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Want more content for entries in the White Wizard Games catalog? They are running a Kickstarter for an Epic Card Game expansion that also offers add-ons for their other titles.

The new Epic Card Game content is: (1) Duels – a two player starter set for Epic Card Game, designed for new players, (2) Jungle – a two player box set that can be played on its own or combined with any other Epic set, and (3) The Lost Tribe – a set of four fifteen card packs, combine any two to create a ready-to-play deck. All of the new content features the same design duo (Robert Dougherty, Darwin Kastle) and artist duo (Kaile Dutton, Vito Gesualdi) as the base game. The campaign also provides access to all previous Epic Card Game content: cards, playmats, sleeves, and promos.

For the other White Wizard games, this campaign has add-ons to acquire:

  • Hero Realms – playmats and promos
  • Star Realms – promos, playmats, and expansions, including the new High Alert packs before they hit retail
  • Sorcerer – expansion packs

Everything has an estimated delivery date of July 2020. The Kickstarter project has already funded and runs until 10:00 pm EST on September 19th.

EPIC is a two to four player card game by White Wizard games, makers of Star and Hero Realms, where you duke it out as gods to see who is the greatest.  This game brings back the play and feel of trading card style games that have been around for years, but without the costly need of buying randomly packaged booster packs.  EPIC comes ready to go out of the box, and only adds cards in an LCG style where each pack has the same cards as every other pack of the same name.  Previous packs have added new characters you can play as called Tyrants, or just added new cards to the game in Uprising.  Well now they are adding new characters to play as in the form of a Pantheon.  The first of the two packs features Furios, Father Nature and Maligus, the Dark One, each coming with 12 cards and 3 token cards in the pack so you can play as either deity. Furios is revered by all in the forest, except for Maligus that is, and he seeks to overthrow Furios.  But when Furios summons you to his defense, you obey.

The second features Helena, the Valiant and Zaltessa, the Huntress, each also with 12 cards and 3 token cards in the pack.  Zaltessa will hunt anything and everything under the sun, includes the other gods, but Helena has the bravery and courage to stand up and hunt Zaltessa instead.  Look for both of these packs to be on store shelves in January of 2018. You can click here for details on pre-ordering.

White Wizard Games has been busy lately and have announced upcoming releases as well as the launch of their latest Kickstarter.  The first of those announcements is that they have updated their App implementation of the Star Realms game.  Lots of updates have been made to the aesthetics of the game to make it look and sound better, plus some balancing updates to keep the game moving forward.  Also with this update comes the availability of the Colony Wars expansion to be purchase for $4.99 in the app.  With that purchase you will gain access to 46 additional cards for use in the game as well as the new mechanics associated with them.  You can read more about the updates on the Star Realms website.

Next they announced the launching of Alpha Access to their latest game app, Epic Card Game Digital.  Like the Star Realms app, this will bring the Epic Card Game into the digital realm allowing for online play, solo play, and hopefully online multiplayer.  You will have to buy your way in if you want alpha access, else you will just have to wait for it’s release like everyone else.

Also announced was the next expansion for the Epic Card Game, simply called Epic Pantheon.  This expansion will be six different packs of 15 cards each, similar to the Uprising packs and will contain “12 game cards, 2 deity cards (demigod, god or elder god), and 1 double-sided token“.  Expect to see these packs available later this year in time for the holidays.

Last, but certainly not least, is the launch of the Kickstarter for the next Star Realms set, Star Realms Frontiers.  Like the set before this is a new stand alone game that can be combined with the other games, but they are bringing in an aspect of Hero Realms that many people enjoyed.  That aspect is asymmetric starting decks in the form of Command Decks.  Each of these command decks will contain a commander with a starting authority and hand size in addition to a unique starting deck with 2 gambit cards.  This means that players will now have differing hand sizes, authority, and abilities right from the start, giving fresh variety to the game.  Also available in the Kickstarter are two new expansion packs, Stellar Allies and Lost Fleet, as well as access to all of the year 2 promo cards and additional cards as stretch goals.  So if you like Star Realms and want to jump in, or expand your collection even more, head to the Kickstarter page today.


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Whether it’s a sci-fi theme or fantasy theme that you’re after, White Wizard Games has you covered with upcoming expansions for their hit games Star Realms and Epic Card Gameboth designed by Robert Dougherty and Darwin Kastle.

The first expansion is Star Realms United. This expansion includes never-before-released multi-faction cards that pair The Blobs with The Machine Cult and The Star Empire with The Trade Federation. These new multi-faction cards are sure to add new crazy combos to the quick-playing Star Realms engine. Additionally in this expansion are new hero cards as well as missions to change up the way that you play!

Star Realms United will be sold in four different 13-card packs and will be available in November 2016.

Next is Star Realms Promo Pack 1! Coming in December 2016, this 15-card promo pack will feature alt-art versions of previously released Star Realms promo cards including  the Battle Screecher, Megahauler, Battle Barge, and more!

Lastly, we have Epic Uprising which is a four-pack 48-card expansion (similar to previous expansion releases from White Wizard Games). Each of these packs will include new Champions and Event cards to spice up the various modes of play and will force players to consider new strategies when building their decks.

Each 13-card pack will come with 12 new Epic cards and 1 double-sided token. Look for Epic Uprising in November 2016!

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White Wizard Games launched the Epic Card Game last year with a half-million-dollar Kickstarter and nearly 12,000 backers.  Since then, the company desires to increase the game’s fan base by holding an Epic Card Game World Championship Series with a $100,00 prize.  White Wizard Games makes this statement about the game:

Epic was designed to provide a full trading card game style experience at a fraction of the cost. The one thing Epic was missing was high-end events to inspire players to build the best-possible constructed decks and to push their strategies in awesome limited formats like dark draft. This high-end play doesn’t just benefit the competitive tournament player, it also provides a wealth of internet content like cool deck lists that casual players can build and try at home or in a local casual event.

Qualifiers for the Epic World Championship will be taking place throughout the year at major gaming conventions and large game stores. Players will have a chance to compete and win one of 64 coveted entries to the Epic World Championship in November 2016, where everyone will receive a cash prize and one person will win $25,000 and the title of World Champion! All told, $100,000 in cash will be awarded at Epic Worlds. There will be plenty of fun events open to the public as well. Epic World Championship Qualifiers will start at SXSW Gaming in March, and continue with events at Origins Game Fair, Connection, GenCon, PAX Prime, Dragon Con, and more.

The Epic Card Game World Championship will be held in the Boston area (Framingham) on November 18-21, 2016.  White Wizard Games will also be running the new Star Realms Legend Series Tournaments alongside the Epic World Championship Series, and winners will be become characters in future expansions of the game.

For more information about this announcement, visit the informative website here.