnt Island Games and Grand Gamers Guild announce a co-publication updating the 2009 Endeavor.

Endeavor was originally published in the United States in 2009 by Z-Man Games. The game currently sits at #172 on BGG. This edition will hold true to its Euro-style gameplay, and introduces a number of new features:

Double-sided board to accommodate different player counts

Variable starting set ups with new Buildings

 Exploits to enhance the mechanisms and story of the different regions

Updated visuals by the original Artist and Graphic Designer: Josh Cappel

In Endeavor, players strive to earn glory for their empires. Sailing out from Europe and the Mediterranean, players will establish shipping routes and occupy cities the world over. As they do so, players will leverage their growing Industry, Culture, Finance, and Influence, building their engine and extending their reach into the far flung regions of the world.

One of the most controversial aspects of Endeavor that has been a topic of much discussion is the Slavery aspect of the game. Historically empires capitalized on the backs of indigenous peoples, and this Edition will not shy away from this reality. Employing Slavery is gut wrenching, but can often be a winning strategy. Empires who rely on this unsavory means of prosperity might find themselves in ruins if the tide turns and Slavery is abolished.

Endeavor is for 2-5 players, ages 13+, and plays in approximately 90 minutes. It will be hitting Kickstarter in January 2018, with fulfillment in late summer/early fall, and have a convention premiere at Essen 2018. For more information visit the Endeavor website: or e-mail to or

Much more information coming soon!

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Burnt Island Games makes games that are innovative, thought provoking, and beautiful. Their games are engaging in play and aesthetic. Burnt Island the sibling company of Kids Table Board Gaming (Foodfighters, Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants, and Haunt the House).


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Grand Gamers Guild is the publisher of both Unreal Estate and Stroop, as well as the upcoming Pocket Ops. While they began with smaller titles, the Guild is excited to add Endeavor to the roster of bigger boxes to their production line.

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