Escape Room

Here is the line of new Ravensburger Escape Puzzles, first available in Germany and now available in the UK.

Ravensburger are specialists in creating puzzles, and their recent Escape Room games, now available in the UK, have also proven to be a great success. Now, they’ve combined their best selling products to create Exit Room puzzles where players have to build a 759-piece puzzle using clues on, and in the box. Clues are given through QR codes, puzzle pieces, an in-box leaflet, and, if players are really desperate, a secret envelope in the box. All of the puzzles are designed for players aged 12+, with no limit on the number of players who can participate. The puzzles are 70 x 50 cm (27 x 20 inches) in size, and made from a strong, premium grade cardboard, with a linen finish.

In Escape Puzzle: Space Observatory, a huge fireball is racing towards the earth and players need to save the planet by assembling, then firing, a powerful laser within the observatory.

Escape Puzzle: Witch’s Kitchen has players find themselves in a witch’s woodland kitchen after eating a poisonous mushroom. They need to find the antidote and save themselves.

The Escape Puzzle: Temple scenario has players on a holiday trip to Asia where their guide takes them to an ancient temple. The players become weary, then get lost, and slip into the depths. They need to put together the puzzle, utilizing the clues, to escape.


Simulacra Games in bringing an entire crate full of games to Kickstarter via The Wilson Wolfe Affair. The project has already received over double the minimum needed to make the project successful, with 319 backers pledging almost $75,000 of the $33,297 g0al. The project ends December 21st at 8am MST and has an estimated ship date of July 2018.

Much like an escape room, seemingly innocuous goodies arrive in the mail but you need to use your detective skills to find the clues hidden within these 1930’s based items and unearth a worldwide conspiracy.

Upon finding the diary of a studio animator in a box of old cartoon memorabilia, you become convinced of his theory that someone was hiding secret messages in the cartoons. You find yourself searching through old newspapers, reading old letters, examining toys and games, and scouring the internet for uploads of the antique films to pick apart, as you get sucked in to the most immersive mystery game you will ever play.

The Wilson Wolfe Affair is a cooperative game playable solo or with as many people as you can recruit to help unravel the mysteries found within.

Your adventure will begin with a small white envelope that contains a short letter outlining the rules. After that players are on their own. Dig through letters, memos, notes and objects left behind by a studio animator who collected them together, suspecting that they held the first clues to unraveling the mystery. The studio animators diary will also be one of the items left for you, though is it trustworthy as it descends into madness?

The crate will include multiple mini-games that come together to form an overarching entry. Each diary entry will correspond to a main object in the crate. Players will have to complete each puzzle and then build the smaller puzzle clues together to complete an overarching narrative.

Various pledge levels in the crowdfunding campaign will provide an increasing number of cases or puzzle. The Silver package will contain roughly 20 cases, the Gold roughly 35, and the Platinum level roughly 50 cases.

MATTEL DEBUTS NEW ADULT GAME — ESCAPE ROOM IN A BOX. New Game Inspired by Escape Room Experiences Available This Fall (PRNewsfoto/Mattel, Inc.)

Mattel has announced that they will be releasing a board game version of an escape the room adventure, Escape Room in A Box: The Werewolf Experiment.

This was on Kickstarter last year and had initial fulfillment to backer this year in the weeks leading up to Gen Con.

“We are continuing to expand our games business with on-trend and relevant games, and Escape Room in A Box is the latest addition to the growing Mattel Games portfolio,” said Ray Adler, Senior Director, Global Games at Mattel. “We know that in a digitally focused world, consumers are gravitating toward social game play. This new introduction brings friends and families together to re-create the thrill captured in the entertainment experience.”

The Werewolf with give a group of players one hour to solve a series of puzzles, crack some codes and find some hidden clues in time to stop the plot of a mad scientist. As soon as the box has been opened players will have been exposed to a virus that will turn them into werewolves. Players will then have one hours to complete 19 puzzles and find the codes to open the three locks and escape the virus.

Players will be able to connect to the Amazon Alexa to track time, ask questions for clues and play a soundtrack for the game.

Mattel’s escape room in a box will be released in retail in the fall of 2017.

Legacy of Escape Games

Escape Room style games have become extremely popular in recent years. Mattel noted in their press release that 13.4 million people in the US alone participated in escape rooms. Kosmos Exit series of games adaptation of escape rooms for board game players was the winner of the 2017 Kennerspiel des Jahres.

For a one-of-a-kind adult camping/convention hybrid, it doesn’t get much better than Epic Nerd Camp. Ever wanted to learn sword fighting, archery, horseback riding, while having a huge board gaming library available on the same campground? Look no further than Starrucca, Pennsylvania to find just that. 2017 marks the 2nd year of the event and tickets are on sale now. As described via their press release:

Annually held, Epic Nerd Camp is a camp/con experience that focuses on building community through social activities, learning hero skills, expressing creativity, and making lasting friendships that come from summer camp. […]There’s so much to entertain at Epic Nerd Camp. You just pick what you like and you can improve your skills and/or learn new ones.”

Available activities include Arts & Crafts, such as making chainmail or cosplay outfits, LARPing, swordplay, archery, wall climbing, juggling, swimming, and more. There will also be an air conditioned gaming room with an impressive board gaming library which will also host special events. The camp takes places across two sessions which either or both can be attended, from August 12th – 16th, and then the 16th – 20th. If you’re interested in Epic Nerd Camp 2017, check out their website and their YouTube channel for more information!

dV Giochi has announced English versions of two new games, 3 Secrets and Deckscape – Test Time.

In 3 Secrets, 2-8 players try to cooperatively discover the 3 secrets of an unresolved case with the help of an app before time runs out. One player plays the role of informant, knows all the secrets that need be revealed, and will try to help where possible. Other players can ask questions, and the informant can give clues if the payers become sidetracked, but it will cost precious time. Use deduction, observation and lateral thinking to solve the mystery.

Deckscape – Test Time is a card driven implementation of an escape room. With 60 cards, players try to escape from Dr. Thyme’s Laboratory by solving puzzles, figuring out the plot of the story, and intelligently using found items. Test Time is the first in a planned set of escape room games from dV Giochi, plays 1-6 players and contains 60 cards.