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Fantasy Flight Games has announced two new expansions to enhance your Star Wars™: Legion army – the Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion and the Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion.

Both expansions give you an alternative to the more well-known heroes, like Leia Organa and Darth Vader. Non-unique Rebel and Imperial officers, not as widely celebrated as other commanders, contribute to the cause nonetheless, making your armies more flexible with their ability to be deployed in two different ways.

These minis can be added to a specific unit as its leader, inspiring the troops in that unit to new heights. Alternatively, they can take on a larger role, becoming a cheap substitute for your other commanders. In this case, they can benefit your entire army by filling the role of commander, spotting targets for your other units or helping them take cover.

Each of the expansions contains everything needed to incorporate these specialists into your Star Wars: Legion units.

“Four finely sculpted specialist miniatures, including an officer, a comms specialist, a medical droid, and an astromech droid stand ready to support your units, while three new command cards give you the chance to further hone your battle plan and plot your strategies. Finally, an array of upgrade cards let you further customize your units, turning them into crack teams of soldiers.”

The Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion and the Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion are being released in the first quarter of 2019. Both can be pre-ordered now.

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Fantasy Flight Games introduces the Ventala Skirmishers Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game, which is now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online .

The hooved nomadic hunters known as the Ventala are unyielding warriors in battle, using their short-range javelins and razor-sharp knives to strike down the enemies of the Aymhelin and defend their land. They are lending their power to the Latari as the threat to their forest homes grows.


Allies for the forest

Although not originally allies, the Ventala have proudly stood alongside the Latari for centuries. Now, in the face of such great adversity, their friendship will not falter.

The Ventala Skirmishers Unit Expansion provides everything you need to add a full unit of these skilled soldiers to your Latari army. The expansion includes four sculpted figures and two cavalry movement trays to house them. In addition, you will also find one unit card and command tool, a collection of tokens, and twelve upgrade cards to customize your army of forest defenders. Among these, you gain a new training upgrade to highlight the Latari’s mastery of ranged attacks, with either the bow or the javelin.

The Flank Fire upgrade allows your Ventala Skirmishers, or other ranged units in your Latari army, to perform ranged attacks using their side firing arcs, making it easier to launch your assault without sacrificing speed or maneuverability.

The Warden of Horn and Branch skill action, allows your Latari allies to engage in some cooperative hunting. For example, the Darnati Warriors may have Warden of Horn and Branch equipped when they face off against Lord Vorun’thul and the Deathborn Legion. The swordsmen, who do not have a ranged attack on their command tool, use their skill action to send in three of their Ventala allies to surround the vampire lord. With any luck, you will quickly dispatch the legion and ensure that Aymhelin remains protected and pure from the corruption that plagues the rest of Terrinoth.

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Fantasy Flight Games, the Darth Vader to Asmodee’s Palpatine, is getting ready for the launch of the Second Edition of their supremely popular Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game line on September 13. On their website, Fantasy Flight has given a list of retailers that will be having launch parties for the release, with 3 short fast paced events, prizes and more. These Launch Parties are just the beginning for a community supporting Organized Play events. In another article, Fantasy Flight talks further about the Scum and Villainy faction in X-Wing, the neutral third party alongside the Rebellion and the Empire. Lando’s Millenium Falcon, Slave I, and the Fang Fighter will all be available at launch, as well as the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit for 1st edition miniatures. This article also focuses on the abilities of droid pilots IG-88, Guri and 4-LOM. Check out Fantasy Flight’s articles about the Second Edition Launch and the Scum And Villainy Additions on their website.

Fantasy Flight Games hopes you are ready to revisit your horrifying past cases in Return to the Dunwich Legacy. Re-open your old cases and look at the thrilling Dunwich Legacy campaign with fresh eyes. You will encounter difficult new challenges and horrifying surprises.

Many things have stayed the same as you remember them – your train ride into Dunwich will still be abruptly interrupted, but you will also notice strange new occurrences, like new locations that have seemingly appeared overnight.

Return to the Dunwich Legacy contains 104 new cards. Terrifying new enemies and fiendish treacheries abound for each of the expansion’s eight scenarios. Fortunately, upgraded versions of several of the player cards found in the original game are also available The expansion also features a premium box and thirty-two divider cards so you can conveniently store your complete campaign in one place.


Achievements and Ultimatums

Achievements are a new addition to the Dunwich Legacy campaign, adding another layer of challenge to your games. You and your fellow investigators will be asked to complete tasks. Go Bird Hunting by defeating three Whippoorwills in a single turn or ensure everyone is All Aboard by completing The Essex County Express without any Helpless Passengers leaving play.

If you need even more of a challenge, a list of Ultimatums is also included. This optional variant raises the stakes, pushing you to use all the skills you’ve learned. How long can you survive when you’re shuffling weakness cards back into your deck or going without experience for an entire campaign?

Look for Return to the Dunwich Legacy at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2018. It is available for pre-order now.

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Fantasy Flight Games has announced Altered Fates, a new DLC scenario for Mansions of Madness. Accept a new mission in a new country, work together across time to discover the truth behind the mysterious heirloom, and return to your own time before it’s too late!

Evil is spreading across the sea and now you must leave Arkham behind for the Old World. You have been called to a special investigation in the English countryside. Tasked with protecting the peculiar family heirloom of a prestigious family, when you arrive, you find the heirloom has already fallen into the wrong hands. While the purpose of the item is unknown, evil plans are certainly already underway. Almost as soon as you arrive, your team of investigators is separated – not by space, but by time!

Cast out of time, some investigators are left in the present while others seemed to be trapped in the future. How did this happen? Could it be the thieves’ work? Or perhaps this is an effect of the strange heirloom? How can your team continue the investigation when you are divided by the span of ages? Most importantly, how do you find your way back home?

Double the maps, double the terror

Altered Fates challenges investigators by dividing the team across two maps that are in play simultaneously. The first is a proper 1920s mansion, while the second, however, is the future of this home— now an abandoned, boarded-up building.

“Each map presents its own series of challenges, with the investigators in the present directly affecting the investigation of their companions in the future: an item tucked beneath a loose floorboard may be found later in the same hiding place, or a rescued captive may be able to return to the mansion in the future.”

The investigators in the future must contend with the consequences left to them by their friends in the past. Moreover, beyond the obvious terrors behind every door, something darker lurks – a truth you cannot bear to face. The house is scarred by some unspeakable horror that happened long ago, and you can only guess at the fate of those you left behind. Your only hope is that those who opened the portal may have left something, some clue to how to return and warn your friends!

Altered Fates is now available as an in-app purchase on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Steam!

Mansions of Madness Second Edition is a fully cooperative, app-driven board game of horror and mystery for one to five players. It takes place in the same universe as Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign.

Mirkwood – the dark, enchanted forest; home to handsome Wood-elves (I’m lookin’ at you Legolas), giant spiders and the nasty armies of Dol Guldur – is getting an updated look in Fantasy Flights’ new custom scenario kit.

The Woodland Realm Custom Scenario Kit was designed expressly for the 2018 Fellowship Event. It follows upon—and builds upon—the unique adventures shared by all those who attended Gen Con Indy and set forth on The Wizard’s Quest.

This scenario allows you to step across the line that separates good and evil, to take on the role of Sauron. You’ll assemble a quest and an encounter deck and then you’ll unleash its evils upon anyone brave or foolish enough to travel through Mirkwood!

“The Woodland Realm is a collection of fourteen different five-card encounter sets, seven quest stage options and a handful of scenario-specific cards. With these tools, you’ll be able to piece together your own deadly, Mirkwood-based scenario, and then you’ll be able to play through it—or hand it over to another group of players and let them stumble through its hazards while you race through the scenario they created.”

Builds upon Race Against the Shadow play mode

To meet players’ wishes to be able to challenge each other in the game, the Race Against the Shadow play mode was created several years back. This mode allows teams to play through the same scenario side-by-side and see who can complete it faster—if at all! The Woodland Realm Custom Scenario Kit not only supports the game’s Race Against the Shadow play mode, it adds all-new dimensions to it. You and your opponents will gain access to the same quest stage options and the same encounter cards but then you’ll look for ways to surprise each other with carefully selected synergies. In a quick-build game, you’ll simply select three quest stages and seven of the available encounter sets.

The Woodland Realm premieres at the 2018 Fellowship Event for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, which begins September 21st. Each participant at the event will get a copy of The Woodland Realm, plus an alternate art Core Set Éowyn and a playmat that shows Gandalf starting on his path into Mirkwood. The Woodland Realm will also be made available for purchase at a later date.

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A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch will add 5-6 player support and a number of new features in the upcoming extension to the existing game by Fantasy Flight Games. A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch adds several new mechanisms to the classic Catan gameplay. Players step into the roles of brothers of the Night’s Watch, who are tasked with recruiting guards for the wall and developing the Gift.

“The northern region known as the Gift was bestowed on the Night’s Watch thousands of years ago. This fertile land provides the Watch with lumber, brick, wool, grain, and ore. At least, it used to. As the Watch has become forgotten by the lords and ladies of Westeros, the infrastructure of the Gift has fallen into disrepair and the Lord Commander, Jeor Mormont, is willing to give anything to one who can restore the Gift to its former glory, even naming them as his successor.” [source]

Players are locked in competition to become the next Lord Commander by building roads, settlements, and keeps. Purchasing Development Cards and recruiting guards to defend the Wall are also crucial in proving players’ worth. With the addition of two more players, more land and paths are made available in an extended version of the game. The addition of a Special Build Phase in each player’s turn allows them to set each other apart as they spend their resources on unique, new opportunities.

4 new hero cards have also been added to hero display including the iconic Jon Snow who is able to protect a player from the robber, Tormund Giantsbane. The other heroes making their debut are Osha, Gilly, and Aemon Targaryen. Of course, to help balance out the boost to the players there’s an equal boost to the opposition in the form of mammoths to assist the two new Wildling clans.

A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch supports 3-4 players without the expansion, and 3-6 players including it. A typical game lasts 60-75 minutes though that will probably be lengthier with the extra players. The game was designed by Klaus Teuber and Benjamin Teuber and the extension should be released soon.

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For those fans of the Star Wars: X-Wing game who were concerned that Fantasy Flight Games might run out of ships to model their miniatures on, your concerns should be allayed by the recently announced addition of two factions from the Prequel movies and Clone Wars era. Now players can try their hand at the Old Republic and Separatist factions who each have their own, unique play styles.

With the addition of the “Force” mechanism to the 2nd edition of the game, the Old Republic’s Jedi Knights should provide for some interesting tactics and abilities to fully utilize it. Of course, if the Jedi are more prevalent then so are the Sith. The addition of Darth Maul and his Sith Inflitrator is sure to provide a foil to the new Jedi Starfighters. The resurrection of the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated show should also help flesh out new content for the game, along with the yearly Star Wars movies currently in the pipeline.

It appears that the redesign of the game has arrived in time to make full use of the expanded lore on the way.

“It’s immersing you even deeper in the lore. If you want to play a more straightforward, more straight-up version of the game, that’s very easy to do now. If you really want to dive into it and really go deep, there’s a clear path for that now, as well.” – Steve Horvath, Chief marketing officer of Fantasy Flight Games [source]

Fantasy Flight Games have spent 18 months of research, design, and testing in creating Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition and with the glut of new content on the way, fans of the game, and even those seeking to collect just the excellent miniatures, are in for a treat.

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Fantasy Flight Games is trying their hand at a whole new type of game that they are dubbing, Unique Games, where the contents of each box of the game are different than every other box.  Think of it like a mash up of booster packs for a CCG and a boxed board game, but without the collectible aspect of it.  While the core of the game mechanics and the pieces being used will be the same, the cards, scenarios, and campaigns will vary from box to box, giving each purchaser a unique version of that game.  The first game in the series was Keyforge, a two player battle card game where each deck you purchased was completely unique from any other.  But now they are being a bit more ambitious with their next game, Discover: Lands Unknown.

In Discover: Lands Unknown you are a group of survivors who are stuck on a mountaintop trying to stay warm, or maybe you are marooned on an island with strange creatures roaming about.  Once you know what sticky situation you are in, you will need to get a head count and see who is there with you and how they can help you to survive.  Maybe you have Jasmine the mountain climber who can get around easier, or Biff the lumberjack who can gather wood better, or maybe Laila the wildlife photographer who can find new features.  Gameplay at the core will be the same though, gathering resources and exploring the terrain in an effort to survive and escape.  During the day you will be doing actions, using up stamina as you go along, but make sure you get back to camp before you run out, or you risk spending the night vulnerable out in the wilderness.  Manage to stay alive and complete all the objectives and you will be able to escape!

If I didn’t say this game greatly intrigued me I would be lying, but the unique game aspect has my a little concerned and I hope that one game isn’t drastically different than the others.  But only time will tell, you can check out more information about the game on Fantasy Flight’s website, and look for the game to be released in the final quarter of this year.

Fantasy Flight Games have announced the Mining Guild TIE expansion pack for the Scum & Villainy faction, 4 expansions for The Resistance, and 3 First Order expansions in the Second Wave of releases for X-Wing 2nd Edition. X-Wing 2nd Edition is a tabletop miniatures game, designed by Jason Little, in which players control squadrons of space ships locked in combat in the Star Wars universe.

Scum & Villainy

The Mining Guild TIE expansion pack contains a TIE Fighter re-purposed for combat in the Mining Guild’s operations. They have improved peripheral vision to aid in maneuvering through dangerous asteroid fields, Notched Stabilizers which reduce speed, but allow the TIE to ignore asteroids.

“Rather than launching offensive operations against Rebel targets and overwhelming them with wave after wave of ships, the Mining Guild cares more about protecting its own interests. These concerns carry over into the design of the guild’s version of the TIE.” [source]

The Resistance

Spinning out of the 1st Edition’s Rebel Alliance faction is The Resistance faction. Their first expansion is the Conversion Kit needed to convert 1st Edition ships and cards into 2nd Edition versions.

“This kit contains everything you need to upgrade your Resistance ship collection from the First Edition to the Second Edition, including pilot cards, upgrade cards, and ship tokens. Amongst the new ship cards and tokens, you’ll find new versions of Resistance heroes like Poe Dameron and Rey, each ready to bring their unique abilities to your custom-built squadrons. These pilots are complemented by over one-hundred upgrade cards that you can use to customize your squadron to fit your play style. Finally, this conversion kit gives you plenty of options for rounding out your Resistance squadrons, containing enough maneuver dials to convert three Resistance Bombers, three YT-1300s, and four T-70 X-wing fighters.” [source]

The second of The Resistance’s expansions is the T-70 X-Wing expansion pack. It includes new pilot cards which did not exist in the 1st Edition, though these have been included in The Resistance’s Conversion Kit for veteran players. Their third expansion is the RZ-2 A-wing expansion pack which appears to be a new ship to the game. The final expansion pack is the Resistance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit.

First Order

In the 1st Edition of the game the First Order was originally part of the Imperial Faction but they’ve been separated as their own faction and require the Conversion Kit to be played in the 2nd Edition of X-Wing.

“Within the First Order Conversion Kit, you’ll find everything you need to strike fear into the heart of the Resistance and take your squad into the future of X-Wing, including a wide variety of new ship cards and tokens, including some of the most celebrated pilots in the First Order, such as Major Stridan, “Backdraft,” and Kylo Ren himself. These pilots are accompanied by more than one-hundred upgrade cards and new maneuver dials for your TIE/fo Fighter, Special Forces TIE, TIE Silencer, and Upsilon-class Shuttle ships, giving you plenty of tools to bring back the glory of the Empire.” [source]

The TIE/fo expansion pack and First Order Maneuver Dial rounds out the Wave 2 expansions for the First Order.

With the release of two entire factions the current meta is bound to change.