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Ultra Pro is releasing a new expansion for the popular deck-building game, Shards of Infinity (awarded the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence), titled Shadow of Salvation. The expansion is set to release in fall of 2019.

Along with adding 118 new cards, a new Hero dial counter, and a new faction with new mechanics, Shadow of Salvation will introduce a cooperative, branching, campaign mode of play in which players will work together to in multiple boss battles.

For more information, visit Ultra Pro’s website here.

Days of Wonder has just announced the Whims of the Sultan Expansion for Five Tribes, finally allowing for a fifth player to join in manipulating the tribes in Bruno Cathala’s popular euro-style game.

Days of Wonder’s Five Tribes game feature players manipulating Assassins, Elders, Builders, Merchants, and Vizier tribe members around the villages, markets, oases, and sacred places that make up Naqala. Despite the fact that players are manipulating tribes, not actually representing one of the five tribes, gamers have long mocked the game for maxing out at four players. The new expansions remedies this and allows a fifth player in on the fun. Whims of the Sultan will include all the necessary components to play five-player games.

In addition to the components for five players the game also introduces Fabulous Cities tiles. Visiting fabulous cities gives players opportunities to win additional glory points  as they fill the requests from the Sultan by completing Whim of the Sultan cards.

Either expansion module can be played alone with the base game or along with the already released Artisans of Naqala expansion.

Components include:

  • 6 tiles
  • 15 wooden tribe meeples
  • 8 camels
  • 1 tent and 1 player’s turn marker
  • 22 Whim of the Sultan cards
  • 2 Djinn cards
  • 1 bid order track and 1 turn order track for 5 player games
  • 1 pad of scoring sheets
  • 1 summary sheet

The game is scheduled for a June release in Europe and and August Gen Con release in North America.

ve day

With the passing of the 70th anniversary of VE Day May 8th Days of Wonder is releasing 4 new scenarios to let you play out some of the final epic push by the allies from the east and west to subdue the German Wehrmarcht.  These include “Hatten & Rittershofen”, “Reichswald & Nutterden”, “Hitdorf”, and “Seelow Heights”.

These battles while at the end of the war were still bitterly fought for your not truly out til your out.  These scenarios will be available to download from DoW’s website, through their store (free plus S&H), and at conventions.

Download here Order here

Publishers description below

On May 8, 1945, after 6 years of war, the German Wehrmacht surrendered to the Allies in Berlin. War in Europe was finally over. 1945, however, saw the final throes of a powerful military; as the American and British forces pushed forward on the western front, Soviet forces advanced tirelessly from the east, closing in on Berlin. Struggling to defend their homeland, German soldiers proved to be fierce warriors, even when outnumbered or encircled. The war would not end as easily as expected.

Now, 70 years after the end of the war in Europe, Richard Borg & the Days of Wonder Team are happy to offer you four new scenarios to commemorate the last battles of 1945. Relieve the men of the 79th US Infantry trapped in the two encircled towns of Hatten & Rittershof; take command of the 44th British Brigade and its flamethrower tanks during Operation Veritable; cross the Rhine with the men of the “All American” 82nd Airborne; or gather your friends to assault – or defend – the infamous Seelow Heights, last line of defense before Berlin, in a massive Overlord battle.

MAGE Company is a game company that released games like 12 Realms, and Hoyuk, amongst others. They have some new expansions soon to be released and a UK Games Expo 2015 announcement.

Hoyuk: Anatolia

Anatolia is an expansion of Hojuk, a tile-laying game where 5 clans try to take over the valley by building the best village. The Anatolia expansion adds three different game mechanic or achievements. Players will have the chance to create an irrigation system for their villages, to throw and throw the best festival in the valley, and to build two artifacts.

12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy

12 Realms is a co-op, fantasy, adventure, game where players work to stop the Dark Lords’ hordes from pillaging the 12 Realms.This expansion will contain four new realms in the Fairy world to discover so as to defeat their enemies. The realms are: Kievan Empire, Golden Caliphate, Olympia, and Nile Valley. Eight Plots will provide a different game experience. They will include a background story and will increase the difficulty of the game by increasing the amount of decisions that players will have to make.

12 Realms: Bedtime Story

This expansion will be launched on Kickstarter in April 2015. In this expansion, bedtime stories and other tales will be invaded. Atlantis Realm will face a terrible sea threat, Pinocchio is trying to save the Clockwork Shire, a god rises in Tang Dynasty, and a mad man threatens Horrorville. Players will face more powerful invaders, flooding map tiles, timed areas and even resist the desire to join the Dark Lords. Along with this new threats there will also be new heroes to recruit, special buildings, and new powerful Talents to choose from.
MAGE Company will be offering hand painted miniatures with the Kickstarter, but because of limited availability, they want to know who is interested. If you are interested you can visit their Kickstarer preview page here and let them know.

Raid & Trade

This game, set in a post apocalyptic world, requires the players to negotiate and manage their resources in order to gain citizenship status within a Golden City. MAGE Company will be publishing the English version with an estimated release of June 2015.

UK Games Expo 2015

MAGE Company will, for the first time, join the UK Games Expo. They will have demos for their games and more, but we will have to wait until April for additional information.


Yomi the very popular video game fighting themed board game has had its character release schedule announced by Sirlin Games.  Having finished shipping rewards to their backers after the Kickstarter campaign fro this game Sirlin will be releasing the character starting now with the final release of the current bevy of characters happening at GenCon.


The Dice Tower reviewed the original version.  Sirlin has said that they have spent the past 4 years cleaning up the game play of this game for version.  As part of the Kickstarter they offered an update kit to make the previous version usable with the rules and cards.  You can see a very nice improvement in the art with Version 2.

Characters are being released with the following schedule and with the following groupings.

  • Now Round 1: Grave, Jaina, Midori, and Setsuki
  • Now Round 2: Quince, Onimaru, Bal-Bas-Beta, and Troq
  • March 15 (PAX East): Menelker & Persephone
  • April 3: Rook & DeGrey
  • May 1: Valerie & Geiger
  • June 5 (Origins): Gloria & Gwen
  • July 3: Lum & Argagarg
  • July 31 (GenCon): Vendetta & Zane

In addition to Character Packs you can also get the EX expansion which makes the characters much more powerful.  Based on their description of the product this expansion is meant more for casual play.  In addition to offering very powerful extra cards for your characters it also is designed to hold all 20 character decks.

For more information on the game you can visit the Publisher’s game page here.

Publishers press release below

Today Sirlin Games announced that, having fulfilled all Kickstarter pledges, the entire roster of 20 characters for its fighting-game themed card game Yomi will be made available to the general public in a phased release beginning now through the end of July.

Yomi simulates the mind games and other strategic choices found in video fighting games without requiring that players have the dexterity required to master those games. In keeping with that theme, Yomi allows players to pick a character, represented by a unique deck of cards. Each deck includes different abilities and special moves, providing for a deep, asymmetric game with varied play as each match-up between characters has its own specific flavor and strategy.

Unlike customizable or collectible card games, however, each Yomi deck is complete and balanced, meaning once players have acquired a particular deck there is no need for them to buy more cards to improve their deck.

The total set of 20 characters includes 10 characters who were previously available in the first version of Yomi (published in 2011) and have been re-balanced and artistically polished for the new release. Currently, eight characters are available for purchase. These are sold in 4-character packs (called Yomi: Round 1 and Round 2).

Both Round 1 and 2 offer a great way to new players to begin playing, as they include everything needed for at least 4 people to play. Round 1 features returning characters Grave, Jaina, Midori, and Setsuki while Round 2 includes the new characters Quince, Onimaru, Bal-Bas-Beta, and Troq.

“I originally developed Yomi so that everyone could experience the kind of dynamics that happen in fighting games,” said Sirlin. “I’m thrilled that it’s appealed to the tournament crowd as well as casual players. This latest version has years of polish and testing behind it, so it’s a great time to dive in.”

Players looking to expand their options can purchase more characters according to the following schedule:

  • March 15 (PAX East): Menelker & Persephone

  • April 3: Rook & DeGrey

  • May 1: Valerie & Geiger

  • June 5 (Origins): Gloria & Gwen

  • July 3: Lum & Argagarg

  • July 31 (GenCon): Vendetta & Zane

Menelker, Persephone, Gloria, Gwen, Vendetta and Zane are all new Yomi characters. All cards are printed on high-quality card stock with reinforced core and protective coating, making them very resistant to wear-and-tear.

Sirlin Games raised more than $217,000 — greatly exceeding its $30,000 goal — for the new and updated characters in a Kickstarter project which finished July 17, 2014. As the company has with both of its previous Kickstarters, all rewards were shipped on time by the end of December 2014. Backers who pledged for them have already received the new and improved character decks and other items; the above schedule applies only for general retail availability.

Also available as a result of the Kickstarter is the Yomi EX Powerup, an expansion for Yomi that comes with extra-powerful special moves and character cards for each of the 20 characters. These cards are not intended for serious competitive play but provide a “just for fun” alternative style. The EX Powerup expansion also includes a box designed to hold and display all 20 character decks. It is currently available for purchase.

Finally, limited quantities exist of a special two-character package called Yomi Panda vs. G. Panda. Originally designed as a Kickstarter reward, it features a version of the Yomi panda character Lum rendered the same minimal art style found in Sirlin’s previous game Pandante, along with an all new “Gambling Panda” or “G. Panda” character.

Yomi can be purchased online from (worldwide) and (US only) or from local game stores around the world. To find a game store that carries Yomi, see To try Yomi for free, visit to play online. It is also available through the App Store on both iPad and iPhone.

town center

Town Center: London / Hong Kong is comprised of 4 double-sided player boards, with the all-new London expansion map on one side, and the also all-new Hong Kong expansion map on the other. There’s also an A5-sized rulesheet/cover that explains the particularities of each map. Both maps are something new and challenging (in fact, very challenging), as players will have to manage their budget (London), and their building plans (Hong Kong) very, very carefully.

The closing date on Kickstarter is May 30, 2014, the current pledged amount is $6,463 and the funding goal for the project is $1,000. Pledge $10 for your copy. The estimated delivery date is Nov 2014.

ancestors legacy

12 Realms returns with Ancestors Legacy! A fairy tale, coop, miniature game for 1-7 Heroes. Choose, equip, challenge, exploit, protect! Exciting adventure begins as 12 Realms returns with an expansion entitled Ancestors Legacy! Four exciting new realms lie hidden in the Fairy World and you must prepare yourself to explore them so as to defeat all of their enemies. Kievan Empire, Golden Caliphate, Olympia, and Nile Valley are the new lands you will get to explore to learn their secrets. Ruslan, Sinbad, along with the rest of the heroes, will unite to fight against Marid, Sobek, and the rest of the Dark Lords!

ancestors legacy figures

 The closing date on Kickstarter is June 13, 2014, the current pledged amount is $16,719 and the funding goal for the project is $40,000.  Pledge $45 for your own copy. The estimated delivery date is Feb 2015.


Enhance, elevate, and expand Viticulture: The Strategic Game of Winemaking in this expansion pack from Stonemaier Games. The creators of Euphoria bring you Tuscany, a pack of 9 expansions to Viticulture that unlock (“uncork”) every few games as determined by the previous game’s winner. What story will you tell as you create the most successful vineyard in Tuscany?

Viticulture is a 2-6 player game in which you create a vineyard by planting vines, harvesting grapes, making & selling wine, building structures, and hosting visitors. Tuscany adds asymmetric starting resources, new visitor cards, an extended board, special workers, Arboriculture, and more.

tuscany box

The closing date on Kickstarter is April 9,  2014, the funding goal for the project is $20,000 and the current pledged amount is $181,051.  Pledge $45 for a copy of the Tuscany expansion. The estimated delivery date is NOV 2014.