In Ghostbusters: Blackout, a major power outage strikes New York, and the Ghostbusters are called in to capture ghosts who escaped their containment units. Ghostbusters: Blackout is a fully cooperative board game, published by IDW Games, for 1-4 players, aged 12+.

The players are tasked with taking on the role of the Ghostbusters to bust the ghosts and save the city from the onslaught of ectoplasmic activity. Players roll dice and allocate them to move around the city, capture ghosts, buy upgrades for their ghost-busting equipment, and keep the city from collapsing into chaos.

Ghostbusters: Blackout is designed by Jon Cohn, and is expected to release in July of 2019.

Listen…  you smell something?  There have been several Ghostbusters themed board games over the years.  Now, Renegade Game studios, in conjunction with Albino Dragon and Sony Pictures, has announced Ghostbusters: The Card Game.

There is presently no Board Game Geek entry for the game, and not many game play details were provided in Renegade’s announcement.  So, what do we know?  It’s a card drafting and set collection game for 2-5 players, ages eight and up.  The game was designed by Daryl Andrews and Erica Bouyouris, and the cards feature a cartoon aesthetic with original illustrations by Jacqui Davis and Todd Bright.

“Compete against your friends and family to collect ghosts from the Ghostbusters universe. You’ll call upon your favorite Ghostbusters to help you set your ghost trap and capture the highest point ghosts on the board.”

The announcement and product page indicate that the game is due out this Fall.


We’ve already reported about the upcoming Spyfall expansion that Cryptozoic is putting out, but that’s not all they have coming.  The first game coming is the first licensed game for the Attack on Titan anime series and that is Attack on Titan the Deck Building game.  This is a cooperative game where you will be playing as characters like Eren, Mikasa, and Armin as you build up your deck to fight against the unstoppable titans as they attack the last human settlement.  This game will use the Cerberus Engine that is used by the DC Deck Building Game so those who have played that game will be familiar with how the game goes.  One major difference is that there is a positional element to the game in that you have to be in the right place in addition to having the right cards.  Look for this to hit store shelves in a just a few weeks.


Next will be the retail release of the second Ghostbusters board game, Ghostbusters II the Board Game.  This game expands on the concept from the first game and has you playing the Ghostbusters against all the ghouls and ghosts from the second movie.  Hopefully you have what it takes to stop Vigo before he comes back to enslave the world.  Look for this on store shelves in December of this year.


Coming in January of next year is a new social deduction game in the Batman animated series universe called Batman: Almost Got ‘im.  In the game you are playing villains around a poker table playing poker and reminiscing about the times they almost got Batman.  The thing is, Batman is in their midst, and so you need to figure out who it is before he is able to subdue everyone.  An interesting twist to this game is that you will be playing poker in this game, and the hands you are able to craft will dictate the actions to take during the night phase.  Look for this on store shelves in 2017.


Last on the list is the second Attack on Titan game with the Attack on Titan: The Last Stand – Tactical Board Game.  This is board game you will be playing on a 3D surface in the form of the castle walls as well as the Titan himself.  One player will play as the titan and will be playing down two cards, one hidden and one revealed that indicate what actions he will be taking.  Everyone else will be playing the characters like Armin and Eren as they prepare and attack the Titan with all they got.  Players though will have to be careful because with one Titan card being face down, there is always uncertainty of where the Titan will strike, and being unprepared will be your death.  Look for this game to hit shelves in January of next year.

ghostbusters game board

What happens when you release a board game with a theme connected to a major motion picture?  Usually some extra coverage from main-stream sources. It’s not typical for Popular Mechanics to write about board games, but that’s precisely what has happened with Cryptozoic’s Ghostbusters board game.  Popular Mechanics picked up a copy of the game and did a brief review of the game in light of the recently released Ghostbusters movie.  So if you like seeing what folks outside the industry think of board games, you can take a look at the review on Popular Mechanics’ website.

ecto 1 tin
When you think custom meeples you most likely think of Meeple Source. Cryptozoic, however, is utilizing the licenses they have to create their own line of custom meeples and their first releases are slated for September of this year.  First are a slew of DC Comics characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luther, and Poison Ivy (a total of 24 different characters randomly sorted out in booster pack style).
Additionally they are releasing a collector’s tin of  Ecto-1 containing all four Ghostbusters, Slimer and an extra large Marshmallow Man – all as meeples.
hall of justice
Finally, in December, they will release a collector’s tin for the DC Comics set that will be shaped like the Hall of Justice and contain the seven original members of the Justice League in meeple form.
You can read more on the GTS Distribution website for the DC comics boosters here, the Ecto-1 tin here, and the Hall of Justice tin here.


Adding to a growing list of popular licensed games USAopoly will be releasing new versions of Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Jenga in July.

Monopoly: Attack on Titan:

Inspired by anime series Attack on Titan, this game features people, banners and events on the board, replacing the usual location themed spaces. This game also includes Command and Tactics instead of Community Chest and Chance cards, and custom Wall Sections and Gate Marias replace houses and hotels. Six collectible tokens include Sword, Key Necklace, Supply Wagon, Cannon, Flare Gun, and Omni-Direction Mobility Gear.

ghostbuster slimer

Yahtzee: Ghostbusters: Slimer

This version of Yahtzee will feature custom green dice displaying Ghostbuster items Ecto-1, Proton Pack, Trap, PKE Meter, Goggles, and Ghostbusters Logo. The set also will include a Slimer shaped dice shaker cup, custom score pad and pencil.

Yahtzee: Fallout: Vault Boy

This Fallout edition of Yahtzee will include dice with six factions from Fallout 4: Railroad, Vault-Tech, Minute Men, Atom Cats, Brotherhood, and Institute. Also included is a Dice cup shaped like the head of the Vault Boy, custom score pad and pencil.

Jenga: The Walking Dead

This edition contains 54 wood blocks. With a twist on classic Jenga, printed on the blocks are specific tasks the players must complete. There is also space for player created custom actions.

Ernie Hudson, known for his role a Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters movie series, comes back to put on the beige jumpsuit again to help promote the next board game in the Ghostbusters line.  The video itself is corny as all get out, but has some genuine funny moments, and it’s just great to see a big name actor get on board to help promote a board game.  You can check out the full video on the Kickstarter campaign page and read the full press release which includes some talk of what happened behind the scenes.


Lake Forest, CA – April 27, 2016 – Ernie Hudson is a Ghostbuster again! Cryptozoic Entertainment is proud to announce that their promotional video for GHOSTBUSTERS: THE BOARD GAME II features the long-awaited return of Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore, his iconic role in the first two Ghostbusters movies. The five-minute video, which can be seen on the Kickstarter campaign page for the game, features Hudson strapping on his proton pack to lead a group of Ghostbusters as they take on a paranormal invasion.
Largely due to the promo video and exciting new gameplay elements, the campaign reached its initial goal in approximately two hours and hit $500,000 in under 48 hours.

Thanks to the support of Sony Pictures Consumer Products, Cryptozoic was able to shoot the video at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City. The other members of the team are played by three of the Southland Ghostbusters, a group of Southern California cosplayers who were honored to work with one of the original busters. Hudson spent time between scenes joking with the crew and taking photos with fans, including several starstruck Cryptozoic employees.

Describing the shoot, Hudson said, “I had the absolute best time, and it was so much fun getting back in the jumpsuit again!”
John Sepenuk, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Cryptozoic, said, “We are so thrilled to be working with Ernie. Bringing bring back one of the original Ghostbusters, the iconic Winston Zeddemore, means so much to all of us at Cryptozoic, and certainly all the Ghostbusters fans around the world.”

“Directing Ernie was the most amazing experience,” explained Pete Sepenuk, director of the promo video. “He was Winston from take one: hilarious, charming, taking charge and schooling the newbies. We had such a good time together, creating this new world where he could bust ghosts in 2016.”

Fans of Ernie Hudson, the Ghostbusters franchise, and board games can check out the video and the Kickstarter campaign for GHOSTBUSTERS: THE BOARD GAME II here

The campaign includes a unique social media component called “Gimme Grabber” that asks fans to share various images and videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Since it’s announcement one week ago, eight of the ten social media goals have been reached and most backers will receive Grabber, an exclusive ghost figure. The first goal, asking pre-order customers to share a message about the game on Facebook, was reached in less than one day. Fans can share the Facebook message by clicking here

The campaign for GHOSTBUSTERS: THE BOARD GAME II lasts until May 9 and the game is estimated to be delivered to backers May 2017.

 About Cryptozoic
Founded in 2010, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Inc. is a premier developer and publisher of original and licensed board games, card games, comics and trading cards, including the DC Comics™ Deck-Building Game, The Walking Dead™ Board Game, The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game and Ghostbusters™:The Board Game, one of the most funded tabletop games in Kickstarter history. Following a philosophy and core principle of “Fans First,” the dedicated gamers and fans of the Cryptozoic Entertainment team are focused on producing fun and amazing products along with epic events that bring all gaming fans together as part of the Cryptozoic community. Visit for more information about product releases, events and news.
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ghostbusters 2

Guess who’s coming to save the world again?

Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of board games and collectible cards, and Sony Pictures Consumer Products are proud to announce the upcoming April launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Ghostbusters: The Board Game II!

Sony and Cryptozoic Entertainment would like to announce their upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Ghostbusters II: The Board Game, beginning in April.  Below is the official press release:

Following on the heels of last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign and retail release of Ghostbusters: The Board Game, the second game in the series ups the ante with lots of new game elements, including Slime Blower Pack Ghostbusters, Ooze entities that can split apart and join back together, allies, new equipment like Ecto Goggles and Portal Destabilizers, and much more!

The game features an original story by Ghostbusters comics writer Erik Burnham that has the Ghostbusters investigating mood slime that has flooded the city, creating earthquakes and riots in another attempt to bring Vigo and his minions back. In line with the story, the map tiles in the game depict buildings destroyed by earthquakes and fires, as well as collapsed streets that expose sewers infested with slime, tunnels with derailed subway cars, and ghost trains. The impressive new figures are based on designs by Ghostbusters comic book artist Dan Schoening.

Keep your eye on Dice Tower News, we’ll be letting you know when the Kickstarter campaign launches!

ghostbusters board

When you want a theme, that’ll scare you good… What you gonna play? GHOSTBUSTERS!
When you want co-op, like I know you should… What you gonna play? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced that Ghostbusters: The Board Game (based on the film series) will be available on November 11, 2015 after its successful Kickstarter. This is a 1-4 player cooperative game where players will bust ghosts and banish ghouls.

For more information, check out the game’s official website, and see the official launch kit for board game stores.

Read the press release below:

 Lake Forest, CA – Oct. 29, 2015 – Cryptozoic Entertainment today announced Ghostbusters™: The Board Game will be available on retail shelves starting November 11, 2015. The cooperative tabletop game lets fans relive classic moments from the beloved film series, with up to four players teaming up bust ghosts and banish ghouls to the spirit world. The game was developed through a Kickstarter campaign and raised over $1.5M, making it the eighth most-funded board game of all time.

Ghostbusters™: The Board Game is a game for 1-4 players, ages 15 and up. Players choose one of the four Ghostbusters character figures (Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore and Ray Stantz) and then select from one of the game’s pre-written scenarios, beginning a game session that lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the chosen scenario(s) and degree of difficulty. Each of the Ghostbusters has unique traits and talents that can assist the entire team, with highly cooperative gameplay. As players gain experience from banishing spirits, the Ghostbusters level up, gaining new abilities that help them take on greater challenges. The team can also hop in the Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters’ converted ambulance, to help them quickly move through the city.

Ghostbusters™: The Board Game includes the 48 custom mini figures, including the four Ghostbusters character figures (Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore and Ray Stantz), 10 double-sided map tiles, 6 dice, 43 tokens, 4 player cards, 6 ghost cards, 15 unique scenarios, and more!

Ghostbusters™: The Board Game will be available starting November 11. Kickstarter backers will get early access to the game and receive their copies starting the final week of October.

About Cryptozoic Entertainment, LLC

Founded in 2010, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Inc. is a premier developer and publisher of original and licensed board games, card games, comics and trading cards, including the DC Comics™ Deck-Building Game, The Walking Dead™ Board Game, The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game and Ghostbusters™: The Board Game, the 8th most funded tabletop game in Kickstarter history. Following a philosophy and core principle of “Fans First,” the dedicated gamers and fans of the Cryptozoic Entertainment team are focused on producing fun and amazing products along with epic events that bring all gaming fans together as part of the Cryptozoic community. Visit for more information about product releases, events and news.

About Sony Pictures Consumer Products

Sony Pictures Consumer Products (SPCP) is the licensing and merchandising division of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE’s global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition and distribution; television production, acquisition and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. For additional information, go to



Following on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing the retail version of Ghostbusters the board game.  This game based on the Ghostbusters comic book series put out by IDW will offer players the ability to cooperatively play out adventures where you will be trying to bust ghosts and seal up gates to the spirit world.  This game like many combat based co-ops should have a fair bit of variability which leads to expected play times ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

This iconic game will have you fighting such baddies as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Slimer, and Indulnas. Along with many of their minions.  they have also indicated that additional characters will be made available as add-ons which should allow for an expanded gaming experience once you have exhausted the initial sets of adventures.

For more details on this game and what all is included check out Cryptozoics page here.