Facade Games

Deadwood 1876 is a game published by Facade Games, and it’s now on Kickstarter.

Designed by Travis Hancock, this social deduction game casts players as bandits who are looking to steal all the gold from safes all over Deadwood, South Dakota. Players work in teams to find and collect gold, but with an added twist. Whichever team collects the most gold will then have to fight each other to see who individually comes out on top. Thus, you can spend time helping your team find gold or you can spend some time preparing for that final shootout if you happen to be on the winning team.

The game comes with three laser-cut wooden platforms that serve as the three locations, along with 79 cards, special tokens and custom-made dice, and a magnetically-closing faux book box with space for sleeved cards.

Some stretch goals include additional safes to be shuffled into the deck, as well as enhanced cards and a new optional rule added to the game.

This project is scheduled to fund on March 22, 2018.

For more information on this project, as well as a rules overview, go to the Kickstarter page.


The board game world is certainly not hurting for another pirate game.  Even less is it hurting for a social deduction game.  However, it might still be wanting a pirate game that makes players truly feel like pirates, with a decent dollop of thematic double-think.  Could the key be traveling to Tortuga to battle Spanish Galleons and placate mutinous crew mates?

Tortuga 1667 pits 4-9 players, each embracing the identity of a famous historical pirate with a secret loyalty, against others in a battle of wits and treacheries for the most gold.  Each team of pirates is moored at the pirate haven of Tortuga, and based on their loyalties, is trying to retrieve the most gold from a circling Spanish Galleon onto their pirate ship at the expense of the other pirate crews.  Not only that, one player on each team is the Captain, with the ability to attack the Galleon or a rival pirate ship to steal its treasure.  Captains have to watch their First Mates, though, who can call for “Mutiny!” and banish their Captains to Tortuga if they can convince the other crew members of their ship to abscond with the treasure instead.

Tortuga 1667 is already funded on Kickstarter as of this writing, having acquiring more than 10x its requested goal with 23 days to go.  The game comes packaged in a beautiful fake book case, with a rubber mat, lovely illustrated cards, and wooden tokens fitting inside.  According to the design duo, Travis and Holly Hancock, Tortuga 1667 is also the first in a series of similarly styled games focusing on different locales and time periods.  Head over to the Kickstarter page to check out the project, anticipated to release in August 2017.