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Filler games have come to be known as short, light games you play at the start and end of game nights to fill time while other people arrive, or to try and squeeze out just a little bit more time gaming.  Well Green Couch Games intends to confuse us all when talking about a filler game as they have created a card game called Filler.  While this may seem like another game in the joke series of games from Dice Hate Me Games, this is actually a card game about filling pastries with all sorts of delicious fillings.  The will use many aspects together like multi use cards, set collection, resource management and simultaneous action selection.

At the start of the game you have just a hand of three cards, and from these cards you will simultaneously determine player by each picking a revealing a card at the same time.  From there you will go in turn order playing down cards to fill orders that are in the central row, and with those filled orders get more cards, money, customer reviews, or critical acclaim.  But be careful, played cards stay down until you take a turn to pick them back up, so plan careful so you don’t miss filling critical orders.  As you progress you will have more and more ingredients to use to complete bigger orders for more acclaim, and at the end it will be the most prestigious baker that wins the game.  Green Couch will be Kickstarting the game in April, but if you miss it there you will be able to find it on store shelves in the 3rd quarter of this year.  You can read the press release below for more information.

(Grand Rapids, Michigan) – Green Couch Games springs ahead with the ultimate “Filler” card game!

You are a pastry chef in charge of putting delicious fillings in a variety of cakes, pastries, and baked goods. By coming to work early and making use of your full pantry of supplies, you will earn money, customer reviews, and critical acclaim. With a little luck, you might win out over your rivals and be crowned Star Baker!

Filler combines many of the ingredients that have made Green Couch Games a treat to bring to the table. Easy-to-learn rules mixed with a quick playtime and playful appearance makes Filler a great game for families of casual gamers or connoisseurs looking to pass the time waiting for more guests to arrive.

In the game, players will use multi-use cards and a blend of simultaneous action selection, time and resource management, set-collection, and hand-building to collect ingredients needed to fill tasty pastries on their way to becoming the Star Baker. Starting with a hand of 3 cards with various start times and basic ingredients, players will choose a card to reveal along with other players to determine the turn order. The earliest player to show up for work goes first and so on around the table. Using cards from their hands (Pantry), players may use ingredients they have acquired to Fill recipes from a central row of available cards (Recipe Book) or Restock The Pantry by picking up all of their previously played cards. Each recipe filled will provide new start times and ingredients to use in future rounds and may earn points that are represented by money, customer reviews, or critical acclaim at the end of the game. The availability of bonus points and cards containing special actions help to direct players’ choices in the kitchen, add depth of play, and provide variety and replayability.

This card game crams a lot of sweet delight into its 72-card package. With illustration and graphic design by Claire Donaldson (Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun, Go Nuts For Donuts, Food Truck Champion), Filler will  leave players with a mouth-watering desire to play this delicious game again and again.

Filler is a game for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up and is designed by Jonathan Chaffer of GRUBS (Grand Rapids Unpublished Boardgame Society). This game follows Chaffer’s first game, Stroop, from Grand Gamers Guild. The game plays in 20-30 minutes.

The game is set for a Kickstarter campaign launching on April 11th, 2018 with plans for a Q3 2018 release.

Green Couch Games was founded by Jason Kotarski to release great little games that make great big connections. Filler will be its 11th release. Jason is also a game designer and co-host of 20 Minutes of Filler.



Spieleschmiede, a German “Kickstarter type” site for board games, has two projects up for card games in the Black Pocket Series of games by Reiner Knizia, Zero and Ghosts.  Both games are quick, family weight filler card games and feature simple rules to be able to be picked up and played quickly.

ghosts comp

In Ghosts you are trying your best to not get scared through the taking of fear tokens.  How you avoid taking fear tokens is by playing cards to where the total doesn’t go over 7, but with cards that go up to what looks like 3, it’s seems like you can easily hit that number, but that is where clever card play comes in.  If the ghost card is a different color than the previous one, the number is added, upping the total, if the colors are the same the total does not change and play reverses direction, fog cards have the same effect except they don’t change the direction of play.  But inevitably you might have to play a card that pushes the total over 7, in that case you don’t play the card but instead take a fear token.  You will continue to play a card, draw a card until the deck runs out, thus ending the round, and if you happen to have survived the round without taking any fear tokens you bolster your courage and are able to discard up to 3 of your fear tokens.  The person with the fewest fear tokens after three rounds wins the game.


Zero is another quick card game where the object is to get the fewest number of points through collecting sets of either the same number or the same color.  The game will start with everyone getting 9 cards dealt to them and then 5 additional cards placed face up on the table, on your turn you can either swap a hand card with one from the table or pass.  When you pass the first time nothing special happens, but when you pass a second time you trigger the end of the round and everyone else gets one final play before you stop and count points.  Another way the round can end is if someone manages to get a hand worth zero points, then they can call out zero and the round ends immediately with everyone else counting up their points.  How you get or avoid points is easy, if you have five of the same number those five cards are worth nothing, if you have five of the same color those five cards are worth nothing, any cards that fall outside those two conditions are worth the number on the card.  This sounds easy but there are seven colors (suits) and each color ranges from 1-8 so getting the elusive zero hand, a set of 5 of one number and 5 of the same color with one overlapping card, is not as easy as it seems.  At the end of the round whoever has the lowest score is the winner, and with fast playing rounds you can expand it to whoever has the lowest score after a set numbers of rounds wins.

Both campaigns are running now on the Speileschimede site and so you can go to the Ghosts page to pledge for a copy or the Zero page to pledge for a copy of that game.  Also available on the campaigns are sleeves for each game as well as the ability to add on the another game in the Black Pocket line, Korsar (aka Loot).  Just keep in mind when pledging that this is a German based site and service, so shipping to your home country may be more expensive than usual due to VAT.

who stole the cookie

Coming Soon from Victory Point Games

In Chris Castagnetto’s Who Stole the Cookie? you’re going to have to figure out who has both of your cookies, because just one is never enough!

This lightning fast party game for 3 to 8 players creates quite a rumpus at the game table as players deduce where the few cookies among the crumbs to determine who stole the cookies. Lots of laugh-out-loud gameplay and the perfect “filler” game for desert at any gaming night!