genghis con

Genghis Con 2016 is right around the corner, being held from February 11-14, 2016, in Aurora, Colorado at the Radisson Southeast.

Genghis Con will feature many opportunities in gaming, such as:

  • Role-playing games (Savage Worlds, D&D, and Hero’s RPG)
  • Access to the Gen Con board game library, with over 700 games (Board Game Ribbon required to access)
  • Auction
  • Catan Regional Championship qualifier (winner will compete at Gen Con 2016)
  • Miniatures room run by Gamer’s Haven game store
  • Envoy Games regional championships in Diamonds, Game of 49, Spellcaster, Nevermore, Skull King, and Wizard
  • Artemis Bridge Simulator
  • Cosplay contest
  • Live-action role-playing
  • Dungeon Crawl of Awesome featuring an entire floor for a sic-fi dungeon crawl

Hotel rooms are available for $89/night with the group code “Gen Con”.  For more information, visit the convention’s web site at

Gamewright 150

Gamewright would like to announce a slew of new games up for release during 2016, many of which will be seen at this year’s Toy Fair in New York this February.

An overview of the games for this year includes:

• Go Away Monster! – Back by popular demand! Perfect “my first game”, with a brand new look.

• Ranglin’ Rabbits – A cooperative dice game for nimble-fingered bunny catchers.

• Sushi Go Party! – Deluxe edition of this best-selling game, featuring lots more cards.

• Cardventures – A new line of card-based games with an interactive story feature.

• Baba Yaga – An enchanting new signature card game, themed around the classic fairytale.

• Rolling America – The star-spangled dice game.

• Rory’s Story Cubes– Three thematic add-ons to this best-selling series: Medic, Score, and Intergalactic, plus new licensed editions.

• Skiwampus – A quick-playing brain-building game

• Bring Your Own Book – A new party game with a literary twist!

For those attending this year’s Toy Fair, you can find Gamewright’s booth at Booth #2167 in the Javits Center.  For more information on the above releases and reprints, read the full press release here.


At the Essen Spiel 2015 this past fall, many attendees, especially those from abroad, expressed some frustration at not having enough designated gaming areas, tables, or any open area in which to game.  Many resorted to playing in their hotel rooms on their beds, hoping not to lose too many pieces from the games.

Dice & Mystics, a prominent German board game guild, has discussed this issue amongst its members and has decided to come to the aid of Essen Spiel-goers this coming fall of 2016.  The guild is offering their gaming space in Bochum, 15 to 20 minutes away from the Spiel, to anyone who needs space to try out their newly-acquired gaming treasures.  The facility is well-lit, and provides table and an atmosphere conducive to comfortable gaming.  Food and soft drinks may be consumed on the premises as well.

The guild requests that anyone interested in using the facility to please contact them to make an appointment in advance, as space is limited.  The gaming hall will be open from 4:00 PM to midnight, and use of the facility will be free-of-charge.

Registration for use of the facility is open until August 10, 2016.  To contact the guild for more information or to register for facility use, visit their guild page here.

Who Dice & Mystics are

Dice & Mystics are a constantly growing board game guild on BoardGameGeek and are listed on NRW Spielt, a German platform which provides information on gaming events in North Rhine Westphalia. We are not a club but an informal group of board game and RPG lovers without membership fees, officials or obligations and no rules except those of common courtesy and open-mindedness. Our aims are good games, good company, and lots of fun. We hold game sessions on a regular basis. Our core group meet in Bochum, NRW, Germany. All ages are welcome. We speak German and English.

All the games we play are privately owned. We operate exclusively by our Game Host System (nicknamed the GHoSt) which means you can bring your own game and play. You are expected to allow anybody to join you and you are very welcome to join in at any other game, provided there is still room for one more player. If you do not have a game to bring along, you can simply come and watch and maybe join in anyway. Our Dice & Mystics group will always be present.

We have spacious well-lit rooms with large tables, generously made available to us free of charge. You can bring your own food and (soft) drinks and borrow cutlery etc. from the kitchen (provided you also wash up). There are a small pizza parlour and a kiosk for drinks, sweets etc. practically next door and delivery services nearby.

You are in danger of flunking most-heinously tomorrow!

Travel across the circuits of history with up to four players, collecting personages of historical significance in order to pass tomorrow’s oral report. But beware! Every time you snatch someone, the phone booth breaks most non-triumphantly, and your adventure through time will take a most serious turn!

No way!

Yes.  Way!

Steve Jackson announces a new game based on the classic comedy Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  In this game designed by Sam Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann, players will travel across the circuits of history, collect personages of historical significance, pass their history report, and determine the fate of society.

Each copy of the game will include:

  • 60 Cards
  • 36 Tokens
  • 6 Standees
  • Game Board
  • Rule Sheet

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Boardgame is now in production and the release date has yet to be announced.  To read the full press release, visit the SJG website here.

Gear Patrol has published an article offering up a brief list of board games for the holiday season “that have gotten great reviews, but aren’t as financially successful as the old classics [like Monopoly, The Game of Life and Risk].”  One of the games mentioned in this list was One Night Ultimate Werewolf, with a few comments by its designer, Ted Alspach.

When asked about the old family classics like Monopoly, Alspach offered to explain why those older games are still so prevalent and games published in the last ten years come nowhere close.  “They put a lot of money into those brands to put them on the shelves. Hasbro continues to market them, and they spend more money than any other board game company…If we got to reset right now, those games wouldn’t exist without the history and the marketing.”

It is because of the strong presence of these classic games and the fact that most people already know how to play them that makes them the usual go-to games for the holidays.  However, the article suggests a new lineup of options in various categories, with alternate suggestions for each:

  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak

    game of thrones card game

  • A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition

  • Fire in the Lake


  • Terra


  • Splendor


  • Dixit

  • Coconuts

Each of the above-mentioned games brings with it a similar, alternate suggestion, such as Star Wars: Armada in place of Fire in the Lake.

To read the article in full, visit the Gear Patrol website here.

simons cat cards

At the recent Steve Jackson Games Open House, retailers were able to to demo the latest release from SJG that left them laughing hysterically and requesting preorders.

Simon Tofield’s popular YouTube series, “Simon’s Cat”, has achieved over 680 million views, and continues to entertain with its adorable art and charming humor about a fate white cat and his long-suffering owner.

Now, designers Randy Scheunemann and Sam Mitschke have brought us a new card game based on this beloved animated series.  In this lighthearted romp, 3-6 players will “go around the table playing cards to escape Simon’s attention. Get caught and you get Blame. Get too much Blame and you get fed last. No one wants that.”

Simon’s Cat release date has yet to be announced.  For more information on Steve Jackson Games and to keep an eye on this game’s news, visit the SJG website HERE.


Destroy Tokyo with a clear conscience!

The Draccus monster promo for King of Tokyo was available at Gen Con 2015 via a charity drive for the Worldbuilders charity organization.  However, not everyone who wanted one was able to snag one.

Now, Iello Games has announced that this promo is available for purchase via an online donation to Worldbuilders.  100% of the profits from this promo will go towards Worldbuilders, which has to date raised over $3.5 million for Heifer International to help end hunger and bring families and communities out of poverty.

For more information on this promo and to purchase it, visit Iello’s website here.

imperial raider

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to bring you the all-new Raider-class corvette, a new Imperial ship for X-Wing Epic Play and a new addition to the Star Wars galaxy!

Fantasy Flight Games has announced an Imperial match for the Rebel Corellian CR90 Corvette: the Imperial Raider.  While FFG was in the process of designing the huge Rebel Corvette ship for their Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game, they quickly realized that the Imperial player would need a ship that was comparable to this Rebel behemoth that could go toe-to-toe with it.  After scouring the Star Wars IP lore, they failed to find a ship that would fit this bill, with the next larger ship than the VT-49 Decimator being the Lancer-class frigate.  As the frigate would be entirely too big for the scope of the game, FFG has partnered with Lucasfilm Ltd. to design a new ship that would be able to counter the CR90 Corvette’s bulk and firepower and maintain the integrity and balance of the game.

Designed to be an anti-fighter ship, the Imperial Raider expansion pack will include not only this huge, sleek powerhouse, but also a TIE-Advanced ship model with a new paint job.  The expansion pack will also include the usual slew of new and exciting upgrades, pilots, and other quality features that make X-Wing a thematic, action-packed hit.

The Imperial Raider expansion pack is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2015.  For more information on this exciting new announcement, read the full announcement here.

Hello Readers! AEG is going to be bursting into November with some exciting game releases so let’s get right to it!


The highly talked about game Planes, by David Short, will have players taking on the roles of passengers trying to get through a crowded airport to board their plane before it takes off and leaves them behind! As in real life, this won’t necessarily be the easiest task to complete! Players will have to put up with checking in their luggage, going through security check points, grabbing a bite to eat or visiting the gift shop all while navigating the crowded airport and still being on time! Planes plays 2-4 players in about 30 minutes.

Planes is the 2nd in AEG’s “Destination Fun” Series following Trains. AEG hints at more travel titles in the future so we’ll have to wait and see!


AEG brings us back to the city of Tempest with it’s newest game, Patronize. Designed by Hisashi Hayashi (Trains), Patronize plays 3-5 players in about 20 minutes. Described as a trick taking game (love those!) players will be the head of a house that is very influential in Tempest. You’ll be giving your patronage to sculptors, painters, composers, forgers and charlatans in order to make sure your family name is remembered for their great accomplishments of the time. They key to winning is knowing when to support the right personality card at the right time or knowing when to withholding your support and passing.

With each personality card having their own strengths and weaknesses there will be multiple avenues of victory, which will bring depth and countless replays!

doomtown new town

Listen up Pardner! New Town, New Rules here in Gomorra! The first exciting expansion to Doomtown: Reloaded makes its way into town squares everywhere in November! Several cards have been spoiled already but the Saddlebag Expansion will be bringing in cards to further strengthen all four factions. Morgan Cattle Co. known for it’s massive economy, Law Dogs for their control, Sloane Gang for their brute force and the Fourth Ring for their Spells and Hexes will all benefit from this expansion. It’s an exciting time to be playing Doomtown: Reloaded so stroll on by and pop in to the Town Square! Unless yer a yellow belly…