Cool Mini or Not has announced that Universal Distribution will be exclusively distributing their games in English speaking Canada. This agreement is to take place immediately, and includes demo copies, Game Night Kits, and Kickstarter Retail Pledges. You can read CMoN’s press release here.

Renegade has announced new support for it’s fans in France. Renegade Game Studios and Origames have formed a partnership to localize and bring Renegade Games to the French market. The first games to be treated will be Clank! and it’s underwater expansion, Clank! Sunken Treasures. World’s Fair 1893 and FUSE will follow shortly thereafter, with all games in the Renegade line to eventually come to France. You can check out the Renegade France Website and Facebook Page, and read the official press release here.

Several promotional cards and games have been announced for International Tabletop Day 2017 on April 29. Make sure to contact your FLGS for availability.

Two promo cards for Aeon’s End were announced. The “Drown in Flames” spell card deals 4 to a minion or nemesis, and can be repeated by losing 2 charges. The “Glyph Enigma” minion card has a persistent effect where gravehold suffers 1 damage, with 2 more damage if the nemesis tier is 2 or higher.

There will be a mini-expansion for Biotix, containing new adaptive and hyper-reactive microbes. Additionally a new mechanic allows players to pass a Biotix at a time of their choosing. Finally, Eureka cards replace the pen and paper endgame rules with a more elegant solution.

A new promo for Castle Panic adds a new Tabletop Day 2017 Tower, which allows players to draw up and trade when it is destroyed.

The Snack Table promo card for Clank! is a device which allows other players to pay you gold in exchange for healing.

Fuse will have a new promo bomb, holding 4 dice – two of equal color which much then be greater than two of equal value.

Grey Fox Games and Geek & Sundry bring Lucha Jefe, a promotional micro game in which players become luchador managers. Limited edition Tabletop Day versions will come with a cloth bag and a promotional character.

Finally, Master of Orion will have a promotional Fuska advisor card, which will set your loyalty to 6 until the final scoring.

The freely available app from Renegade Game Studios™ and Dire Wolf Digital now includes bonus game content for the hit game Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure.

Clank! fans who download the free Renegade Game Studios Companion App will enjoy “Mini-Quests” that add even more excitement and replayability to the game. An official solo play mode also allows individual players to enjoy the game on their own.

The app launched last year with support for FUSE by adding a free thematic 10-minute timer with a taunting voice-over to enhance the player’s experience. The Clank! addition to the app is also a free, optional add-on.

Dire Wolf Digital also created the acclaimed digital version of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival which is a separate, full game app available for iOS and Android.

You can find the Renegade Game Studios Companion App free for download on iOS and Google Play.

From the makers of the widely popular co-operative real time dice rolling, bomb diffusing game FUSE, comes FUSE: Flatline.  Flatline is a co-operative dice game set in the FUSE universe.  After saving your ship and diffusing all the bombs in FUSE, players now take on a medial role in FUSE: Flatline.  Players must roll their dice and work to combine them with other players in order to properly treat arriving patients. Every round, players are racing against a one minute timer, and must deal with the needs of each wounded crew members, as well as other emergencies within the ER.  Do you have what it takes to beat the clock?  Look for this gem to hit your friendly local game store March 2017.


• 4 Corner Board Pieces
• 1 Center Board Piece
• 1 Life Support Dial
• 1 plastic connector
• 40 Medic Dice (8 in each of the 5 player colors)
• 2 Emergency Dice
• 20 large Patient Cards
• 29 Emergency Cards (18 standard Emergency Cards and 11 Stat Cards)
• 4 Double-sided Power Meter tiles
• 20 Cleared Tiles
• 10 Power Cubes
• 4 Lock-down tiles
• 1 Player Aid
• 1 Rulebook

This year Renegade Games Studio is trying to join Santa’s nice list with their newly announced exclusive promotional program for brick-and-mortar stores titled Santa’s Renegades.

Santa’s Renegades is a holiday gift box chock-full of nine different promotional items for Renegade Games Studio’s product line. Fans of these games are encouraged to make a purchase of at least $30 at the hobby store of Renegade titles to receive the free gift box. Promos will be included for games like: Lotus, Lanterns: the Harvest Festival, Covert, FUSE, Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society, Snow Tails, World’s Fair, Dicey Goblins, and Clank!.

Hobby stores seeking to participate need to make an order of at least $350 of games from their studio, to be eligible to receive 10 of these gift boxes, with additional ones that can be purchased.

For additional information, visit Renegade Games Studio’s announcement page!


Renegade Games is joining other game publishers in creating a retailer program, called Play Renegade, that is meant to bring more value and benefits to shopping at brick and mortar stores.  Their preferred method for doing this is through the offering of promos, and their game FUSE will be the first game in the program.  For every retailer that orders more than three copies of FUSE, they will get a set of translucent dice for the game that they can use for promotions or giveaways to draw people into the store.

More games will be added as time goes on so keep an eye out for those, until then you can read the full press release on the Roleplayer’s Chronicle site.