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An update to our story that Eurazeo had placed it’s stake in Asmodee up for sale – the unknown potential buyer has been announced. Released in a statement on Friday, Eurazeo is in discussions with PAI Partners, one of the largest private equity houses in Europe based in Paris, France. The sale, if it were to go forward, would have to go through an approval process as per French law and could be finalized by the end of 2018. The deal could mean a return of up to four times Eurazeo’s initial investment! We’ll post more information as the story develops.

According to Reuters, the board gaming super-giant, the 800 pound gorilla, Asmodee is investigating a sale to an unknown buyer. Asmodee, the France based company owned by private equity firm Eurazeo SE, is currently worth an estimated 1.5 Billion euros (almost 1.8 billion US dollars). Among other things, Asmodee owns the board game companies Fantasy Flight Games and  Days of Wonder, F2Z Entertainment properties Z-Man Games and Plaid Hat Games, and the French publishing rights to the Pokemon Trading Card Game and Wizkids!. This includes the rights to some of the most popular games on the market, such as  Catan, Ticket to Ride, and X-Wing. The identity of proposed buyer(s) has not been disclosed at this time, pending further deliberations. For more information, you can read the original Reuters article here.

Z-Man Games has just launched a beautiful new redesigned website here. Of particular interest on the website is an interview with Steven Kimball, head of Z-Man Games. Z-Man has gone through a lot of changes in the recent year, including acquisition of their parent company, F2Z Entertainment, by the game giant Asmodee, and the more recent merging of Asmodee’s Windrider Games division into Z-Man Games. In his interview, Steven looks at his history with Z-Man Games, and where the studio is heading in the future. As a further teaser, the interview gives just a few tasty tidbits about the upcoming Pandemic Legacy: Season 2.

Asmodee is continuing its expansion in the board game world by entering into exclusive talks to acquire F2Z Entertainement.  F2Z is the publisher and distributor of labels like Z-man Games, Plaid Hat, and Filosofia which include power house titles like Dead of Winter, Pandemic Legacy, and Carcassonne.  Asmodee is looking to continue increasing it’s international presence as well as strengthen it’s growing portfolio of excellent games.   On the other side, F2Z looks at this deal as an extension of the close business relationship they have had with Asmodee up to this point.  While there will no doubt be harbingers saying this is the continuing doom of the board gaming world, I think this can open up new doors for both companies.  Here’s hoping for the best to both companies during these talks, and we will see the results in the coming months.

Below is the full press release from Asmodee:

Asmodee in exclusive discussionsto acquire F2Z Entertainment Inc., publisher of the Pandemic line, Dead of Winter and French and English rights to Carcassonne.

Guyancourt, France; Rigaud, Quebec, Canada; July 22nd 2016 —

The Asmodee Group has announced today that it has entered into exclusive discussions to acquire F2Z Entertainment Inc.

In line with the acquisitions of the worldwide rights to Dobble/Spot-It!, Days of Wonder, and Fantasy Flight Games publishers, and more recently the set-up of Catan Studio, these exclusive discussions with F2Z Entertainment Inc. emphasize Asmodee’s strategy to strengthen its intellectual property portfolio and international presence. Closing of this acquisition is expected to take place in the coming months.

Created in Canada in 2002 by Sophie Gravel, F2Z Entertainment Inc. has become, over the years, one of the most worldwide renowned publisher & distributor of modern board games, with key owned brands such as Pandemic (over 1 million units sold), Dead of Winter, and also publishing rights for evergreen games (Carcassonne for French and English version, Catan for French version).

Stéphane Carville, CEO of Asmodee Group said: “I am delighted to enter into these exclusive discussions with F2Z Entertainment, which is, for us, the natural nextstep of a strong and long-lasting partnership built over the years with Sophie Gravel and her teams. Through this acquisition, we will continue expanding our IP portfolio with fantastic games and incredibly innovative studios such as Z-Man Games, Plaid Hat Games and Filosofia. This will also enable us to increase our presence on the global game market.”

Sophie Gravel, CEO of F2Z Entertainment added: “As we are close to celebrating 15 years of success with F2Z, we are proud to announce these exclusive discussions with Asmodee Group, a key partner since the beginning of our adventure. This deal is in the direct continuation of our close business partnership and will provide the best environment for our iconic games to reach their full potential and help our studios to continue publishing amazing games.“

About Asmodee

Asmodee Group is a leading international games publisher and distributor with operations located in Europe, North America, and China. Asmodee’s best known titles, either published or distributed on behalf of key publishing partners, include Catan, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Dobble/Spot It!, Star Wars: X-Wing, 7 Wonders, Dixit, Takenoko, Abyss, Timeline, Jungle Speed, and The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. In some European countries, Asmodee also distributes trading card games such as Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Asmodee has headquarters in Guyancourt, France.

About F2Z Entertainment

F2Z entertainment is a publisher and distributor of modern board games based in Canada. Through its studios Z-Man, Plaid Hat Games and Filosofia, F2Z publishes worldwide hits such as Pandemic & Pandemic Legacy, Dead of Winter, Mice and Mystics, Carcassonne in French and English, and Catan in French.


F2Z Entertainment (Z-Man Games, Pretzel Games, Plaid Hat Games) if proud to announce that Pretzel Games’ hit dexterity game, Flick’em Up!, will be getting a “Wider Audience Edition” of the game in order to appeal to a greater number of gamers and families around the world.  This new version of the game will be published in 14 different languages including English, German, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

This new edition of the game will be published under the Z-Man label in multi-language boxes, sporting a lower MSRP than the original version.  The street date for the game is July of 2016.  For more information visit the Z-Man Games website.


F2Z has just announced the next game in the Pandemic line, and this time it’s going to be a stand alone collector’s edition game.  Pandemic Iberia takes place in 1848 on the Iberian peninsula, what is now modern day Spain and Portugal, and so in this game you are not only fighting against the various diseases of malaria, typhus, cholera, and yellow fever, you are also fighting the fledgling infrastructure of the time.  Thus this edition of Pandemic will no doubt feature some new mechanics as you have to help develop the railway system as you go around distributing clean water to those affected by boat, carriage, or aforementioned train.  As a fan of the Pandemic series and a huge fan of Pandemic Legacy, I am very much looking forward to find out more information and for it’s release in the fall of 2016.  You can read the full press release from F2Z Entertainment below and check out the reveal video on the Pandemic Facebook page.

For immediate release

April 28, 2016

F2Z Entertainment, proud publisher of the brands Filosofia, Z-Man Games, Pretzel Games and Plaid Hat Games, is very excited to officially present the next entry in our beloved Pandemic series: Pandemic Iberia! In Pandemic Iberia, the year is 1848, and diseases are spreading fast under the burning sun of the Iberian Peninsula. Take on the roles of a nurse, a railway man, and a rural doctor, among many others, and work as a team to push back the new threats that are malaria, typhus, cholera, and the yellow fever.

From Barcelona to Lisboa, travel by carriage, by boat, or by train, and help the Iberian populace by developing railways and distributing purified water in this new version of Pandemic. Discover a unique part of the world during the historically significant time period that is the construction of the first railroad in the Iberian Peninsula called the Spring of Nations.

Being a Collector’s Edition, note that this game will have a one-time only print run! Pandemic Iberia is set to be released later this year, in fall 2016. More details to come.


junk art banner

Where some see junk, others see art! In Junk Art, let your creativity take over as everything you touch turns into magnificent structures and extraordinary creations! But you’re not the only talented artist in town and you must prove yourself by taking the road, showing your skills and making new fans!

F2Z Entertainment (Filosofia, Z-Man Games, Pretzel Games and Plaid Hat Games) officially announces the upcoming release of Junk Art, “a dexterity game that’ll put your creativity up against the laws of physics by having you build unique structures around the world.”  Junk Art is the second game to be released under the Pretzel Games label.

junk art

Junk Art is set for a Gen Con 2016 release in August.  For more information on this new release, visit the product page, or you can watch a teaser trailer!

pandemic survival

F2Z Entertainment, the collective publishing company behind Z-Man games, has announced Pandemic Survival 2016. No, it’s not the next edition of Pandemic Legacy, but this year’s worldwide Pandemic tournament.

“Following the success of previous Pandemic Survival seasons, we are happy to announce that a total of 25 countries will be holding tournaments this year, all culminating to the Pandemic Survival World Championship 2016 that will be held in Barcelona next November.”

The champions will get to choose a trip to any city listed on a normal Pandemic board. Hopefully they’ll avoid the plague while they’re there. Last year’s winners are preparing for their trip to Seoul, South Korea.

For more information, check the Z-Man events page HERE for a list of events and locations.

If you would like more information, you can contact Kalinda Patton, Organized Play Coordinator, at kalinda.patton@f2zentertainment.com


F2Z Entertainment is proud to officially announce the upcoming new expansion for their popular dexterity game, Flick’em Up!, entitled Flick’em Up!: Red Rock Tomahawk.  This follows last year’s first expansion for the game, Stallion Canyon, and continues the game line by adding an entire new clan and new game mechanics.

The infamous Cooper clan has begun taking over small villages.  Those villages, however, belong to the Native Americans, who are armed with bows and tomahawks, and ready to defend their land in 5 exciting scenarios.  But they best be careful around the Cooper clan’s new weapon: the relentless Gatling gun.

Flick’em Up!: Red Rock Tomahawk is set for an August 2016 release at Gen Con this summer.  More information on the release will be coming soon, and you can learn more about the game via the company’s website here.

ftz tabletop day

International Tabletop Day is coming up on April 30th this year, and board gamers everywhere are going to celebrate. To celebrate Tabletop Day, F2Z Entertainment (the publisher of Z-Man Games and Plaid Hat Games) is holding an entire day of activities in Rigaud, Québec. The day will include a tour of their offices, playtesting unreleased games (the new Flick’em Up! expansion – Red Rock Tomahawk, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, and more), and some food and beverages. Additionally, The Dice Tower’s very own Tom Vasel will be a special guest there. There are only 15 pairs of passes, and they will be chosen through contests and drawings in the upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout!

For more information, see the full press release below:

March 22, 2016

F2Z Entertainment, proud publisher of the brands Filosofia, Z-Man Games, Pretzel Games and Plaid Hat Games, is very excited to invite you to this new edition of Tabletop Day!

To celebrate our passion for board games on this special holiday, F2Z Entertainment will be holding an entire day of activities on Saturday, April 30th, inviting fans to join the team at the office in Rigaud, Québec.

Proposed activities include a tour of the office to see where ideas are born and how prototypes are picked, developed, and turned into quality games before being shipped all around the world.

Participants will then be able to sit down and test unreleased games such as the Flick’em Up! Red Rock Tomahawk expansion and Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, as well as many, many other upcoming games from our collection, all of that in the good company of illustrator Chris Quil-
liams and our very special guest: Mister Tom Vasel.

Spots are limited though, and only 15 pairs of passes will be distributed through different draws and contest in the upcoming weeks.

Although food and beverages will be served to winners during the day, be advised that participants are responsible for their traveling arrangements and accommodations.

For any question, please contact Elisabeth Ste-Marie, International event coordinator for F2Z Entertainment at elisabeth.ste-marie@f2zentertainment.com.