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The Daily Worker Placement has conducted a series of surveys of board gamers, and their second survey asked questions pertaining to the people that gamers’ play with.  As a premise for the survey, The Daily Worker Placement stated that “much of the importance of board gaming [a]s a hobby is the fact [that] it gets us playing with our friends, family, and even strangers. Games are a unique way to mediate the world and to have fun with other folks at the same time.”

A basic summary of the results is as follows:

  • Do you have a gaming partner?  79.2% YES
  • Do you game with family members?  Nearly 75% YES
  • Do you play games solo?  Nearly 45% YES
  • Outside of family, who do you play games with?  85.8% FRIENDS

Other results revealed that most people game between 6-10 hours per week, and that most people find time and life responsibilities of various kinds prevent them from playing as much as they’d like.

For the entire results of the survey, see the full article here.

ghostel board

There are some board games where you’re fighting ghosts and trying to defeat them, but how about where you’re playing as the ghost? Ghostel is a new game from Tinkerbot Games now on Kickstarter. Ghostel is a 2-4 player dice placement game for families where players are ghosts trying to scare away hotel guests.

Gameplay is split into rounds, each with a Day phase and a Night phase. During the Day, people enter the hotel and the ghosts hide in the attic and prepare by buying Terror bonuses, Scare tactics, and Spookie favours. At Night, the ghosts go to the rooms and use their dice and cards to scare the people out of the hotel.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly game with a good theme, cute art (including a caricature of my friend), and ghost meeples, then check out the Kickstarter page here.

halekala board

This February, a new game is coming from Z-Man Games, containing lots of secrets yet to be revealed inside its smiling, totem themed box.

Designed by Florian Racky and Marc Klemer, and illustrated by Dennis Lahausen, Haleakala is a family-friendly 2-player game that is brightly colored, easy to learn, and fast paced.  Here is Z-Man’s description of the game:

In this game, players take on the role of Makuakane and his son, Keiki, who cherish the goal of honoring their ancestors’ tradition by offering totems to the Sun, hoping it’ll ease its fury and preserve peace on the island.  Each opponent will try to score points by erecting as many totems as possible around a dangerous volcano that threatens to erupt at any moment, ruining all of your hard work… but there’s more!

There’s usually a lot of cool things to do on any island, and Haleakala doesn’t differ with tons of sea food to fish, butterflies to catch and precious shells to collect among many other activities.  It won’t be long before you realize all the depth and the different strategies you could elaborate to cumulate the most points in this original worker placement game.

 Keep an eye out this February, 2016 for more details on the release of this game.  For more information, visit the Z-Man Games page here.

Image from Rob Daviau's Twitter feed

Image from Rob Daviau’s Twitter feed

According to a somewhat cryptic and simple tweet from game designer Rob Daviau (Risk Legacy, Pandemic Legacy) today, the long-awaited “legacy-style” board game known as Seafall was delivered to its publisher, Plaid Hat Games, on January 20, 2016.

The tweet read simply this:

For those of you who picked Jan 20, 2016 as the day I delivered Seafall to the publisher, please collect your prize. Pencils down!

Fans of Daviau and legacy-style games, or games that create a campaign-styled experience for players in which the game changes and grows as it’s played, will rejoice at this news.

Visit the tweet in its its entirety here.

quadropolis inside

Today saw an event that doesn’t happen too often – Days of Wonder announcing a new game! Quadropolis puts players in control of their own city where, as mayor, they must manage buildings and resources.

Quadropolis is a family game for ages 8 and up and between 2 and 4 players and should take between 30 and 60 minutes to play.

Players take control of their own city and will adjust their strategies depending on what is available in the central ‘Construction Site’ to be built in their cities. Buildings will allow players to score victory points, many can be combined for better results.

Buildings included tower blocks, parks, shops, public services, harbors & factories and players will need to balance all of these to ensure their city runs smoothly.

Rules & gameplay should be fairly simple and straight-forward, as are most of Days of Wonder’s offerings, while still offering plenty of variety and options to gameplay. I for one am looking forward to this title when it arrives in March here in Europe, and April in the US.

For more information see the Quadropolis website.

brilliants box

Sphere Games have launched their first Kickstarter project, BrilliAnts, a family friendly, turn based game all about…you guessed it…ants!

It’s a 1-4 player game lasting 45-60 minutes and the aim of the game is to help your ant colony prepare for the coming winter by gathering resources by completing objectives and expanding your territory and influence over the forest.

Depending on which stretch goals are unlocked there could be as many as 60 ant miniatures in this bright, vividly designed game. The campaign runs until the 11th December and expects to ship in January 2016. There is also a french language version available.

Find out more here.

Stoneblade Entertainment announces that a new card game, Bad Beets, is now available for preorder through July 27 with the free gift of a Bad Beets button.

Bad Beets is a family bluffing game in which players must eat their vegetables by working to get rid of their beets in any way they can.  This might include feeding them to the dog or sharing them with others.  Players are being required to sit down for dinner and must “eat” (or get rid of) their 8 Beet cards before they can “leave the table”.  You can bluff to your heart’s content, but you had better be holding the right card if you get called out!

The game will include:

  • 15 Role Cards
  • 50 Beet Tokens
  • 15 Ice Cream Tokens
  • 5 Action Reminder Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

Bad Beets is for 2-5 players ages 8 and up and plays very quickly.  The game is scheduled to ship to retailers on August 3, 2015.  For more information about the game and the preorder, visit the Stoneblade website here.

The Dark Titan is coming! Are you prepared? Get ready for the next expansion to Castle Panic!

Players must stand together more than ever when The Dark Titan Agranok returns from banishment seeking vengeance.

Fireside Games is in the midst of The Dark Titan Cometh Tour, which lasts through the month of March 2015, where they are touring Colorado and Utah (including the GAMA Trade Show) displaying the new expansion for the hit cooperative game Castle Panic entitled The Dark Titan.

The Dark Titan expansion brings to the game a variety of new monsters and their tricks, such as Elite monsters, the Dark Sorceress, and Boom Trolls.  The players also have new reinforcement types to aid them, such as the Cavalier, Boiling Oil, and Support Tokens.

The following components are included in this expansion:

  • Rulebook
  • 1 Agranok Token
  • 5 Agranok cards
  • 5 Castle Cards
  • 17 Monster Tokens
  • 3 Support Tokens
  • 1 Cavalier Token
  • 1 plastic stand

Some of the new monsters and reinforcements include:

  • Heralds: indicate when Agranok will appear
  • Cavalier: player’s reinforcement that can deal up to 2 points of damage to Monster(s) in the same space
  • Elite Monsters (i.e., Elite Goblins): have the ability to evade attacks
  • Boom Troll: carries explosives into your castle to blow it up
  • Dark Sorceress: cripples players’ hand size
  • Plague Cards: players must discard all cards of a certain color
  • Wither: banishes a card for the remainder of the game
  • Support Tokens (Supply Wagon, Stonemason’s Cart, Reserve Squad): if these make it to the castle intact, can provide nice advantages or damage monsters
  • New Castle Cards: Boiling Oil (damage all monsters in the Swordsman ring of a certain color) and Barrage (players choose a color or ring and all players may play all cards of that type simultaneously)
  • Agranok, The Dark Titan: an 8 hit-point monster that is double-sided

The Dark Titan requires the Castle Panic core game to play and is fully compatible with The Wizard’s Tower expansion.  Castle Panic is a game for 1-6 players ages 12 and up and plays in 1 hour.

For more information on this new upcoming expansion, visit the Fireside Games website.

Courtesy Spiele Offensive Project

Courtesy Spiele Offensive Project

The latest entry in Spieleschmiede’s Little ‘N’ Nice series is raising funds on Spiele-Offensive. Moly Diggins is a card placement game where players add to a series of winding tunnels to set up their moles to catch the most earthworms. Laying those cards takes a good bit of critical thinking to ensure that the colored worms match.

“The player moles will not only whizz through underground passages – they are also constantly digging new tunnels and short-cuts. Even though Moly Diggins may seem simple, the players will be able to make tactical decisions and after several rounds will be crawling along seemingly endless tunnels.”

Moly Diggins is for two-to-four players and takes about 15 minutes to play. It comes with 10 cards, four mole meeples, and matching stickers. If you’re interested in this family weight card game, check out the Spiele-Offensive page for more on Moly Diggins.