Well, if you missed their previous Kickstarter, back in 2018, you’re in for a treat now. We reported on this premium board game bag solution during their first campaign and were excited to find out that they had more in store in their current Kickstarter campaign.

There are several cool new products in GeekOn’s latest offering starting out with their new pak, the SpacePak. The SpacePak can hold up to 50 pounds and is composed of 500D ripstop nylon material. The zippers are sturdy and made of a durable rubber for easy and fast opening. What’s super cool about these bags is just the pure open storage capacity that they provide. I found it excellent for not only board games, but those with role playing needs (it held nearly all of my D&D 5e books along with tokens and mini cases.

But that’s not all! Also available in this Kickstarter is their ShuttleTote. Now this was intriguing as I’ve never quite seen a design like this. The ShuttleTote not only provides a large capacity for your board gaming needs but it also will “wrap” up around your items – eliminating any possible additional space.

ShuttleTote open

Above you can see just the huge capacity that the tote alone provides. Below you can see how it not only zippers up, but allows you to roll up the top and buckle it in – making your tote compact. It also features a huge front pocket for additional accessories. It’s super comfortable to carry and simply a fantastic design, in my opinion.

In addition to the game bags, GeekOn is providing quite a few additional add-ons. Probably the two coolest are their new (and “Huge”-ified) dice tray. It is very similar to their first design, but almost quadruple in size. What’s great about their dice solution is that the bottom of the box is easily removed and serves as a dice tray itself. The main portion unzips and allows for storage of dozens of dice sets – all while providing a nice foam bottom layer to protect them.

New to this Kickstarter, however, is their innovative dice tower. The tower folds up into a flat accessory that can actually be stored within the XL dice tray. It folds out quite easily into a tower as pictured above. It will also work with their original dice tray.

There are many different board game bag solutions out there. After years of trying different bags I was lucky enough to come across GeekOn and purchase their latest solution at GenCon. I was happy enough with that offering and had no idea that this was just the start of a line of innovative products. In my opinion, they’re quite affordable and a must have for any board gamer that has need of a carrying solution! You can find out more over at their Kickstarter page here.

There’s definitely been an onslaught of gaming accessories on the scene within the past couple of years and board game bags are among some of the best getting attention!

Game nights are an important part of every board gamer’s routine and there’s definitely a need to come up with a way of transporting them to the fun. Games, as you know, come in all shapes and sizes from the traditional sized box of something like Arkham Horror to that of the large-sized Gloomhaven. But don’t forget your board game fillers such as your typical Roll-and-write or something simple like Jaipur or Tea Dragon Society.

Enter – GeekOn!

“GeekOn! was created in 2018 when a group of like-minded people came up with a better way to transport a hoard of games to game night. Along with the highest quality boardgame bag on the market we pride ourselves in creating the most innovative and useful gaming accessories matched only by our first rate customer service! “

GeekOn makes a variety of game bags and game bag accessories in not only a variety of colors, but with unique features you won’t find anywhere else right now! Pictured on the left you can see the size of the bag without being expanded – large enough to fit several games back-to-back. However, with their unique zippering system, you can expand the pack to hold much more if you have the need (pictured on right and below).

Additionally, there are quite a few pockets to fit smaller games on either side as well as a really nifty compartment on the top of the bag.

The bag system comes with quite a few extras as well, including game mat cases, wrist straps, and dice trays (check them out here).

GeekOn has a Kickstarter campaign planned for 4th quarter of 2019 with some new carrying solutions as well as several really cool accessories that complement their current line of accessories! They probably have the most innovative bag on the market right now!

One of the most pressing issues for gamers when attending a board game night can be how to transport all of those board games safely without pieces flying everywhere in the box.

Now available on Kickstarter is the Ultimate Boardgame Backpack from GeekOn!

On the Kickstarter page, the company says it focused on three key things: “protection, organization and comfort.”

For protection, the company offers waterproof zippers, an EVA padded frame, reinforced seams, weatherproof ripstop nylon, and also includes a padded laptop section as well as a sunglasses storage.

For organization, the backpack has top section pockets, outside zippered pockets, essentials pockets, a notepad section and a pen slot, a pocket especially for keys/cards, a tech storage compartment as well as two koozie holders for gamer drinks. The website says the main compartment is also expandable.

For comfort features, the company has given the backpack a moisture wicking back panel and straps, so sweat won’t be a problem lugging those heavy games around, a padded grab handle, adjustable straps, custom rubber zipper pulls, and a sternum strap.

The Kickstarter page even has a link for gamers to figure out if their favorite large game will fit!

For more information,visit the Kickstarter pageĀ here.