The giant search engine has decided to put some of the most popular search queries into a deck of cards, creating something a bit difficult to use.  The deck of cards is a normal 52 card deck, but each card only shows the suit and a general knowledge type question which indicates the value.  An example is “_____ Kong, last seen climbing the Empire State Building” for the king card, or “Heath Ledger in Batman” for the joker.  While these cards aren’t for sale, I find it interesting that you have a bit of a trivia game added to the cards, meaning if you can’t figure out the answer, you don’t know what you are holding. You can read about it here.

pathfinder digital

The digital implementation of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game has finally arrived for tablet devices and is titled Pathfinder Adventures.

Pathfinder Adventures is essentially a role-playing game in card form featuring leveling up, a long campaign and everything else you’d expect. Each character is represented by a deck of cards which you can customize and includes equipment, weapons, armor, etc – additionally, each card represents your character’s life points, when your deck is empty you are defeated.

The game is a free download that comes with a tutorial mission and a 3-part taster mission. Additional scenarios, characters and treasure chests are purchasable with cash or gold that you earn through playing.

The game is very polished with excellent graphics and nice transition scenes. Currently only solo and pass & play modes are available but online play has been mentioned and may appear later.

Get it for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play



Computers have been able to beat humans at Chess for a while, but until now, they haven’t come close to beating professional Go players because of all of the possible combinations in the game. But now, in a major breakthrough, Google has developed AlphaGo, an AI that beat the European champion, Fan Hui, five games to none.

Since Go is a game that has a lot of intuition and feel, computers are generally worse than the professional human players. In order to make AlphaGo competitive against professionals, the software analyzed millions of moves from games played by humans. It learns patterns, and through analyzing and playing games it gets better and can have more intuitive knowledge about what positions are good. This is a great breakthrough for AI and machine learning.

In March, Google will test AlphaGo against Lee Sedol, the world’s top Go player.

For more information, read the full article here.