Feudal Japan

Spider-Goat Games  has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Martial Art: Battlefields, an expansion to their popular card game set in feudal Japan, Martial Art.  If you do not already own a copy of Martial Art, you can pick up a copy of the base game during this Kickstarter.

Martial Art is a simple hand management game where players attempt to conquer the most valuable land by playing cards to defeat their opponent. While the highest ranked card played normally determines the winner of a territory, each contested territory has rules that affect the victory conditions or its outcome.  Likewise, each card in the players hand has special rules in addition to its strength that affects the outcome of the battle requiring players to carefully decide when to play each card to the best of their advantage. Martial Art: Battlefield adds terrain and weather cards that affect the outcome of the battle.  Terrain cards can be played before the battle and may take effect either during or after the battle.  Weather cards are long term affects on each battle until the next weather card comes into play. Both weather and terrain will force players to adapt their strategy through the game.  This two-player card game plays in about 20 minutes, but it can play up to four players with a second deck. Especially striking is the beautiful historic Japanese artwork that adorn each card.

Martial Art contains 72 cards (36 battle cards, 20 support cards, 12 land cards, 2 supplies cards, and 2 legends cards).

Martial Art: Battlefield contains 24 cards (8 terrain cards, 8 weather cards, 2 battle cards, and 6 support cards)

See the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about Martial Art and Martial Art: Battlefield.  The Kickstarter campaign runs through August 23, 2018, with an expected delivery in November 2018.

Renegade Game Studios has started laying the groundwork for another big GenCon with plans to release Gunkimono by Jeffrey D. Allers with art by George Sellas. Gunkimono has already received a Seal of Excellence from The Dice Tower!

Gunkimono is a tactical tile-laying and area control game set in feudal Japan where players will be challenged to optimize their troop deployment in order to gain the most ground while increasing military strength. The game is designed for 2-5 players aged 10+ and will play in 45-60 minutes.

In war-torn feudal Japan, the soldiers are restless. The endless battles, betrayals, and broken promises have the soldiers questioning where their loyalties lie. Meanwhile, the daimyo are strategizing, marshaling their troops, and erecting strongholds to bolster the strength of their armies, all in pursuit of honor and ultimate victory.

In the game each player will take on the roles of a daimyo. Players will then plot military movement across the countryside. Players will develop new squads of troops to build up victory points but must balance this with the need to forego expansion in order to build up their stronghold instead.

The game will be released at GenCon 2018, taking place August 2-5th 2018.

 Designer Jeffrey D. Allers
Jeffrey D. Allers is a German based designer currently living in Berlin and is active in the Berlin board game design community. Other designs by Allers include New Amsterdam, New York Slice, and  Heartland,

What’s in the Box?

Included in the game will be:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 25 Small Army Tiles (1 troop each) – infantry, samurai, cavalry, spearman, archer
  • 60 Large Army Tiles (2 troops each)
  • 15 War Banner Tiles – dragon, crane, lotus
  • 10 Strongholds
  • 5 Daimyo Figures
  • 5 Daimyo Tiles
  • 25 Honor Markers
  • 1 Start Player Sword
  • 1 End-of-Game Tile
  • 1 Cover Tile
  • 1 Rulebook