Florian Racky

halekala board

This February, a new game is coming from Z-Man Games, containing lots of secrets yet to be revealed inside its smiling, totem themed box.

Designed by Florian Racky and Marc Klemer, and illustrated by Dennis Lahausen, Haleakala is a family-friendly 2-player game that is brightly colored, easy to learn, and fast paced.  Here is Z-Man’s description of the game:

In this game, players take on the role of Makuakane and his son, Keiki, who cherish the goal of honoring their ancestors’ tradition by offering totems to the Sun, hoping it’ll ease its fury and preserve peace on the island.  Each opponent will try to score points by erecting as many totems as possible around a dangerous volcano that threatens to erupt at any moment, ruining all of your hard work… but there’s more!

There’s usually a lot of cool things to do on any island, and Haleakala doesn’t differ with tons of sea food to fish, butterflies to catch and precious shells to collect among many other activities.  It won’t be long before you realize all the depth and the different strategies you could elaborate to cumulate the most points in this original worker placement game.

 Keep an eye out this February, 2016 for more details on the release of this game.  For more information, visit the Z-Man Games page here.

florian racky

The Hamburg Game Designers Award is a prestigious award provided by the Spielwerk Hamburg game designers build in northern Germany.  This year, more than 50 entries were submitted to this game design competition from designers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  The award was given to Florian Racky, a 44-year-old German designer for his minimalist card game Prince and Princess.

According to the official press release, “„Prince & Princess“ is a micro game for 4-10 players, consisting only of 18 cards. Players secretly take the role of courtly characters who strive to acchieve their own personal goal before the prince and the princess have their royal wedding. It is a game of hidden roles, bluffing and backstabbery that plays in 15 minutes.”  Prince and Princess is being closely examined for publication in the near future.

“The Spielwerk Hamburg is amazed by the creativity of all participating designers,” reports Shaun Graham, founder of the Hamburg Game Designers Guild and creator of the Hamburg Game Designers Award.  “It is a delight to see this vibrant community of designers growing. Therefore, we are eager to announce the next Game Designers Contest at the beginning of February.”

For more information about this award and Spielwerk Hamburg, visit their web site here.