Cooperative Game Scheduled for Fall Release

There has been a disturbance in the Force as a rare, non-FFG Star Wars-themed game has been announced today. USAopoly (who also goes by the name ‘The OP’) and Disney Consumer Products UK have publicized the pending release of Star Wars: Dark Side Rising, a new cooperative card and dice game that is set during the events immediately prior to and during Star Wars: A New Hope. The game is designed for 2-4 players for ages 10 and up and has an estimated game time of 45 minutes.

In this light strategy game, each player will lead their own Rebel cell, led by their starting Team Leader (either Captain Cassian Andor, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker or Hera Syndulla), as they work together to recruit other iconic characters (such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Admiral Raddus) and prevent the construction of the original Death Star to thwart the Empire’s overall plans for domination of the galaxy. A custom-sculpted 3D Darth Vader bust is featured on the game board that commands the Imperial forces trying to either wipe out the Rebels or make the Death Star operational. The Rebels win by defeating enough Imperial agents before the Empire is able to either successful bring the Death Star online or eliminates too many of the Rebellion’s assets.

The game will be released in the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) regions in the fall. It is unclear from the announcement whether this game will be exclusive to the EMEA regions or will receive a North American release at a later date. However, The OP has stated that Star Wars: Dark Side Rising was designed specifically for EMEA.

Admittedly, the look of the game from the images released and the described game-play sounds very similar to The OP’s earlier board game Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War. The shared use of the term ‘Rising’ in both titles also suggests that Star Wars: Dark Side Rising may be the latest entry in a unofficial board game series begun with Thanos Rising.

Star Wars: Dark Side Rising will also be showcased at the UK Games Expo as well as DISTOY 2019 in London.

More information about this release is available here.

armada wave 2

Imperial-class Star Destroyers, MC80 Mon Calamari cruisers, Raider-class corvettes, Slave I, the Millennium Falcon, and more! They’re all coming in Armada Wave II, and the shots these ships will fire are bound to shape the course of the Galactic Civil War.

The second wave of expansions for Star Wars: Armada has been announced by Fantasy Flight Games, and features five new expansion packs:

  • Imperial-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack
  • MC30c Frigate Expansion Pack
  • Home One Expansion Pack
  • Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack
  • Imperial Raider Expansion Pack

armada huge ship

Imperial-Class Star Destroyer

In the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer was the cornerstone flagship of the Imperial Navy.  This battleship expansion pack will feature one pre-painted miniature, two ship cards, three command dials, eighteen upgrades, and all requisite tokens.  Additionally this pack includes a new type of defense token: Contain.  The Contain defense token allows the Imperial-class Star Destroyer to cancel the standard critical effect of a shot that passes through your shields to your hull, effectively minimizing what would be a significant blow.

MC30c Frigate

A valuable attack vessel for the Rebellion, the MC30c Frigate is of Mon Calamari design and is intended as a quick-strike attack ship.  As nimble as it is powerful, this ship can attack with five attack dice from both its left and right hull zones.  The tradeoff, however, is in its lack of hull plating, making this fast ship vulnerable to attack once it gets within range of the enemy.  This ship can be fielded as either the MC30c Scout Frigate or MC30c Torpedo Frigate.  This expansion includes one pre-painted MC30c frigate miniature, two command dials and ten upgrade cards.

Home One: MC80 Star Cruiser

Admiral Ackbar’s legendary battle cruiser enters the fray sporting attacks with six dice from the left and right hull zones.  What’s more, when Ackbar himself is at the helm, he can add yet another two attack dice to the roll.  This makes for an unshakeable answer to any Imperial attack.  This mighty expansion pack features one large-size, pre-painted miniature MC80 star cruiser, two ship cards, three command dials, and fourteen upgrades.

Imperial Raider

Originally designed as a unique anti-starfighter cruiser for the Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures game, this ship sports enough firepower to easily dispatch squadrons of Rebel star fighters and, when necessary, to unload concentrated volleys into the broadside of a battle cruiser.  The ship includes a pre-painted miniature, command dial, speed dial, and all the tokens you need to enter the fray.  Among its eight upgrade cards, you’ll find Ordnance Experts, a new commander, Quad Laser Turrets, and two unique titles.

rogues villians armada

Rogues and Villains

The famous (and infamous) heroes and villains of the galaxy enter the battle in this expansion pack, including Han Solo, Boba Fett, and a handful of the galaxy’s most notorious rogues and villains.  Each miniature in this pack features single ships that represent well-known freighters, patrol craft, and bombers in the Star Wars universe that can be flown by non-unique pilots or by aces.  New keywords such as Rogue (allows a ship to move and attack when activated), Grit, and Intel make these rogue starships unique and fun to add to the game table.

These five expansion packs of Armada Wave II are scheduled to arrive in the third quarter of 2015.  For more information, visit the FFG website here.

artifacts inc

New York, 1929: A frenzy of interest in antiquity is sweeping the nation! With museums hungry for mysterious and exotic artifacts — and you hungry for adventure — you start up your own archeology company. Untold wonders await within dangerous jungles, harsh deserts, and wind-swept mountains. Will you gain a reputation as the most intrepid and famous adventurer of all time?

Ryan Laukat, designer of such successful games as Eight-Minute Empire and City of Iron, has just fired up his eighth Kickstarter project for his latest game design, Artifacts, Inc.  This archaeologically-themed card and dice game featuring a dice-placement mechanic is set in New York City in the year 1929, and pits 2-4 players against each other to grow the largest archaeology company.

The goal is to win by achieving the highest reputation, with 20 reputation points triggering the end of the game.  The artwork, illustrated by the game designer,  is as exciting as it is stunning, reminiscent of popular swashbuckling-archaeologist themes.  The game is easy to learn and plays in 60 minutes.

artifacts cards

Each copy of Artifacts, Inc. includes:

  • 72 lavishly-illustrated cards
  • 7 dice
  • Dollar tokens
  • Reputation Board
  • 48 Artifact Cubes
  • 8 Page Rulebook

There are three pledge levels and three stretch goals currently.  To check out this Kickstarter, please visit the Artifacts Inc. Kickstarter page.

armada wave 1

With the new movies on the horizon and the previous six Star Wars films already part of our cultural legacy, it’s now wonder Fantasy Flight Games is making the most of the Star Wars universe.

This release will see five capital ship packs, two for the Empire and three for the Rebellion as well as two packs containing fighter squadrons from both sides of this epic conflict. Some of these ships you’ll recognize from the core set for Star Wars Armada and others are new ships!


Victory-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack

The largest and most powerful of the starships from the Armada Core Set, the Victory-class Star Destroyer formed the core of the Imperial Navy at the outset of the Galactic Civil War. These ships measure roughly nine-hundred meters in length, sport crews numbering over five-thousand, and feature a dagger-shaped design that allows them to concentrate nearly all their weapons on their forward firing arcs.

Gladiator-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack

Originally designed as an escort for larger Star Destroyers, the smaller Gladiator-class Star Destroyer measures roughly five-hundred meters and proved most effective as a long-range patrol ship deployed to the fringes of the galaxy. There, its brutal armament of turbolasers, concussion missiles, laser cannons, and TIE squadrons allowed it to quickly subjugate any local opposition to the Galactic Empire.

CR90 Corellian Corvette Expansion Pack

The first starship to appear in the classic Star Wars trilogy, the CR90 Corellian corvette is a small capital ship of roughly 150 meters that featured prominently in the Rebellion, largely due to its versatility. Often referred to as “blockade runners,” CR90 corvettes can be outfitted to slip through Imperial blockades, haul cargo, serve as trooper carriers, or engage Imperial ships in battle.

Nebulon-B Frigate Expansion Pack

The Nebulon-B frigate was designed for the Imperial Navy by Kuat Drive Yards as a warship that could protect convoys from Rebel starfighters, but it was, ironically, a much more impactful ship within the Rebel fleet. At three-hundred meters long, a single Nebulon-B could boast twelve turbolasters and twelve laser cannons.

assault frigate

Assault Frigate Mark II Expansion Pack

The largest and most heavily armed of the Rebellion’s first Armada starships, the Assault Frigate Mark II is a light warship seven-hundred meters long that sports a crew just under five-thousand and features a considerable armament of fifteen turbolaser batteries, fifteen laser cannons, and twenty quad laser cannons. Designed in secret by Rebel engineers, the Assault Frigate Mark II frequently surprises Imperial admirals with its speed.

Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack

Even in the largest of battles, a single pilot can sometimes prove the difference between victory and defeat. Some of the most pivotal battles of the Galactic Civil War have been decided by the Rebellion’s courageous starfighter pilots.

Imperial Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack

In battle, the Empire deployed swarms of TIEs to neutralize enemy squadrons and safeguard its larger Star Destroyers and their superior firepower. These easily recognizable starfighters were designed for speed and maneuverability, rather than durability, and the aces who flew them through many battles quickly earned intimidating reputations for their combat skill and fanatical loyalty.

For more pictures you can head over to FFG here to read the announcement.