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In addition to Ulm, two other games will be coming out in October from R&R Games.  The first of those games is the family weight adventure game called Touria, a game where you are an adventuring band of heroes.  You will go around fighting dragons, collecting gems, and trying to obtain the king’s blessing to marry Princess Tara, or Prince Talon if he is more your speed.  The actions you have to choose from are dictated by the four towers on the board, each one having four quadrants with different actions in each one.  On your turn, whichever actions are pointed towards you on those towers are the options you have, so tower orientation is important and will have to be a part of your plan.  It’s a race to the finish and whoever gets to the castle first will be the winner.

Second is Coin Quest, a bidding game where you are bidding with coins to obtain more valuable coins, and in the end have the most valuable collection.  Not much has been released about this game so I will let the publisher do the talking;

A DIABOLICAL BIDDING GAME! In this winner take all game, you are a part of a mysterious cabal of elite coin collectors. Outbid and outsmart your peers in an informal auction to acquire better coins. The shrewdest collector will be the one who goes home with all the coins!

Look for both these games on store shelves in October.


Nosh is all about chowing down on your favorite food at a local fair.  Players bid for food to score their favorite treats.  From the product announcement page:

In Nosh, players bid their limited allowance on groups of treats available at each day of the fair. Everyone has their own secret favorites, and only certain combinations of treats can score each day. To win the game, a player has to carefully time their biggest bids on the treats they like the most, and the ones that score the biggest on each day’s Nosh cards.

This family friendly card game for three to five players from Crafty Games will be available soon!

crystal hunt

Everyone likes helping animals, and when the animals are as cute as Final Fantasy Universe’s Chocobos, it’s no wonder why players are willing to help them on their hunt. Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt is coming from Square Enix. Although it plays three to five players the publisher recommends four, ages five and up. Featuring all original artwork, this self-contained game includes Chocobos, Fat Chocobos, four types of crystals, and two types of monsters.

Players use cards to send adorable Chocobos out to steal crystals from you opponents, before yours are stolen. This quick to play, family friendly game is slated for October, but Square Enix warns of a potential release delay pending shipment through customs. For more information, check out Square Enix’s blog.

viking on board

Vikings on Board is a new family weight worker-placement game from Blue Orange Games coming in August.  In Vikings on Board you are trying to get the most points by obtaining goods from ships or betting on the clan who gets a majority on the ship.  On a typical turn you can place your worker on several spots to do different things like take the first player marker, put goods on a ship, rearrange ship segments, adjust prices in the market, or place a bet on a ship.  The interesting one in the bunch is rearranging ship segments because each segment has colored shields on it that match the player colors.  So when a ship is scored, the player with a majority of their color gets to pull off goods first and add it to their score pile.  At the same time, people who bet on the clan who got majority on that ship get to take their bet and add it to their own score pile.  At the end of the game you will score won bets and the goods based on their price on the market, so you have to adjust prices to maximize your points.  The player with the most points at the end is the winner.

viking on board comp

This was being demo’d at Dice Tower Con a couple weeks ago and will be demo’d again at Gen Con in August so you can try it out.  The retail release of the game is in August as well so you will be able to find it on store shelves soon after.  You can find out more about the game on Blue Orange Games’ website.

rollers components

A new family weight, push your luck style game has been released by USAopoly called Rollers.  In Rollers you have a board with sets of numbers from 1 through 5 which you are trying to cover up in order to score your board.  On a turn you will roll 6 dice, 5 of them have numbers and a wild and the last one has numbers and a zap.  You get to roll three times and keep what you like between rolls, unless you roll the zap, the zap will prevent you from saving any dice from that roll.  At the end of the third roll you cover up the spots you can by having saved the required sets of numbers.  You’ll want to close the sets as quickly as possible because instead of playing the number to your board, you can use it to collect chips from other players.  You will always collect the value of the die from anyone who has not closed that number, so those 5’s can get you lots of chips.  Once someone has finished their board the round ends and scoring happens.  If you were the one to fill in your board you get 2 points, and the person with the most chips will get 1 point.  The game ends when someone gets to 3 to 5 points, depending on the length of game you want to play.

Rollers looks good and has a simple enough concept that I can imagine playing this with my family and enjoying it.  The only thing I am not a fan of is the zap die, mainly because you could roll it three times in a roll and thus invalidate you entire turn.  But for a mass market, push your luck type game, I think this one could do well.  You can read the announcement on the USAoploy site and pick up the game now at your local Target.

Josh Buel, a big fan of the Dice Tower, believes strongly in the philosophy touted by Tom in the form of keeping fun, friends, and family as the first priority.  So when he was brought on to co-create a new game called Shadow Strike: Ninja Combat, he brought that philosophy to bear and changed the game around from a highly tactical game for adults, to something more family friendly and fun.  Shadow Strike: Ninja Combat is described as;

The 6 Clans of Strike Island were… bored. Because of the boredom, fighting broke out and chaos ensued. The elders of the clans got so piffed from kissing booboos all the time that they decided to do something about it. They would hold a contest with each clan’s best warriors…

In Shadow Strike, you take control of a small group of ninja warriors; trying to be the last ninjas standing on the board. You will fight using each ninja’s personal inventory, consisting of Shuriken, smoke bombs, and… candy bars. Throughout the game you will gain access to better equipment for you ninjas, such as Swords and Grappling hooks. You will also earn precious action cards that will really screw over your enemies.

Shadow Strike mainly focuses on movement tactics on a hexagon board, as well as dice rolling and “take that” card play.

Can you knock out your enemies and claim the mountain for your own? Find out in Shadow Strike: Ninja Combat Game!

The campaign has not launched yet but you can check out the preview page and sign up for a notification of when it launches.  The game itself looks easy, fast, and fun with some excellent art that is light-hearted with all sorts of ninja tropes on display so check it out.

Coupled with the announcement of the King of Tokyo reprint, iello has also announced that the King of New York: Power Up expansion is on it’s way.  Set for release in October the Power Up expansion will do the same to the King of New York characters as the Power Up expansion did in King of Tokyo, give each character unique evolutions and powers making each character play differently.  Also another character will be added to the game in the form of Mega Shark, a giant shark wielding an electrified trident among other things.  But the best part about this expansion is that there are two evolution decks for each character, one for play in King of New York, and the other for King of Tokyo, meaning you can now take characters like Sheriff or Captain Fish to Tokyo and start laying waste to a new city!  You can pre-order the expansion now at your local game store or online at iello’s site.

great dinosaur banner

If you are looking for a game with a unique theme, look no further than The Great Dinosaur Rush, a game about the great dinosaur rush, also called the bone wars, in the late 1800’s as paleontology exploded.  In this game you are taking on the role of one of these paleontologists as you are digging up bones to build your masterpiece of a dinosaur.  In the game you can take several actions between digging up bones, sabotaging your opponents dig sites (called notorious actions), or modifying the desires of the museum of what they want to see in your dinosaur.  Building your dinosaur is the interesting part in that they give you a guide on the general shape and where different bones have to go, but you design and build your dinosaur on your own, letting your creative side show through.  At the end of the game you will score based on what bones are on your dinosaur with what the museum wanted determining the points for each collection of bones.  You also can get points from notorious actions you take during the game, but if you were the most notorious, those bonus points become a penalty.

The game sounds excellent and looks like it will be a hit with families, look for it in stores come September and you can pre-order it directly from the Ape Games site and get a few bonus bits in the process.

fourthebirds comp

Breaking Games, who have published games like The Game of 49 and Letter Tycoon, have released a new family game called 4 the Birds.  This game take the classic 4-in-a-row win condition and adds some interesting twists so it’s not just a game of who messes up first, these come in the form of action cards, a pecking order, and non-player pawns.  To play you will roll two dice of your choice, there are d10s and d8s, and whatever the result is you can either place or move a bird to that coordinate, alternatively you can play an action card to modify things to a better outcome.  The pecking order comes in when you try to move into a space that is already occupied, then you check handy rock, paper, scissors type wheel on the board to see who comes out on top.  And last are the non-player pawns, one is the hawk which causes birds around it to scatter, and the crow which has priority over everything in the pecking order so you can’t move into a space occupied by a crow.  First person to get 4 of their birds either in a straight line or a 2×2 square is the winner.

The game sounds interesting enough and was a finalist on Tabletop Deathmatch so it can’t be all bad, you can check out the game on the Breaking Games site.

once upon a time

Now available from Asmodee, StoryLine Fairy Tales is a collaborative card game in which players construct fairy tales by contributing objects, places, actions, and features to a narrator who chooses one to add to the story.  The narrator changes players each turn, allowing everyone a chance to impact the growing story.  When a player’s card is selected by the narrator, they earn a point.  At the end of the story, the player with the most points wins.  From the product announcement page:

StoryLine: Fairy Tales is a great game for storytellers in need of inspiration, children learning to read, or your friends and family game night! Try to tell as close to your favorite tale, or make up a wild adventure of sick genies, poisoned beans, and foul-mouthed crows. Create characters, stories, and memories in this playful game experience of trials, triumphs, and tales!

This game is sure to be a hit with families and has great educational qualities as well.  Look for it in your friendly local game store now.