Everyone, whether they be adult, kid, or board gamer, could really stand to move a bit more in their lives. Snag the Flag, which is live on Kickstarter, hopes to be the game that gets you and your family up and moving while learning some fun facts about fitness and making you laugh with joy.

Snag the Flag is a physically and mentally challenging quick-reflex game. It’s designed to get everyone involved by moving, playing, reading and learning even on another player’s turn. The game is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages of players. You choose your skill level and intensity. While becoming healthier is an added bonus that the game hides behind silly challenges, intense stand-offs and friendly competition. So jump up, grab some flags, laughs and break into a sweat on your next game night!

The game comes with 150 challenge and trivia cards, oversized dice, and six sets of flags. It can be played inside or outside and has different levels of intensity depending on age and fitness level. With elements of flag football, physical challenge games, a la Quelf, and an improv acting class, Snag the Flag seems well equipped to keep you moving and entertained.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign to see if you are ready to get moving with Snag the Flag.

FoxMind Toys and Games would like to announce their partnership with Mandoo Games to publish the North American version of Slide Blast, a fun and fast-paced family strategy tile laying game with easy rules and great components.

“In Slide Blast, by cleverly choosing and placing tiles, players try to build the longest slide, allowing them to engage in high-speed straightaways, gut-wrenching curves and mind blowing tunnels!  Players also gain extra points each time they make another player slide.”

Slide Blast is a game for 2-6 players, ages 7 and up, and plays in about 30 minutes.  It is expected to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

The game will be showcased at the upcoming 2017 Toy Fairs in Nuremberg and New York.  For more information on this announcement, visit the publisher’s site here.