Gaming Accessories

Game Toppers, which most recently delighted the masses at Origins by providing playmats for all the open gaming tables, has announced a mystery give-away contest in support of their recently launched Kickstarter campaign for various packages featuring it’s premium game mats and crafted game table tops that can transform even a humble card table into a high-end board game surface.

Contest participants are invited to dive into a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery, which stars the Dice Towers’ very own Eric Summerer, which is unveiled across a series of three YouTube videos. Participants must hunt for 5 clues across the three videos and enter them as part of their submission form for the contest.

Each participant is automatically entered into a drawing for a Game Toppers Premium 3mm stitched edge game mat. In addition, those who correctly identify all the clues are entered into the Grand Prize drawing for the mysterious Game Topper Package, which has a value of $1000.

More information about the Game Toppers give-away can be found here.

Information about Game Toppers current Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

On May 22, 2019, Asmodee announced the launch of the Gamegenic studio, which has declared its mission to be delivering “amazing accessories that protect, support and enrich players’ experiences.” Gamegenic is going to be headed by Adrian Alonso, the man behind the Ultimate Guard products.

The Gamegenic studio is going to be responsible exclusively for gaming accessories such as the traditional sleeves, deck boxes, playmats and dice sets. The new studio also promises to “add new class to the market with accessories for various games and licensed products.”

For further information regarding Gamegenic studios, check out the News section of Asmodee’s website here.

We don’t talk as much as we probably should about must-haves in the gaming room. Part of the hobby isn’t just the games, but how we facilitate them as hosts for game nights, and stuff like comfortable seats, lighting, and drinks are essential. What many will also tell you is some kind of padding on your table is also vital, because it’s not just nice – padding protects your table and your cards while also muffling loud dice rolls. That’s where this Kickstarter we’re highlighting today comes in: Overpowered Game Mats are premium padding for your table or topper custom made to fit any style, size, and shape without any hassle.

“We precision-cut each and every custom game mat with high-end machinery.  Our default shapes are circles, squares, and rectangles, but we can do other shapes such as ovals, hexagons, octagons etc. […] You can upload your own image, choose any solid color, or select from one of our artwork files!  However, we are unable to print copyrighted material, which includes game boards, movie artwork, sports team logos and more.”

If you’ve ever tried searching for just the right kind of padding for your table in a quick and affordable way, you’ve already traveled down that rabbit hole of trying to get the size or color right. Overpowered sidesteps all that by making exactly what you want with any non-licensed image or color your heart desires, with great 3 mm thickness and optional edge stitching. Their online tools make ordering a breeze and totally takes the headache out. Backing on Kickstarter nets you an early-bird discount on these mats, so now’s the time; if you’re in the market for anything like this and would like to find out more about Overpowered’s custom mats, visit their campaign page for full instructions, FAQs, reviews, and updates.

Geek & Sundry have just partnered with Campaign Coins to create a series of gaming metal coins based on the popular TableTop board game show. King of the Castle Games Company signed a licensing agreement with Geek & Sundry to release the coins. Now Tom can finally replace all the paper money he loathes with some quality metal coins!

Mark Morrison of Campaign Coins discussed the coins as being the next level of components for the celebrities that frequent Will Wheaton’s TableTop show:

On TableTop, Wil and his friends show what is so wonderful about board gaming: getting together and having fun. Adding metal coins to the mix adds an extra level of immersion. It’s the way they clink!

Wil Wheaton offered plenty of praise for the design that designer Daniel Solis came up with for the coins:

Daniel is such a wonderful designer, and Campaign Coins are so beautifully crafted. I’m just thrilled to have them coming together to make something special for TableTop fans.

Daniel Solis designed the coins, so they can almost be guaranteed to have long-lasting appeal. Solis and his wife are the founders of the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge. The challenge was a $1,000 competition to create a game that could be enjoyed for the next 1,000 years, encouraging designers to think about eh sustainability and universality of games, designing for longevity. Solis has done graphic design and layout for a variety of both board and role playing games.

The final designs Solis created for the coins are very much in keeping with his preference for classic design, featuring timeless motifs, styles and shapes intended to be suitable for any board game regardless of the genre. The coins are clearly marked in dominations with a different size for each demonization, and are produced in a flat design for easy stacking.

Imprinted with standard tabletop game images, the dominations of the antique finished coins are marked and minted as:

  • copper 1 coin with imprinted with a meeple
  • silver 5 coin imprinted with a hand of cards
  • bronze 20 coin imprinted with a D20
  • gold 100 coin imprinted with a table and board game

The back side of each coin includes the TableTop logo.

The coins are available now. Keep an eye out on the current season of TableTop, with new episodes being released now through June 7 2017, for coins to make possible appearances.

cucu dice

Lovers of Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror have an exciting new project on Kickstarter CuCu Dice.  This is aimed specifically at the needs of players of the Arkham and Eldritch games.  Offering an easy to see answer for dice rols of whether you have met success.  These have three different dice faces with 3 blue faces, 2 green faces and 1 red face which allows you to have easy answers to success based on what result you are looking for from a 1 in 6 chance to a 5 in 6 chance of success of failure.

This project features 5 different pledge levels  and has already met its funding goals.  It is set to fund on May 3rd.  It is indicated that stretch goals will be announced.  But at this time there have been none actually specified.  In addition this is a project that has identified that it will be kicking it forward which means a portion of the money raised will be going to back other projects.

cucu dice image

While this project is very interesting looking it does come with some risks not the least of which is that this is a first time project creator.  Additionally dice projects in general on Kickstarter can be a bit hit or miss on delivering near when they are slated to.  This has to do with the difficulty which dice present.  If you remember Wizkids having difficulty last year producing dice in enough quantity that is because dice are not necessarily the easiest thing to produce especially when they have custom elemetns to them.  Within his risks and challenges area the creator does point out that production delays may be an issue.  He say that he has worked to eliminate a lot of these issues.  But has identified actions taken to mitigate some of these delays including doing work on production already and lining up multiple manufacturers.

for full details on this project you can check out the Kickstarter page here.

A lot of news is pouring out of GAMA Trade Show 2015 in Las Vegas this week, not the least of which coming from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG).

Company Updates

FFG made a big announcement at the end of 2014 that they would be merging with Asmodee.  Christian T. Petersen, CEO and founder of Fantasy Flight Games, said this about the merger and the rapid growth of FFG: “By joining forces with Asmodee, we’ll be able to continue that growth, expand our international marketing capabilities, and create additional career opportunities for our terrific staff. Most importantly, we can do this while staying true to our vision of creating great products for the global hobby games market.”  This week, FFG explained that this merger will allow them to forego much of the distribution and marketing of their products, leaving them more room to concentrate on game development.

To the gaming industry (and American retail in general), it is no secret that the West Coast port delays over the last half-year or so have been detrimental to game companies and distributors to bring products to store shelves.  FFG commented this week that these delays have become very severe since the summer of 2014, and it will take months to clean up the backlog.

FFG relies on its Organized Play events to bring gamers together with their games.  FFG states the following about this program:

Organized Play is your portal to connecting with other passionate players who play the games you love. Our goal is to help players join a global community and create memorable and exciting game experiences all over the world.  Seasonal Tournament Kits are the foundation of Organized Play. With three four-month seasons each year (Spring, Summer, and Winter), players can find a large variety of tournaments, game nights, and leagues at their local stores. Seasonal events are a place for newer players to experience organized tournaments and experienced players to try a new army or strategy.

As of the GAMA Trade Show this week, FFG has shipped over 25,000 organized play kits.


Game Updates

FFG recently announced their reprinting of the classic Reiner Knizia game Tigris and Euphrates.  This week, FFG stated that this reprint will include the original game as well as new game options.

Another announcement this week included FFG’s collaboration with Dragon Shield to make Matte Sleeves for their games.

What’s the latest update on the success of the hit game release, X-Com?  As of this week, the first print-run has already sold out.

FFG will be releasing multiplayer and a new DLC for Battlelore digital in a few weeks. They will also be releasing more material for the physical game of Battlelore 2.0 in 2015.

Some excellent news reported by FFG this week was that they had renewed their license to design and produce Star Wars licensed games for years to come–including the license for Star Wars Episode 7.

Along these lines, FFG had the upcoming Imperial Raider expansion ship for the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game on display at the GAMA Trade Show this week, as well as much news about their two latest hit games set in the Star Wars universe, Imperial Assault and Armada.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault Updates

FFG stated that Imperial Assault has been their biggest release in the company’s history.  The first wave of mini-expansions for the game, including such mini-expansions as Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the Rebel Troopers, were released in stores this week on March 18.

What’s more, FFG announced the first official full expansion for Imperial Assault, Twin Shadows.  This expansion will come with C3PO, R2D2 and Boba Fett.

Star Wars: Armada Updates


FFG’s upcoming space miniatures game, Star Wars: Armada, focuses on recreating epic capital starship battles from the Star Wars universe.  The ships from Wave 1 were shown at the GAMA Trade Show, and Wave 2 was also announced, including the Imperial Star Destroyer, Mon Calamari Cruiser and Imperial Raider.  A third faction, Rogues and Villains, will also be a future release, including the famed Millennium Falcon.

A New Game Announcement

Finally, this enormous volume of FFG news from GAMA 2015 finished with one final announcement: an upcoming game entitled Forbidden Stars, a Warhammer 40,000 space combat game.  At first glance, it is reminiscent of a full-scale space conquest game like FFG’s classic hit, Twilight Imperium 3. It will be a game for 2-4 players in which you can play as the Orks Eldar Chaos or Imperium.

This is the news from FFG as of Wednesday, March 18, from the GAMA Trade Show 2015, and there will likely be much more to follow.  Continue to follow us for more information on new releases and updates at GAMA 2015.