Geek Chic

Geek Chic closing down last year was a big surprise that infuriated some customers who lost money, and saddened the staff that was being laid off.  But they didn’t sulk for long, they got together, figured out how not to repeat the same mistakes, and launched a new board game table company, Bandpass Designs.  Right now they only have one table design, but that is by choice so that they are able to produce the tables in a timely manner, and not build up a huge backlog that could bite them later.  But that doesn’t mean the design and quality aren’t top notch, as the table includes all the features you could want, like dice trays, components trays, cards slots, recessed play surface, and of course, cup holders.  You can find out more about the table, called the Dresden, on their website as well as purchase one if you are so inclined.

What came as a surprise to most people on social media, today Geek Chic changed it’s homepage to a simple announcement that Geek Chic will be shutting down.  The full text is as follows:

It is with great sadness that I must announce Geek Chic has ceased operation.  Despite heroic efforts by many, this outcome is out of our hands.  While I am certain there are many outstanding questions, we are currently limited in our ability to respond. I will update this page with appropriate contact information and procedures as they become available.

I am forever indebted to those who joined us on this adventure, and am absolutely gutted about it’s end.

-Robert Gifford

I personally have not owned a Geek Chic table but it was always my goal to eventually have a high end gaming table, something of a board gamer milestone.  It’s sad to see them go and hopefully they will be able to fulfill all their commitments before going dark.


Patrick Nickell, owner/founder of Crash Games, announced that they are merging with Geek Chic and will now be Crash “of” Games and sport a new logo (which, I personally think, is really nice).

Crash Games has pretty much been a solo operation (with some support) however this new merger will provide extra help along with added decision making. Patrick also announced that, although appreciative of the Kickstarter support Crash has relied upon up to this point, that more formal publishing opportunities will be afforded to them and the KS model will no longer be used.

There was quite a bit of enthusiasm behind the announcement and you can listen to it here:

Shortly after starting this hobby I first heard about Geek Chic gaming tables and knew I wanted one. Expertly designed and lovingly crafted these are a true heirloom piece of furniture. A lot of folks have grail games well I have a grail table and that is a Geek Chic gaming table. Now they have announced a new set of tables called the Dropship line that are designed to be more affordable, easier to ship, light weight, and already made! My grail table may soon be within my grasp!

The first in this new line is called The Next Level Card Table, a lightweight table made for small to mid size board and card games. It comes in two sizes 3’10” square or 3’10” x 2’6″ rectangle that are designed to set up and break down easily. This new line is a lot more affordable and comes standard with some cool features like:

Choice of hardwood – North American Cherry, Hard Rock Sugar Maple, or Black Walnut.

Game vault system – a 1.25″  dropped in play surface that comes with a cover to keep your game safely stored underneath when it’s time to pause.

Geek Chic Roll Out Game Layer – a padded neoprene surface to play your games on.

Clear Acrylic Layer – A wet/dry erase capable surface you can place your game boards under and write on to keep track of scores, damage, etc.

Geek Chic Rail System – Their signature rail system to attach accessories to things like…

Locking Cup Holders – Four slide lock cup holders that attach to the rail system around the outside of the table.

So if you’re looking for an amazing quality table and don’t have the room, tend to move a lot, or want a more portable table then this could be the answer you are looking for. They are available for pre-order now and expect to be shipping starting in July. If you’re interested get in line behind me here.


Geek Chic Logo

Geek Chic has announced their 2015 changes to their business and their offerings.  Starting off with an expansion to their manufacturing facilities.  If you know much about how Geek Chic has been operating for the past few years then you know that they have been expanding rapidly.  At times they were not able to keep up with the demand for their  furniture and so there have been points at which they have had waiting lists as far out as 18 months to get their beautiful creations.

In addition to their expanding the workshops for building furniture they have also added a new type of wood to their offerings.  In addition to the maple, cherry, and walnut that they have made available up until this point they have also added oak as an option.  They have stated that this should allow customers to match more closely the look of the table with their other heirlooms or heirloom quality furniture that they may already possess.  In addition this does offer another distinctive look.

In addition they have announced their 2015 roadshow dates

  • PAX South – January 23-25 – San Antonio, TX
  • PAX East – March 6-8 – Boston, MA
  • GAMA Trade Show – March 16-20 – Las Vegas, NV
  • *Emerald City Comicon – March 27-29 – Seattle, WA
  • *WonderCon – April 3-5 – Anaheim, CA
  • MegaCon – April 10-12 – Orlando, FL
  • Denver Comic Con – May 23-25 – Denver, CO
  • Phoenix Comicon – May 28-31 – Phoenix, AZ
  • Origins Game Fair – June 3-7 – Columbus, OH
  • San Diego Comic-Con – July 9-12 – San Diego, CA
  • Gen Con – July 30-August 2 – Indianapolis, IN
  • PAX Prime – August 29-September 1 – Seattle, WA
  • DragonCon – September 4-7 – Atlanta, GA
  • *Rose City Comic Con – September 19-20 – Portland, OR
  • *Salt Lake Comic Con – September 24-26 – Salt Lake City, UT
  • *Board Game Geek Con – November – Dallas, TX

Dates with an * are TBD whether they will be included in the schedule.

For more information about Geek Chic and products head over to their site here.