gaming marathon

That’s right folks, the Dice Tower Live Gaming Marathon has officially launched and will going on until 2pm on Friday the 12th.  You will be able to watch the Dice Tower crew with special guests play through a whole bunch of different games into and out of the wee hours of the morning.  Some of the highlights include Grimm ForestNear and Far, Pie Town and more.  But even more amazing is that they will be doing contests live throughout the marathon, but you have to be watching because the contest will be announced, and concluded within the live stream.  So pull up a chair and have fun watching ‘da crew play all the latest and fun games. (Click here for a full list of links)!

Because someone was able to talk Tom into doing it, The Dice Tower will again be doing a day long marathon of board gaming with Tom, Zee, Sam and some special guests.  This year the special guests will be Zev, the founder/owner of Z-Man Games, Marty Connell of Rolling Dice and Taking Names, and Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games.  They will all be trapped in the same house together for 30 hours as they play all sorts of games like Time’s Up, Captain Sonar, Cash ‘n’ Guns, and Spyfall.  You can check out this thread on BGG for links to the live YouTube feeds and browse a complete list of games and players that will be in the marathon.

So, who’s up for some Blood Rage at 3am?